How Lauryn Uses All The Skinny Confidential Beauty Tools and Products

How Lauryn Uses All The Skinny Confidential Beauty ToolsHow Lauryn Uses All The Skinny Confidential Beauty Tools

Now that we’ve officially entered the body category with Le Spoon and created multiple facial beauty tools, we thought it was time to go over PRECISELY how Lauryn uses each and every one.

And really, almost anything goes. You do you, when and how it works for you and your day. But just for fun, we wanted to break down Lauryn’s exact practices for each tool.

Let’s get into it.

How Lauryn Uses All The Skinny Confidential Beauty Tools:

ice roller

Lauryn finds this is the best tool to use in the morning. It wakes you up, it boosts circulation, tightens pores, especially before you put your skincare on. She keeps it in the freezer, takes it out and rolls it on her arm about 8 times. You don’t want something absolutely freezing on your face because it can give you a burn. So take it out of the freezer and roll it on your wrist 8 times to decrease a bit of the iciness. If the freezer is still too cold for you, feel free to keep it in the fridge instead.

Using the ice roller over a cold sheet mask or eye mask is Lauryn’s favorite way to roll. She highly recommends keeping your masks in the fridge and her favorites right now are Yina sheet masks and Peter Thomas Roth Cloud eye masks. According to Lauryn, this really kicks up your routine and nourishes while tightening and lifting/

She also likes to bring it into the infrared sauna with her. A recommendation from her Austin facialist, Brooke, to keep hyperpigmentation away (which can happen with infrared saunas).

Again, she loves the ice roller in the morning and always brings it traveling. This combats plane puff and any effects of wine and salty foods you indulge in.

HOT TIP: when traveling, store your ice roller in the hotel room ice bucket (filled with ice) of course. Heck, even do this in the wine bucket if you’re lounging at a beach club.

The ice roller is the perfect companion to help with depuffing, but you can use it on rashes, bug bites, and even razor burn on your bikini line.

caffeinated sunscreen

Our newest launch took 2 years to perfect and boy oh boy was it worth the wait. If you’ve been with TSC from the beginning you know Lauryn was obsessed with caffeinated sunscreen long ago, and now the team has perfected this formula and finally brought it to you. This mineral SPF is your new daily essential and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness, hydrates, gives you SPF 40 protection, is full of antioxidants and non-greasy and lightweight.

The best part? No white cast which is so common with mineral sunscreens. So, why caffeine? It lifts, tightens, firms and gives this sunscreen the most perfect glowy tint. Use it after your skincare routine and before applying makeup. But the sheen it gives you is so good you probably won’t want to cover it up.

facial massager

This is Lauryn’s jam at night. Sometimes she even runs hot water over it and pays extra attention to her neck. The facial massager is what really helps with chiseling and sculpting. It works in tandem with the ice roller and is good for lymphatic drainage. You go up the face and down the neck and it just feels nice and relaxing, as a massage should.

mouth tape

Mouth Tape, out of every product we’ve ever done, is the most life changing. What it’s done for my face and energy levels after using it every night for 10 months is out of this world. And I was a big mouth breather. I was a snorer, which did get better with my double jaw surgery, but still. Now I’m not either of those things. I’m extremely passionate about recommending this to everyone because it’s enhanced my life beyond what I ever thought a little piece of tape could.”

There you have it, straight from Lauryn herself. Our mouth tape sells out in seconds, so sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock and be sure to subscribe for free shipping, 15% off and to ensure your nightstand stay stocked.

face oil

This super lightweight oil is a community favorite because it’s not too heavy and works so well with the facial massager. You can use it any time of day, but Lauryn uses this mainly with the PINK BALLS facial massager for glide and extra depuffing. The oil has a cooling sensation and is made with very simple ingredients. In fact, Lauryn created this oil because she wanted something like this herself – an oil that’s nourishing, depuffing and versatile.

