’80s Girl Outfit Ideas + Accessories: A Guide to the Aesthetic

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Have you been trying out new aesthetics? Or just want to stay ahead of the fashion trends? (Fashion is cyclical, after all!)

If so, you may be interested in the 80s girl aesthetic.

Today, we’re going to go into the aesthetic and explain how you can rock the ’80s head to toe or just incorporate some ’80s pieces into your existing closet this season.

Before we get started, here are some things you should be looking for to get the ’80s vibe:

  • Bold colors and prints
  • Oversized silhouettes
  • Pieces that are feminine & edgy
  • Sporty fabrics and details
  • Statement accessories

To help put this all together, this post will show you lots of ’80s-inspired outfit ideas to get your inspiration going, plus accessories to give any outfit an ’80s, vintage vibe.

Let’s get started!

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Key Elements of the 80s Girl Aesthetic

Bold Colors & Prints

When someone mentions the 1980s, bold colors and prints immediately come to mind.

So, when putting together your 80s-inspired outfits, consider what prints and bright colors you can add.

You might want to opt for some bright green, blue, pink, or yellow shades (honestly, anything neon goes) to give your wardrobe an ’80s feel.

Oversized Silhouettes

Another popular fashion trend of the ’80s was the oversized silhouette.

For example, you might want to consider adding an oversized suit to your new wardrobe or experiment with wide-leg pants or boyfriend-fit shirts.

Feminine & Edgy

You might also be interested in the feminine yet edgy look of the 80s.

The idea is to be feminine in your color and styling choices (think bright pinks, hair scrunchies, makeup, and hair worn down in feminine curls) but edge up your outfits with things like biker jackets, statement jewelry, and edgy boots.

Statement Accessories

You also don’t want to forget about jewelry!

Jewelry is such an easy (and oftentimes affordable) way to bring a little bit of an ’80s vibe into your look.

Seek out pieces such as large chunky or colorful earrings, layered bracelets, or chunky necklaces to get that ’80s aesthetic.

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80s Girl Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Punk Princess

Top from Dolls KillTop from Dolls Kill

An iconic look of the 80s was the punk princess vibe!

If you want to recreate this type of look, you will want to go for dark and edgy clothing that will give the punk rock type of style.

For example, this outfit incorporates chunky heels, buckles, burgundy red, and a dark leather jacket to help you look like a punk princess.


Leather jackets were very popular in the ’80s, and they’re back in a big way right now.

Biker jackets were also a specific type of jacket that was trendy during this time, so if you want an all-leather jacket to resemble the 80s looks with leather, you should check out this outfit, which includes a super cool biker jacket and boots!

Also, to save money, this is a great item to thrift if you have a good shop near you. (Or check out one of our fave online thrift stores.)

Polka Dots

Polka dot dress from Princess PollyPolka dot dress from Princess Polly

Polka dots were also common in the ’80s, so a polka-dotted piece is a great way to bring the decade into your modern looks.

For example, you could add this adorable polka-dot dress to your closet for an easy and cute everyday look that definitely will give you the 80s aesthetic.

Just pair this dress with cute heels or sneakers, and you will have the perfect subtle ’80s-inspired look!

Sporty Spice

Neon workout outfits were the go-tos for fitness enthusiasts in the ’80s, especially paired with leg warmers and colorful sweatbands.

However, if you want to get this kind of sporty look today, you may want something a bit more subtle (relatively).

For instance, this neon crop top and leggings workout set has a total ’80s vibe but wouldn’t look out of place in a gym today. Pair it with simple white sneakers for a cool look, or go bolder with a bright pink or orange pair.

Power Suit Chic

Another popular type of style during the 80s was the power suit, complete with an oversized jacket and wide-leg pants.

Oh, and shoulder pads — can’t forget the shoulder pads.

The good news is that this look is trending again this year, so it’s easy to find. While pieces aren’t quite as shoulder-padded as they were in the ’80s, the oversized vibe is back.

For instance, this cute outfit features an oversized belted jacket and matching pants that are just as at home in the 2020s as they were in the ’80s.

Neon Dreams

Lounge set from FashionnovaLounge set from Fashionnova

Neon was not only popular for workout fits in the ’80s. It was basically worn for every occasion.

So, if you want to add neon colors to your everyday looks to help you achieve the 80s aesthetic, this type of outfit is perfect.

This colorful two-piece set is the perfect everyday lounge fit that you can wear while running errands or hanging out with friends, and it will give you the look of the 80s aesthetic.

Glam Rock Goddess

Studded jacket from Nasty GalStudded jacket from Nasty Gal

The rocker-style look was also a popular trend during the 1980s, and if you’re down for edgy looks, you need to try it!

To look like a glam rock goddess, start with this outfit. It features a super cool studded jacket with matching studded shorts and some cute black boots to finish it off.

As a bonus, you could wear all of these pieces separately as part of your ’80s outfits — versatility at its best.

Shoes & Accessories

Chunky Hoops

Chunky hoops from Princess PollyChunky hoops from Princess Polly

The easiest possible way to give any outfit an ’80s feel is with a pair of chunky hoops like these.

These earrings will not only give you that ’80s girl aesthetic but will also add something fun to your looks to make them stand out.


Sneakers from NikeSneakers from Nike

If you are looking for shoes that you can wear with basically any outfit and on a daily basis, look no further than the Nike Cortez sneakers.

The original Cortez style was extremely popular in the ’80s, and it’s made a huge comeback in the last couple of years.

So, make sure to check out these Nike Cortez leather sneakers if you want a shoe that will give you the 80s aesthetic yet still look trendy today.

Retro Sunglasses

Another great way to add something fun to your 80s-inspired outfits is with a pair of sunglasses!

Cat-eye shades, like these triangle sunglasses, are a retro accessory that totally evokes the look of the ’80s.

Plus, they’re super cheap, so they’re easy to experiment with.

Styling Tips

Add Trendy Pieces

If you just want to add a little bit of an ’80s feel to your existing closet, start by adding trendy pieces from the ’80s to your looks.

As we discussed earlier, accessories like bold, chunky jewelry and retro triangle sunglasses are easy and affordable ways to give any outfit an ’80s vibe.

Check out this video to see additional trendy things from the ’80s that you should totally consider adding to your looks, such as high-top shoes and ripped jeans.

Get Inspiration from Iconic Looks of the 80s

Another great way to help you style your ’80s-inspired outfits is to gain inspiration from iconic celebrities from the 80s.

For example, look at celebrities like Madonna and Cindy Crawford and their fashion from the 1980s to get some inspiration for what your ’80s-style outfits should look like.

Check out this video for some iconic looks inspired by the ’80s era!

What retro chic ’80s style looks will you be wearing?

What ’80s-style clothing do you have in your closet? What ’80s-style clothing will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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