How Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Uses Butter Brush and Le Spoon

How Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Uses Butter Brush and Le SpoonHow Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Uses Butter Brush and Le Spoon

If you’re and avid listener of The HIM & HER Show you may have heard an episode (or 2 or 3) with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg. She is one of Lauryn’s favorite creators in the wellness space, is a beautiful person inside and out with the most incredible energy. Here’s exactly what Lauryn had to say:

Ever since meeting Melissa and interviewing her on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show I’ve been such a believer in her content. She is a true guru in the wellness space and the way she showcases life as a mother, wife and businesswoman is raw and real. Melissa is someone who shows up for her community and always delivers value. She is relatable, has the best energy, and is incredibly open about her struggles.

MWH platform is one that I use daily. My favorite mediation on her app is her walking meditation. I get out with my son every single morning and listen to her soothing voice as I walk through the little neighborhoods in Austin. The platform offers a range of workouts with a specialized team of trainers, is affordable, user-friendly and constantly being updated. Melissa is part of my day and her meditations have allowed me to be more calm and more present. She’s a lovely human, inside and out.

She loves Melissa’s meditations, specifically the walking ones and finds her both so soothing and calming. It really set the tone of your day in a major way. If you want to try the Melissa Wood Health app you a use code TSC for one month free. The platform is filled with all lengths of videos. Think: meditations, Pilates, yoga, quick ones for every body part. Melissa and her instructors put out new content and challenges all the time. So take advantage of this offer if you’re interested.

Anyway, recently Melissa told us all about why she loves The Skinny Confidential Le Spoon body sculptor and Butter Brush. She’s been talking about dry brushing for years so to hear she thinks Butter Brush is the creme de la creme of dry brushes really gives us all the feels.

With that, let’s hear what Melissa has to say about these must-have Skinny Confidential products.

How Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Uses Butter Brush and Le Spoon

Q: What are the benefits you see from dry brushing/sculpting regularly?

MWT: I’ve been dry brushing and doing lymphatic drainage techniques for a decade and what I noticed first and foremost is this boost of energy you get from incorporating these practices into your routine. You’ll notice a tightness and increased elasticity of the skin, instant flushing of more fluids because you’re draining toxins in the body – I mean the list really goes on. I’ve also had cellulite since I was a little girl and have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin since this exfoliates and stimulates the lymphatic system to increase circulation. I’ve also learned to really love and embrace all those beautiful imperfections along the way. I originally started dry brushing and putting my legs up the wall at night because I had visible varicose veins. After staying consistent AF with this nightly routine, I’ve noticed a huge reduction in the appearance of those veins. 

How Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Uses Butter Brush and Le SpoonHow Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Uses Butter Brush and Le Spoon

Q: How often do you use the Butter Brush/Le Spoon a week for results? 

MWT: I dry brush once a day before I shower in the morning (I like to think of this really as a part of my shower.) Just as I wouldn’t start my day without meditation, I don’t shower without dry brushing before. These are habits that I stay consistent with because they just work. Then I aim to use the body sculpter 3-5 times a week after I shower with body oil. 

Q: How long is your dry brushing routine? 

MWT: 2-3 min – in and out is my motto. If anything takes too long, I’m not about it. This goes with everything in my life whether that’s making meals in the kitchen, my workouts, anything. I’m all about the short and sweet habits because they will keep you coming back.

Q: When do you like to dry brush and how do you recommend working this into your evening routine? 

MWT: I believe the best routine is to dry brush before you shower. But if you don’t get that micro moment in, do it before a bath at night and use the body sculpter post-bath. It feels so damn good to take care of yourself. The act of doing all the things in your life that make you feel better inside and out are the practices I keep coming back to. Because they work.

So if you haven’t already implemented this seamless hack for smoother skin, more energy, and a sculpted silhouette be sure to grab The Body Kit. The two body tools were made to work in tandem which is why you can save $34 by purchasing the kid. Grab some depuffing oil while you’re at it to help your Le Spoon glide too.

What are your favorite ways to take care of your body? Let us know below.

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