30 Incredibly Cute Dorm Decor Ideas for 2024 (All Under $100!)

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This post will show you 30 cute dorm decor ideas for your room, all under $100.

As a college student, setting up your dorm room can be one of the most exciting parts about moving onto campus. Your dorm is your own little home away from home, where you can study, hang out with friends, and relax after a day of classes.

And while your bedroom at home may not have been “updated” since middle school or high school, your dorm room is a blank canvas that is yours for the decorating — a space to express your personal style and current tastes, while also opting for functional pieces that will help you make the most of a small space.

I’ve scoured the web to find 30 cute dorm decor options for 2024 under $100 so that you don’t have to break the bank when transforming your space.

So read on, and let’s get to decorating!

Cute Dorm Decor Ideas for 2024

Wall Collage Kit

The best way to instantly upgrade your space? Wall art.

Wall art, which can include prints, posters, photos, signs, and decals, is a great way to show your personality and add life to your dorm room walls, which are blank canvases ready to be transformed.

This wall collage kit makes it easy to create your own masterpiece on your wall, with 50 small posters with adhesive tabs that you can easily stick on in whatever pattern you’d like — they all complement each other, so you can’t go wrong!

This collage kit allows you to be creative and cover a large area (or you can spread them out and cover multiple areas of your room, too).

Clip String Lights

String lights are another great way to liven up your walls and create a cozy look in your room.

These LED string lights are multi-functional, with clips that allow you to display photos or cards, adding warmth to your walls in more ways than one.

You’re going to love unwinding before bed with the soft glow of these lights after being in harsh classroom and library lighting all day!

You Look Good Rug

Rugs are not only going to add a decorative touch to your room, but they are going to make it feel so much cozier.

Whether you go for a larger rug that covers more floor space, or opt for a smaller rug to put at the foot of your bed or in front of your desk, you will enjoy having a soft, fuzzy place to land your feet.

I’m obsessed with this “You Look Good” rug, which is so fun with its retro font and colorful design. It’s a total confidence booster that will put a smile on your face, and it is machine washable (so you don’t have to worry about any accidental spills).

If you’re living in an apartment with a private bathroom, this makes for a super cute bath mat, as well.

Yeehaw Cowboy Hat Neon Sign

Western and cowboy-inspired fashion has been a major trend lately, so why not give your dorm room some Western flair, as well?

This neon sign that says “Yeehaw” and features a cowboy hat glows pink and will add an eye-catching touch to your room.

This cute dorm decor find is also USB-powered, meaning you can easily charge it without worrying about a nearby electrical socket.

Cowboy Boot Photo Stand

Speaking of Western vibes, how adorable is this cowboy boot photo stand? It is such a cute and creative way to display a Polaroid photo on your nightstand, dresser, or desk.

With its kitschy retro print and girly pink hue, this photo stand is a piece of decor you’ll want to hold onto all four years.

Geometric Floral Desk Pad

You’re most likely going to be spending a large chunk of your time at your desk, so you might as well make it as cute as possible!

Trust me, having a happy-looking workspace can make a big difference when you’re sitting in the same spot for hours on end.

This geometric floral print desk pad is an easy way to brighten up your desk and make it look less boring; it has a grippy bottom that won’t move around, plus a side pocket, cord keeper, and an elastic pen loop to keep you organized.

Acrylic Monthly Wall Calendar and Notes Board

This acrylic dry-erase wall calendar and notes board is going to keep you on track while adding a chic touch to your wall.

Its clear design is scratch-resistant and waterproof, with stylish gold accents. Best of all, it is reusable: you can fill it out each month and then erase it by wiping it clean with a dry cloth (it also comes with a dry-erase marker and mounting hardware for installation).

By hanging a calendar and notes board right over your desk, you’ll be able to mark down and clearly see deadlines, events, and other high-priority reminders, which is crucial for staying on top of everything you’ll have going on during the semester!

Monitor Stand with Drawer

Dorm rooms tend to be small, so when it comes to cute dorm decor, it’s all about finding creative ways to save space.

A monitor stand will not only help prevent you from hunching over your computer by raising it up to eye-level, but this one also has a drawer with two compartments to stash desk supplies in.

This will also help you keep your workspace clutter-free!

LED Light Vanity Mirror

While some may not consider a vanity mirror *decor*, it’s still an absolute must-have for your dorm room.

Trust me, the harsh overhead lighting in your dorm and in the shared bathroom is not ideal for doing your makeup, so having your own vanity mirror with lighting that allows you to control the brightness will make a big difference when you’re getting ready.

And TBH, this vanity mirror is giving Old Hollywood with its oversized bulbs, so in my eyes, it totally does count as decor.

Yin Yang Lounge Pillow

Make working (and lounging) in your bed more comfortable with some help from a lounge pillow, like this one with a retro Yin Yang print.

A lounge pillow like this will add an eye-catching element to your bed while keeping your back propped up comfortably.

Faux Book Boxes

Let’s face it: (most) college textbooks are not very aesthetic-looking. That’s why these colorful faux book boxes will look much cuter on your shelf or coffee table (if you’re in an apartment) as decor.

Get the coffee table book look with these faux books, which open and have magnetic closures, allowing you to put small items inside.

Over-the-Door Mirror

Having a full-length mirror in your room is an absolute must, IMO.

I can’t get dressed without checking how my outfit looks from head to toe, and the mirrors in the communal bathroom (which are usually half-length) just won’t cut it. We are fashion girlies here, after all!

This affordable full-length mirror can be hung over a door to save space, making it ideal for small spaces like a dorm room. It comes in a few different colors and has over-the-door hooks for an easy setup.

Jewelry Organizer Stand

Make your jewelry part of your dorm decor with a cute (yet functional) jewelry organizer stand.

