In My Ballerina Era: The Easiest & Cutest Balletcore Outfits

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If you love a soft, feminine vibe, balletcore outfits might just become your new go-to’s.

The balletcore trend is all about soft colors, flowy fabrics, and feminine basics. If you’re thinking about switching up your style for something more subtle and girly, this look is the way to go!

To help you build your balletcore-inspired wardrobe, I’ve put together a list of must-have items and specific outfit ideas, plus some styling tips.

With balletcore outfits, you can create looks that are perfect for everyday wear or even fancier occasions. This post will show you a variety of ways to nail the balletcore vibe.

Also, don’t miss out on the styling tips for achieving this look at the bottom of the post. Make sure you have the right hairstyles and accessories to complement your new balletcore aesthetic.

So, if you’re excited to try this trendy look, keep reading for all the tips and outfit ideas you need!

Key Elements of the Balletcore Aesthetic

Soft Colors

When shopping for the balletcore aesthetic, you will want to purchase clothing with subtle, light colors, such as soft neutrals, baby pink shades, and white.

Adding light pink to your wardrobe, in particular, will give you the look of the balletcore aesthetic, along with a bit of color to make your outfits pop more.

Also, darker tones such as black and grey can work with balletcore. Mixing in a few pops of dark colors will help you to show off your unique style and make your outfits stand out a bit more.

Flowy Fabrics

You will also want to look for clothing that is made out of flowy fabrics. For example, ruffle skirts or flowy dresses are great choices to help you achieve this aesthetic.

In general, flowy pieces will also give you a more feminine look to help you achieve the soft and girly vibe of the balletcore aesthetic.

Comfortable Basics

Also, you will love to know that you can totally be comfy and stylish with this aesthetic because many of the basics for this type of style are comfortable and athleticwear-inspired.

For example, foldover flare leggings, joggers, Ugg boots, etc., are all great choices for the balletcore aesthetic!

Also, don’t forget to add cute accessories such as dainty jewelry or hair bows to help you complete your looks.

Balletcore Outfit Ideas

Top & Maxi Skirt

Cami top from PacsunCami top from Pacsun

If you are looking for a balletcore outfit that you could wear as an everyday look, start with this one!

This breezy summer outfit combines a pink cami top and a white flowy maxi skirt for the ultimate boho-meets-ballet feel.

Pair this look with chunky white sandals as seen above, or rock ballet flats if you want to be more literal.

Wrap-Front Top

Wrap-front top from LululemonWrap-front top from Lululemon

I recommend this outfit for those who want a balletcore aesthetic look that you could wear for lounging or the gym.

The wrap top is a popular element of the balletcore aesthetic. For this look, you will pair this long-sleeved lavender wrap top with matching biker shorts, or you could also pair it with your favorite pair of leggings.

Finish with comfy or athletic-inspired footwear. This would also look very cute with scrunched socks.

Sheer Mesh Shrug

Sheer mesh shrug from PacsunSheer mesh shrug from Pacsun

A shrug like this one will also help you achieve the balletcore aesthetic. It’s trendy and statement-making, and you can pair it with so many outfits!

If you want to go out at night in a balletcore outfit, rock this sheer shrug with a simple black tube top, mini skirt, and heels. Don’t forget to add a pastel pink bag for another hint of ballet fashion.

Thumbhole Shrug Sweater

Thumbhole shrug sweater from Forever 21Thumbhole shrug sweater from Forever 21

You can also totally wear a shrug outfit for more casual activities. For example, if you are working out or hanging out with friends, this outfit would be perfect!

This look features a pale pink thumbhole shrug sweater with a cute mini skirt and crop top that would be perfect for running errands while also looking trendy.

And, to complete this look, you could definitely wear your favorite sneakers with some comfy ankle socks!

Lace Bow Asymmetrical Top

If you are looking for another outfit that would be perfect for a fancier event or going out with friends that will also give you the balletcore aesthetic, here you go!

