10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Summer Short Sleeves, Beachy Layers, & more

Proof that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s our monthly list of ten picks, each individually costing less than seventy five bucks. Got a tip on something for under $75? Send those in to


Slim fit, a bit shorter/untucked fit, and equipped with button down collars so your points don’t curl up and try to fly away with wear. A bunch of colors and a couple of patterns to choose from. Nicely affordable.


Summer = too hot for jeans. But not too hot for a chambray pocket square. It’s just enough color but still cool enough in tone that it should add a nice but quiet splash to a lighter colored suit or sportcoat. Does not ship for free, as free shipping at Tie Bar doesn’t kick in until $99. Otherwise it’ll be $6.95 for standard shipping, which all but doubles the out of pocket cost. Bummer.


Because sometimes at the end of a long day (or all weekend long) you want to put on something super-comfortable, but athleisure also wouldn’t be the right call. 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex gives it a non “techy/workout-y” appearance and feel. Inexpensive at full price, and now 30% off for members during Target Circle Week.


Because if you live in a small space, as more and more of us are, then having a big plastic jug of laundry detergent can be cumbersome and annoying. This is really a recommendation for dissolvable laundry detergent “sheets” more than anything. Brand is up to you. I don’t know why we made the switch a while back, but I’m glad we did. They’re cheap, they save tons of space (both in the house and recycling bin)… and yes, they work. “How well do they work?” I mean… we don’t have molting peanut butter gremlins living in our home, but I do write about clothing for a living. So yes, they work well enough. We use Earth Breeze. One sheet for lighter to regular loads, a sheet and a half for heavy loads. I almost always throw a glug of white vinegar in too. Sadly, that doesn’t come in sheet form. Yet.


Because even if you don’t wear a tie much (almost none of us do), there will still come a time when you need to wear a necktie. And you’ll probably need one in blue or black. Made in Italy, all silk, timeless 3″ width at its widest point. An extra 20% off at checkout.


Because if you need to be wearing a necktie… you’ll probably need to be wearing a dress belt too. These clearly qualify. Made in Italy, just like the ties. On sale and getting an extra 20% off, also just like the ties.


Everything you want, nothing you don’t. A soft, great smelling (but not overpowering) hair cream. Matte finish. Enough hold to style, but won’t leave your hair block stiff. The good stuff. “Holds like wax, washes out like gel.” Perfect.


Betting dollars-to-doughnuts those things go on sale at some point in the not too distant future. 55% linen/45% cotton. Texture. Has that “old but not worn out favorite” look to it. Would look pretty good with those Target shorts. Runs a little big, as one would expect with a style like this. One of those things to throw in the duffel bag for a warm summer weekend away, because when the sun goes down, so does the temperature. And the bugs come out, in force.


No further description required. Part of the extra 30% off clearance items event at Brooks Brothers, which ends today, 7/9. …. ALLLLVINNNNNN.


RE the product: Because it’s a good, durable beard/other things trimmer.

RE the strategy: By trimming your beard outside (and/or buzzing your head if you do that too), you won’t get little beard trimmings all over your bathroom, which are a total pain to clean up.

Get yourself a travel mirror. Find a place to set it up. I hang a travel mirror off an old nail in a fence. And I’ll often try to trim my beard after cutting the grass/cleaning/doing some other chores, etc, so I can shake out the clippings from my shirt before tossing it in the hamper/wash, then hit the shower after so I don’t have itchy bits of fresh-cut beard-hair all over me.

Just be prepared to attract an audience if your neighborhood has particularly curious wildlife (as shown above). Disappointingly, they have yet to invite me to tennis.

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