This jewelry stand will keep you ultra-organized, with designated areas for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Not only will you be able to see your jewelry collection on display, but the stand’s gold and white design adds to its decorative appeal.

Choose Happy Hooked Pillow

Decorative pillows are going to add so much personality to your bedding and to your room in general – plus, they make your bed that much cozier!

I adore this “Choose Happy” hooked pillow with a smiley face, which also serves as a friendly daily reminder that we can all benefit from.

Plush Ribbed Throw Blanket

Trust me when I tell you that you need a throw blanket. One blanket/comforter does not cut it in a college dorm!

You’re going to want a lighter throw blanket to use for naps, when watching TV or movies, when you need extra warmth during the winter, and to make your bed look (and feel) that much cozier.

This plush ribbed throw blanket comes in seven different colors and is made with a plushy material similar to faux fur that you’re definitely going to want to snuggle up in.

Glass Mushroom Table Lamp

Brighten up your space with an adorable glass mushroom-shaped table lamp.

This retro-inspired lamp comes in four different shades of marbelized glass to choose from, lending your room a laid-back, ’70s vibe.

It will cast a warm glow on your desk or bedside table and make for a cute conversation piece.

6 Pc. Poster Set

Create the perfect gallery wall in your dorm with this six-piece poster set.

These trendy poster prints are differently sized to create an eye-catching look on your walls. You can also frame them for a layered look.

With 10 different poster options to choose from, you’re sure to find a set that perfectly complements your dorm room’s aesthetic.

LED Light Alarm Clock

Not only will this LED light alarm clock help you get up on time so that you aren’t late for class, but it’s going to illuminate your room with a pleasant ambient glow.

With a sunrise and sunset simulation, a USB port for charging, and a temperature display, this wood grain alarm clock is multi-functional. And yes, it does have a snooze button, too — just don’t hit it too many times!

Photo Cube Pen Holder

This acrylic pen and pencil holder is anything but basic — it serves as a photo display for four of your favorite instant mini photos, adding a personal touch to your desk.

As I mentioned before, a happy workspace = better productivity and mood!

Personalized Ceramic Catchall

A catchall is a great place to stash your jewelry, keys, or other small items that you reach for on a daily basis, and this personalized ceramic catchall is as cute as it is functional.

This cute dorm decor find features a block-printed design with the ability to add a customized monogram, making it an ideal spot for your trinkets.

Seashell Decorative Pillow

Give your dorm room a beachy vibe with this adorable velvet seashell decorative pillow.

It comes in a bunch of different colors to match the color palette of your bedding and is going to make your room feel like a serene beach oasis, no matter where your college is located.

Bow Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Obviously, you can’t put real wallpaper on the walls in college (removal is a huge pain, and wall damage is real). That’s where peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in!

Cover up those boring cinder block walls and add some personality to your space with removable wallpaper featuring colorful prints or cool designs, like this coquettish bow print wallpaper.

This wallpaper is part of Dormify’s collaboration with fashion brand LoveShackFancy, so it has added trend appeal.

Note: Be sure to review your university’s dorm guidelines before purchasing stick-on wallpaper, as your school may prohibit it.

Dry Erase Peel and Stick Wallpaper

I also love the idea of using peel-and-stick wallpaper in unconventional ways, like dressing up your dorm desk, as seen above!

This particular option is dry-erasable, so you can write notes, to-do lists, and reminders on your workspace, which is beyond convenient. (Don’t forget to get some dry-erase markers, too!)

Collapsible Storage Ottoman

Since dorm rooms tend to be tiny, you’ll want to find creative ways to save space with multi-use items.

This ottoman not only gives you a place to sit or rest your feet on, but it offers storage under its removable top and is collapsible if you want to put it away.

It’s sure to come in handy when you have friends come over to hang out in your room and need extra seating!

Clouds Fleece Throw Blanket

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping amongst the clouds with this fuzzy cloud print throw blanket. One side features a blue cloud print, while the other features a cream-colored sherpa fleece for a super-snuggly feel.

Put it on the end of your bed when you’re not using it for a decorative touch.

Vine Curtain String Lights

Vine curtain string lights are a popular room decor item, and for good reason. They will give your space a warm glow while also adding an earthy, boho touch — almost as if you’re in your own garden or outside in nature.

Plus, these cover a large portion of your walls, which is always a plus when it comes to boring cinderblock dorm walls.

Table Lamp with Catch-All

Two words: vertical space!

Make the most of your vertical space with this ingenious table lamp that features a vertical catch-all with two dishes that act as mini shelves to keep your small items on.

This lamp would be an excellent use of space on your nightstand, allowing you to keep small items like lip balm, jewelry, nail polish, hair ties, etc. on it without cluttering the rest of your night or side table.

Pencil Sharpener Waste Bin

Excuse me, but have you ever seen a more adorable waste bin in your life?!

Shaped like a giant pencil sharpener, this waste bin is perfect for keeping by your desk to toss trash into. It’s going to add a playful pop to your space and is guaranteed to get compliments.

Printed Desk Mat

A desk mat is a great way to make your workspace become a place you enjoy spending time at — at least, more so than a plain old wooden desk would.

This printed desk mat features a fun tiger design, with a wrinkle-resistant surface that allows you to glide a mouse across it smoothly plus a non-slip backing underneath.

It also wipes clean with a damp cloth in case of any accidental spills.

College Town Acrylic Tray

Show your school spirit with this fun acrylic tray that displays your college’s city.

It’s an adorable spot to keep your jewelry, sunglasses, or other small trinkets on, adding spirited flair to your dorm room.

What do you think of these cute dorm decor ideas?

Will you be decorating your dorm with any of these items? Which decor piece is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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