Kicks Guide: The Best White Sneakers for Men of 2024

The best white sneakers for men are a necessary and timeless piece of any gentleman’s wardrobe. Here are our top selections and brands.

If there’s one pair of shoes that’s versatile enough to go with any outfit, then it’s probably sneakers — particularly white sneakers. They’re inconspicuous enough for both casual everyday wear and formal attire while also providing maximum comfort.

Typically made from leather and rubber, these durable shoes protect your feet without compromising style. You can match them with a plain tee and jeans or while rocking a complete suit.

Now, there are thousands of sneaker brands available, but only a handful pass as great investments. In this guide, you’ll get the best white sneakers for men and why you should try them over other options.

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Nike – Air Force 1’07

These iconic sneakers are a stylish match for denim, chinos, cargo shorts, and sweatpants, featuring heel bounce and a sleek leather upper.

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How To Find the Best White Sneakers for Men

Before copping a pair, you need to know the proper ways to distinguish between superior quality and mediocre craftsmanship. Aside from the design, consider factors like comfort, fit, and quality to get the best out of your purchase.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are the two most crucial factors in choosing the perfect pair of men’s white sneakers. Always get a size that fits you properly. If your feet are wide, then avoid shoes that are narrower, like Chuck Taylors.

Don’t be shy to try them on every time you’re out shopping. Make sure to take a few steps and see if they fit you.

Cuffed chino pantsCuffed chino pants

If they feel too tight or just outright uncomfortable, then try a different size or brand. It may take a while, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Style and Quality

You’ll have no limitations on sneaker style, especially when it comes to white shoes. They range from athletic rubber soles to dressier, more elegant leather silhouettes.

Choosing the right shoes depends on your preferences and life conditions. If you have an active lifestyle (or live in the city), then trainers may suit you more as they’re sturdy enough for quick movements.

Canvas uppers are great for people who are more laid back but occasionally have to dress up for work.

Take note of the brand’s quality as well, so you won’t get stuck with a bad purchase. The last thing you want is to constantly replace them every few months, so check the materials before buying them.

Sneakers are meant to be tough and can last years, even if you wear them every day. So do your due diligence and always read reviews before you spend that cash.

Now that you have a general idea of how to identify the best sneakers try checking out these hand-picked favorites. They beat others I’ve researched in terms of durability, comfort, and, of course, design.

The Top Minimalist White Sneakers for Guys

Kicks with minimal design are the perfect choice for building a stylish, lean wardrobe. You can pair them up with jeans, dress pants, polo shirts or even suits — and you’ll still look great! 

Expert tip: If you’re wearing a suit, make sure your shirts are just about brand new or else it’ll look off. Trust me, I’ve gotten stared at quite a few times for having dirty sneakers.

Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, here are some of the top minimalist white sneakers for men.

Best Overall: Common Projects Original Achilles

The Common Projects Achilles Low is still the best minimalist sneaker to date. Probably one of the most expensive shoes on the market, this pair is sought after for its heritage and luxury aesthetic.

Crafted from genuine Italian leather, this highly-coveted shoe will last years of daily use. It’s primarily due to its sole stitched onto the upper— preventing holes from opening at the toe break.

Original Achilles Sneaker Common ProjectsOriginal Achilles Sneaker Common Projects
Common Projects Original Achilles

Its thick and soft leather footbed molds to the shape of the wearer’s foot, making it more comfortable to use over time. It also doubles down on its low-key appearance by forgoing the brand name or bold logos. Instead, it has gold foil numbers on the heel.

You can pair these with a suit at a wedding or simply hop into cargo shorts — you’ll look stylish in anything.

For more details, check out this full review

Best Overall Runner-Up: Greats the Royale 2.0

The Greats’ The Royale 2.0 is like the little brother of the Achilles Low. It ranks as an alternative solution for men seeking top-quality sneakers without the designer-label prices.

Greats the Royale 2.0

Paying homage to its predecessor, it retains its signature outsole while adding interesting additions like a tack stitch to the upper.

It also has a footbed with antimicrobial properties, which is a nice touch for germ freaks like me. Its mixed-media quarter panel and gold-foil branding on the tongue and heel give it a subtle but premium image.

It’s comparatively lighter than its first version but also has a bulky toe. It’s a great choice for men with wider feet, as they might like the extra room.

The Newest Sneaker on the Block Worth Trying: Lululemon Cityverse

The workhorse of the athletic and athleisure world, Lululemon, introduced women’s footwear to their lineup in 2022. They expanded into men’s footwear in early 2024. Finally. 

It’s worked exceptionally well as the Lululemon Cityverse seems to fly off the shelves.

Lululemon Cityverse

It comes down to the science behind the sneaker. Researchers at Lululemon studied both men’s and women’s feet and, not surprisingly, found that their needs are different. 

For example, since the average man’s foot lands with greater force than the typical woman’s, they repositioned the cushioning. As a result, Lululemon constructed the shoes in their men’s lineup distinctly different from their women’s offerings.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, when you slip your foot and hit the pavement in the Lululemon Cityverse, you’re supported and comfortable all day. 

