Top 10 Individual Item Deals for Men

We get it. Long Weekend Sales Roundups are a lot to (wait for it) digest*. Visually there’s a lot going on too. It’s just a lot of stuff to sift through, even though the express purpose of those posts is to sift through an even bigger pile of stuff. Crazy, right?

To filter it down even further, here’s what we believe are the top 10 individual item deals for men, currently running during this long 4th of July weekend. Ten items picked from across all brands and all shops based on price, versatility, interest-level, etc. (Top photo credits: NordWood ThemesIssy Doherty on Unsplash.)

*Sidebar: Bring Back Chestnut. His exile is absurd.


Size shown above in the in person shot is a medium on 5’10″/185.

Part of their Extra 20% off sale items deal which they just launched Friday. These polos were featured in Polopalooza. Eight colors on sale. Lots of sizes. Super soft and smooth mercerized cotton but in a pique knit. No code necessary. Discount should happen in your cart. Some of us have a tendency to shrink BR’s luxe touch polos in the wash (my hand is raised), so that risk factor lands them “just” at number ten on our list.


From the Extra 25% off Warehouse sale. Not “hand crafted in Port Washington Wisconsin,” but instead from their Imported line. That said, the materials and build sure look like they’re more than solid. Leather lined, Italian Margom rubber soles, premium leather or suede uppers. “Cemented” but also recraftable.


The stand out item in The Tie Bar’s Summer (final) sale section. Would have been much higher up this list, be it not for its final sale status. So no returns or exchanges. Drat. Yet finding a versatile blazer/sportcoat for under a hundred bucks is a near impossibility here in 2024. So this one feels like a steal, even if it is a risk as it’s final sale. Smooth looking, 98% cotton / 2% spandex. Unconstructed. Just a butterfly style lining in the upper back so it should breath and move nicely. Here’s a few ideas how to wear it, or a jacket like it.


Part of the additional 20% off sale items SUMMER20 code Todd Snyder is running. Still not cheap even with the additional 20% off code, but they’re made in the USA, they’re simple, and they’re just interesting enough. Meaning they avoid the bowling shirt/”wild and crazy guy!” camp shirt “thing” that can sometimes accompany similar styles. Part of our All Made in the USA style scenario.


From the semi-annual Christopher Ward Sale. Swiss made, Swiss automatic movement, 600 meters of water resistance, timeless good looks. Eight hundred bucks is no small bill to pay. But in the watch world, which admittedly is beyond reason and totally absurd, eight hundred is a very, very reasonable price to pay. There’s a catch though: As it’s over eight hundred dollars (and just barely)… you’ll have to pay import duties. At post time we’re showing an additional $88.15 gets collected at checkout. So the real price is closer to $900. (And taxes haven’t kicked in yet either.) Remember that those import duties are non-refundable. So if it shows up, you don’t like it, and you have to send it back… you’re out that money. But still. It’s a heck of a watch.


A highlight from their “up to 20% off” Canada Day / U.S. Independence Day event. Nobody makes mid-priced shoes anymore. You’re either gonna find discount box-store junk, or high end (and often overpriced) fancy shoes. Spier’s Blake Stitched, Made in China line of shoes hit that sweet spot for those who want a pair of great looking and wearing dress shoes, but also won’t wear them every day. These shoes almost never go on sale. They’re more than fairly priced at just under $180. So to see them drop to $150ish is truly something. Five colors to choose from. Sizes are now scattered thanks to the (rare) sale.


On “double sale,” as the entire Brooks Brothers Clearance section is getting an additional 30% off cut at checkout. Another out of season piece at significantly reduced price. Old School, but Old School Cool. If Daniel Craig would have worn this in Skyfall, or heck wears something similar this winter on the streets of London, the #menswear universe would lose their grey matter.


Not quite a regular ol’ t-shirt, but still getting 20% off thanks to the Tees and More sale Target is running. Eight colors. TWELVE DOLLARS. Because there really are times you’ll want something between a t-shirt and a polo. That’s where the short sleeve henley lives. And if you want to wear a t-shirt? Then just button all the buttons. Want to wear something that feels like a v-neck tee but isn’t? Unbutton the top button. Henleys/short sleeve henleys are great. They’re versatile, comfortable, and look great in all sorts of casual situations. Plus, Target Lady thinks you look hot in it.


Recently got moved into J. Crew’s FINAL sale section, and thusly it’s now an additional 60% off with the code JULY. First let’s acknowledge that this particular suit (or technically, suit separates) has been getting wayyyy too many mentions here on this website for the last few weeks. But the steady and significant cratering of the price has been hard not to watch. Just over $200 for a J. Crew Ludlow (or Crosby) wool suit is unheard of. And that particular shade of steely-blue looks plenty appropriate for summer, but also looks great in fall and spring, as well as for an injection of color in winter. Each piece (jacket and trousers) can be worn with other items too. Trousers would look awesome with a navy sweater polo. Jacket would go great with chinos and a dress shirt. Final sale now. No returns or exchanges. So be familiar with how J. Crew suits fit your frame. But I’m guessing there are more than a few around these parts who have experience with J. Crew suits.


Part of their “Hot” Deals (not “Hot Ones”) section, and when it comes to feel and function, these truly are the real deal. Full review coming Monday. They look and more importantly feel extraordinarily similar to lululemon’s midweight, breathable, flexible, doesn’t make a *swish swish* noise, Warpstreme performance twill fabric. Here’s a side by side comparison with a pair of lululemon. They even use what appears to be the same shank up front, and snap button setup out back. Price has been fluttering between $19.99 and $25 over the last few days. Twenty bucks for these is just silly good. Twenty five also feels like a steal, especially considering the fact that a pair of lululemon warpstreme shorts will set you back (wait for it)… $88. Size shown above is a 32″ waist / 8″ inseam on 5’10″/185.

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