J. Crew Extra 60% off Final Sale w/ fresh stock added

Was thinking this would probably happen.

Extra 60% off is as deep as J. Crew will go when it comes to additional cuts to their final sale stuff. So it was already eye-popping when they launched it. But for the last few days the sale section has been pretty stagnant. Nothing new in there. That just changed.

Lots of new stuff but again, and this is worth repeating: it’s all final sale. No returns or exchanges. So all of this stuff is a gamble, unless you have direct experience with the same if not similar (read: in a different color) product. Nobody likes being stuck with something they can’t return or exchange. Extra 60% off with the code JULY is set to run through this Monday. Remember that rewards members get free outbound shipping no minimum. Off we go with the picks…


“I don’t want to look like an Easter Egg/Game Show Host.” I hear you. Neither do I. And that’s not what we do here either. But engage in a thought experiment with me. Ready? ……. kill the yellow ties.

Imagine those suits without the yellow ties.

Accessories = last thing on, but first thing noticed. And in this case the styling of those light/brighter summer suits with yellow ties pushes them into the “I’m headed to Sears to get my Easter Sunday portrait taken” territory. If you wanna wear a tie, tone the color down. Otherwise just wear a white or light blue crisp poplin dress shirt, or slightly more casual textured linen shirt. You’ll look sharper and less… child like. Simplicity is usually sexier.

Available in Ludlow Slim Fit (shown above) or Athletic Crosby Fit, which happens to be shown at the very top left of the post in the header/featured image.


Select colors or patterns. Because that’s what sale/clearance is. The odd stuff. But there’s a few options in there that aren’t beyond the pale.


Full honesty: I personally found these to be a little more substantial in fabric than I was expecting. They’re not as easy/breezy as past oxford cloth shorts (and pants) some of us have tried (think Target and Bonobos from years past). But that substance might be why so many have rated them so highly. They’re not flimsy, that’s for sure. Just know that before you click purchase. Because again, no returns or exchanges.


Cheap, mainly cotton, lightweight socks. Don’t expect these to wick like wool would. Don’t expect these to last forever like Darn Tough socks would. But… they sure are affordable.


Almost entirely cotton but with a splash of linen (it’s just 3% linen) to deliver that “summer sweater” look.


Olive? Looks a little more “wheat” than olive. For those who want to do the tan-suit-thing yet want something more rich looking (and feeling!) compared to a standard khaki cotton suit. 51% cotton/49% wool from Moon Mills in England. Totally unlined back to the jacket. Should look pretty great with (wait for it) just a white dress shirt, darker brown patterned pocket square, and some suede dress shoes or loafers.


“Sueded” = a brushed texture to the fabric. Super soft. Two button placket so it can wear a little more like a v-neck t-shirt, without it actually being a v neck t-shirt. Classic, slim, and tall fit templates available.


Y’know what’s a terrible idea? Final sale shoes. Because there’s not a damn thing a tailor can do to help a pair of ill fitting shoes fit better. “Oh but I could use a shoe stretcher if they’re a little too sma..” THAT HAS NEVER WORKED FOR ANYONE. Okay maybe once or twice. But trying to make shoes fit that don’t doesn’t often go well. Rancourt = made in Maine. No idea why the description says “imported” on these. Guessing that’s not correct.


Totally unlined in the back. English milled, worsted, cotton/wool fabric. Another item that’s been styled in a less than ideal way to some of our eyes. Imagine it with light gray chinos and a bright white shirt. That’d make it more warm weather “date night” and less “PTA President.” (May the style gods favor the PTA presidents though. Not an easy job.)


These are a cotton blend. So don’t expect full performance fabric/feel. Still a bestseller. And a warning: some of us have had these shrink up in the wash on us. So if you’re of average to taller in height, consider defaulting to the “tall” template and expect some shrinking.


Big Rod Belding vibes. (hat tip mtang7 on instagram for the Rod Belding reference once upon a time.)

“We’re gonna go rafting kids!”
“The hell we are. You’re gonna disappear on us aren’t you, Mr. All-Hat / No-Cattle.”

Nice blazer though. 87% linen/13% cotton. Made in their more generous Crosby fit. So after-purchase-tailoring might be needed for some.


Not a new addition but still worth a mention because of the absurd price. As low as one of their flagship suits has gone for in years. But again, they’re final sale. These are their 4-season weight, stretch Italian wool (Tollegno) flagship suits. Easy to tailor non functioning sleeve cuff buttons. Timeless 3″ lapels. Available in four colors. Jackets are heretrousers are here. Remember since they’re suit separates, you have to put each piece in your cart individually before you check out.


Something to add to the $216 suits, Made in Italy. Contrasting edge. Nice.


Just the one color shown above, but it’s a good one (a lighter/icy blue). Seersucker to help keep you cool by increasing air flow.


Super soft and stretchy. No cotton in these, so not a standard “sweats” style of fabric. Something different: 85% polyester/13% viscose/2% elastane.


A mashup of their cotton-blend tech pants (60% cotton/30% polyamide/10% elastane) and their popular dock shorts. Only in trouser form. Elastic waist, so clearly dressed down/extremely casual.


A risk as J. Crew seems to have struggled lately with their men’s jeans. But if you’ve got J. Crew jeans and you like J. Crew jeans and you know how they should/could/might fit, then perhaps worth the gamble. The price is clearly nice.

The additional 60% off final sale items code JULY is set to expire this Monday, 7/8/24.

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