I’m especially a fan of the wide size range. You can find the Cityverse in sizes 7 through 14. Plus, they have a 30-day trial period. If you try them and don’t like them, give them the boot. 

Timeless Men’s Casual White Sneakers

Some wear minimal silhouettes to elevate their outfit, while others just love wearing breathable shoes. Whether you’re shooting hoops or hitting the bars, nothing beats the pleasure of not having sore feet after a long day.

Just because you prioritize comfort over looks doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the latter. Here are a few sneakers that excel in both areas.

All-Time Favorite: Nike Air Force 1’07

When it comes to O.G. athletic sneakers, the Nike Air Force 1 sits at the top. Its durable stitched overlays and clean white finish put a fresh spin on modern kicks.

Nike Air Force 1’07

Since its launch in 1982, these iconic sneakers have become a stylish option to match with denim, chinos, cargo shorts, and even sweatpants. The Nike Air unit provides bounce in the heels, while its leather upper gives off its distinct attractive swag.

Most Comfortable: KURU Roam

From a company that’s on a mission to eliminate foot pain, the KURU Roam combines a casual look with superior breathability. Its cushioned insole cradles and cushions your heels while providing additional support for errands.


Designed with shock-absorbing features, the KURUSOLE found in these men’s casual white sneakers comes built into every pair, providing top-tier foot pain relief. They even have two different upper options: leather or canvas.

If you’re looking for ultra-comfortable sneakers that rival even the most iconic white shoes, then the KURU Roam may just be your holy grail.

The Finest Men’s White Leather Sneakers

If there’s anything that makes leather kicks popular, it’s their durability compared to their canvas or rubber counterparts. Since they’re made from the exterior of a hide, they’re sturdier and will last the test of time.

They’re the practical choice if you want to own a pair to match with almost anything. The options below are some of the best men’s white leather sneakers you can get your hands on.

First-Class Leather Kicks: Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers

The key is in the details when it comes to the Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers. Handcrafted from full-grain calfskin leather, it’s robust yet flexible enough to conform to the shape of your feet.

Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers WhiteBeckett Simonon Reid Sneakers White
Beckett Simonon Reid

The Vachetta leather lining gives it temperature-regulating properties, absorbs sweat, and controls odors. The waxed threads — combined with the artisan’s lock-stitching method — ensure that the shoe remains intact.

Hand-finished with carnauba wax and shea butter, the Reid glows with natural luster and deep color. Its waxed cotton laces also provide durability while maintaining a classy display.

Its simple yet sophisticated build makes it one of the best pair of sneakers to wear with just about everything.

The Ultimate Wardrobe Cornerstone: KOIO Capri

The KOIO Capri is in a league of its own when it comes to luxury white leather sneakers without spending almost half a grand. It won the Best Overall Leather Sneaker at the 2023 Gear Patrol Style Awards. (It’s also a favorite among The Modest Man staff.)

Koio Capri in Triple WhiteKoio Capri in Triple White
Koio Capri

Made in Le Marche, Italy, it boasts the brand’s European craftsmanship through its thoughtful details.

Made from Italian calfskin, the upper has a smooth and soft texture that produces soft creases over time, making it look more appealing as it ages. It’s also tightly stitched, providing ample water resistance.

Its double-stitched seams ensure that it’ll last, even in high-stress areas. The recycled tech foam and durable natural rubber make it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.

The Capri is an awesome, high-quality shoe that sits between an aesthetic dress shoe and an athletic sneaker.

I have a pair of the Regenerative Capri model (the brand’s environmentally-focused line), and I’ve been wearing it for over a year several times a week and they’ve aged well.


Here are answers to common questions on this topic: 

Why Do People Like To Wear Sneakers?

Sneakers are designed with comfort in mind. Their cushioned footbeds, soft uppers, and arch support make them ideal for daily use. Despite their priority towards functionality, they still come in beautiful and elegant styles that fit well with most casual attire.

For how to wear dress sneakers, check out this guide

Why Are White Sneakers Popular?

White sneakers are popular because they are one of the most versatile shoes around. They can be worn with almost any outfit across all seasons.

Is It Worth Investing in White Sneakers?

The versatility of white sneakers makes them great investments, especially if you’re not keen on buying new shoes for every outfit. You can pair white kicks with jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, and even suits.

Finding What’s Right for You

More than just a stylish addition to your collection, sneakers support your ankles and feet better than other types of shoes. It’s especially essential for people who are on their feet throughout the day, ultimately preventing foot injuries and fatigue.

It’s important to make your investments worthwhile; never settle for anything less than the best. Cheaper alternatives may seem attractive, but if they break easily, then they actually cost more than they are worth.

Don’t forget to find the right size for you, check the materials, and do research about the brand. Taking your time while making that purchase can get you closer to one of the best pairs of white sneakers for men.

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