For this outfit, you can pair this super cute lace bow asymmetrical top with some loose-fitting jeans and your favorite pair of heels for a fun, going-out look.

Again, accessorize with your favorite pale pink bag and/or heels to really get the balletcore vibe.

Bandeau Trim Top

Also, you can incorporate some other colors into your look while going for the balletcore aesthetic.

For example, this black and white bandeau trim top would be a great addition to your wardrobe to achieve this aesthetic. Though it’s not specifically balletcore, the ribbon detailing on the top nods to the ballet vibe.

Just pair this top with a cute mini skirt and your favorite pair of high heels and you will have a super cute and trendy look for going out!

Ruffle Mini Dress

You may also be looking for a dress that will give the balletcore aesthetic. If so, then you will love this adorable strapless ruffle mini dress!

This ruffle mini dress comes in the perfect shade of ballerina pinky-beige and it will look adorable when paired with your favorite pair of strappy heels.

Camisole Crop Top & Ruffled Skirt

You can also totally wear some comfy sets as an everyday look to help you achieve the balletcore aesthetic!

For example, this adorable camisole crop top and ruffled skirt would be a great outfit to add to your wardrobe for an easy look that you can grab on a daily basis.

These pieces are also great because you can wear them separately with lots of other balletcore outfits.

Two-Piece Leggings Set

This leggings set is also another great example of a two-piece set that will give you the balletcore aesthetic and keep you looking comfy and trendy!

This adorable light pink set can be paired with your favorite pair of Ugg slip-ons and a cute purse for a stylish and comfy balletcore aesthetic ‘fit for everyday activities.

Off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder top from GarageOff the shoulder top from Garage

Off-the-shoulder tops like this are also a great choice when shopping for the balletcore aesthetic.

For example, you could pair this off-the-shoulder top with a cute mini skirt for a casual balletcore outfit. Add crew socks and sneakers, or swap in some ballet flats to finish the look.

Ballet Dreamer Dress

If you are going to a fancier event and would like a nice dress to wear, then you should check out this Ballet Dreamer dress!

This dress practically screams balletcore with its bandeau top and flowy bottom. Though it’s expensive, if you’re obsessed with the balletcore vibe, it’s worth it.

Just pair this dress with heels, and you will be ready for any fancy event!

Matching Bow Top & Skirt

Bow skirt from PacsunBow skirt from Pacsun

If you are looking for a cute skirt outfit that also goes with the balletcore vibe, then you should try out this outfit!

This outfit includes a bandeau top and a matching skirt with bows. It’s a super cute matching set that you will love to wear to achieve the balletcore look.

Once again, the pieces can be worn separately with lots of balletcore outfits, so it’s a great choice if you want to create a balletcore capsule.

Styling Tips for the Balletcore Aesthetic

Balletcore Hairstyles

When trying to achieve the balletcore aesthetic, you will also want to make sure that you have the proper hairstyles and accessories to match your outfits.

So, check out this video to see some cute hair inspo ideas and accessories you can add to your balletcore outfits!

For example, hair bows would be a great way to add something extra to your look and achieve the balletcore aesthetic.

Balletcore Aesthetic for Winter

And don’t worry if you live in an area with colder weather—you can totally adjust the balletcore aesthetic to keep you warm in the fall or winter!

For example, light pink or grey fluffy coats would be a great addition to your balletcore outfits and help you stay warm.

This video shares lots of ideas to help you rock balletcore year-round.

Balletcore on a Budget

Finally, for those of us on a budget (um, all of us college students), there are also definitely ways that you can still achieve this aesthetic.

For example, thrifting for certain pieces would be a great way to find balletcore aesthetic clothing items while on a budget that are also trendy! It’s easier than you think to find them.

What elements of the balletcore aesthetic will you be adding to your wardrobe?

What is your favorite balletcore outfit from this list? What clothing pieces will you be buying to achieve the balletcore aesthetic?

Tell me in the comments down below!

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