The Best Neck Pillow For Dreamy, Relaxing Night

Thanks to Bethenny Frankel’s TikTok I’ve copied her neck pillow nighttime routine and I’m obsessed.

It’s truly my favorite moment of the day and it brings me so much peace and joy every single night.

So I’ve had this pillow in lavendar and gray and I used to microwave them. But microwaving something that I’m going to put directly on my body felt kind of wrong? Determined to find another way I bought a salon warmer.

A salon warmer is what spas use to warm towels so it’s perfect for your microwavable neck pillows.

These pillows are so soft, slightly weighted, smell like herbs and I will never not do this for the rest of my life. In fact, my kids saw me using the neck pillows and wanted to try it so I bought them this one so we can all ‘relax’ together.

It truly is a nighttime dream. There you are with your feet up, facial massager, magnesium water, redlight and a book (this one is so good).

It’s heaven. Michael tries to steal all of it, of course.

Be sure to keep all your essentials near you so you don’t have to get up and disturb your relaxation station. I always make sure I have my drink. crystal eye mask, K’pure Settle Down spray, and OM roller. The entire situation is magical.

x, Lauryn

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