Mold Free Bath Toys Your Kids Need

Did you know that the beloved yellow rubber ducky from your childhood was probably filled with mold?

Our hearts are broken too.

You may have seen on social media, the news, YouTube recently that common bath toys are packed with mold and that mold grows fast. Studies show that mold starts growing inside bath toys within 24-48 in fact. Just think of our sweet little babies with their delicate skin in the tub and mouths all over these toys. Disgusting.

The reason this happens is because water gets trapped inside and common toys don’t come apart to easily clean so the water and bacteria get trapped and GROW. Most toys have the smallest hole to squirt water out of so even a long soak in vinegar and hot water won’t destroy the mold/bacteria.

Mold Free Bath Toys Your Kids Need

Lucky for us, Lauryn found these mold free bath toys that Zaza and Townes love. Here’s why you should get them:

+ come apart for easy cleaning

+ made of food grade silicone

+ can be put in boiling water to sanitize

+ non-toxic and safe for baby’s mouth/teeth

+ come in colors that are easy on the eyes

+ still super fun to play with

While you’re buying these affordable, aesthetically pleasing bath toys, grab all the other non-toxic, easy to clean bath toys Zaza and Townes have:

+ ocean squeezies

+ boats

+ ice cream cones

+ wind up toys

+ alphabet & numbers

+ quick drying Bluey

And for all you moms out there, don’t forget the essentials: knee and elbow cushions and the best bath toy storage that doubles as a scooper.

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x, The Skinny Confidential team

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