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Spring makeup favorites and other things I tried and loved latelySpring makeup favorites and other things I tried and loved lately

It’s BACK! From using diaper rash cream on my face to finally finding the perfect blush, writing this post reminded me how much I’ve missed chatting with you about little discoveries I’ve made while going about life. I hope you enjoy! 

These are the eleven things I loved most lately…

11 Things I Tried and Loved Lately


What I really want is for Julius to cook me a meal in his greenhouse, but I’ll settle for this beautiful book. The words, the images, the recipes—all of it is a dream.


This is the cutest little bag and makes me feel like Jane Birkin. I’ve been wearing it everywhere. 


The barista at my local coffee shop just asked what blush I was wearing and I told her it was this one. It’s creamy, subtle, and gives a great dewy glow. 

$30 & $17

These are my two favorite books I’ve read lately. Together, they cracked open my willingness to go toward the introverted routes of creativity I needed.


This liner stays on ALL DAY. I don’t know what is in it, but I grab it nearly every day. I went with a nude color that works with most of my nude-pink shades.


Levi’s might not make 501s like they used to, but Mille’s jeans give you the same peachy booty lift that a vintage pair delivers. The wash is perfect too. 


I had my first dermaplaning experience before a hydrofacial and was so stunned by how much smoother my makeup went on, I started doing it once a week at home. Exfoliating alone isn’t enough to combat dry skin so this is extra helpful in sloughing off dead skin cells. 


I’ve been slugging my face with this zinc oxide cream—aka, butt cream. It sounds TMI but it legit saved my skin this winter. I learned about this method from THE 40-year-old, board-certified derm, Dr. Shereene Idriss. 


I love the personality these colorful wine glasses add to a table. The shape is beautiful and makes a simple glass of wine feel special. 


My beloved foam roller—where would I be without you? I recently went down a rabbit hole of YouTube content, learning how to use my roller properly. I suggest you do the same. It’s changed my foam rolling practice! I also love following Lauren Roxburgh and have incorporated some of her other lymphatic drainage and fascia release exercises into my routine. 


I love the idea of a red lip but know I’m too messy to carry it off all day without some kind of mishap. This shade of red is so wearable and subtle while still delivering that classic red look. It feels a little more like a model-off-duty take on the red lip. 

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