TSC beauty toolsTSC beauty tools
The Skinny Confidential Beauty ToolsThe Skinny Confidential Beauty Tools

driving gloves

Remember to protect your hands. Just driving in your car for 15 minutes a day adds up to big time incidental sun exposure and can cause brown spots and major signs of aging on your hands. Lauryn keeps driving gloves in both of her cars, her stroller and her garage. This way she can seamlessly walk out the door for a circadian, after breakfast walk with Townes. The BOUGIE driving gloves protect your arms and hands from the sun, but Lauryn purposefully made them fingerless so she could be on her phone, change the radio station, grab a coffee etc.

Although putting SPF on your hands is essential, sometimes it’s just so annoying. You’re touching things, you’re making your kids food, you’re reaching into your hand bag – you don’t want white sunscreen touching all of the above. That’s why Lauryn created the driving gloves with the top of the hands in mind. It’s a no brainer to protect your hands so keep a pair in your car and your handbag like Katherine Schwarzenegger.


Without fail, Lauryn starts her work day with one page of this planner every single day- and has for the last 5 years. She was very purposeful to make it one page a day so it wasn’t overwhelming and to make sure all the prompts thoughtfully set the tone of your day. Even before this planner existed, Lauryn was doing this in a plain notebook. She got the idea from Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans. She took all the things the high performers did in the morning – writing down gratefuls, the top to-dos for the day, the book they would read – and put her own spin on it with some additions.

When it comes to your to-do list you want to do the thing that seems the hardest first. This way the rest of your day seems like a breeze. If you want to know more about this method, Lauryn loves the book Eat That Frog.

Butter Brush dry brushButter Brush dry brush

dry brush

The perfect partner for Le Spoon, Butter Brush stimulates the lymph system, gives you a gentle exfoliation for the smoothest skin of your life, and energizes like no other. What you want to do is start at your feet and use quick strokes moving upwards towards the heart. Continue to brush your entire body this way, using medium pressure on arms and legs and lighter pressure on the torso, thighs and neck. When you’re done, carry on with your shower to rinse off the dead skin cells.

Lauryn likes to have a cold shower after dry brushing for the most energized morning ever. Then she applies her favorite body serum and gets to work with the body sculptor. This entire routine removes dead skin cells, promotes blood flow, reduces inflammation and flushes toxins from the body.

body sculptor

Here’s the thing with starting new habits – tack it on to an existing one. Lauryn uses her Le Spoon after a shower. When she gets out she’s already putting on body oil or moisturizer, so why not grab your body sculptor and spend a few minutes doing something for yourself.

She designed this to combat cellulite, and totally notices a difference. Lauryn always had cellulite but after having kids it went to a whole new level. She tried a lot of body tools but they were all 2D. With a designer, she created a 3D sculpting tool for better grip and better body coverage. Completely designed with a woman’s body in mind with different sides for different parts of the body.

facial razor

Lauryn has been shaving her face since high school so I think we can trust her when she says it shaving your face will not make the hair grow back darker and thicker. It makes your skin glow, gently exfoliates, helps your skincare absorb better, and creates a perfect canvas for makeup. After using cheap razors from Amazon that had to be thrown out after every use, Lauryn wanted to created a chic, slim, easy to hold razor that was sustainable with replacement blades and specifically crated for a woman’s face – just like the HOT SHAVE cream.

She prefers (and recommends) shaving at night so that your skin isn’t so exposed to the sun right after. Also a good tip is to use the ice roller after. You can shave as often as you like, but Lauryn shaves her face about once a week.

There you have it. All the ways Lauryn likes to use The Skinny Confidential products. It’s all about small, little habits adding up to big changes overtime. A lot of her routines and hacks might seem overwhelming, but they’re all set up in a way that is meant to reduce stress and guesswork.

If you’re new to forming new habits, routines or rituals start small. You don’t have to do all the things, all the time, all at once. If you want to get into more self care, only start with Le Spoon after your shower for 5 minutes a day. Maybe after a week add something else on. Start small and see where it takes you.

That being said, if you’re a total selfcare guru and you use The Skinny Confidential products (or any others) differently we want to know! Drop us a comment below and tell us your favorite ways to sculpt and depuff.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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