Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

You may not want to spend your long weekend doing a deep clean of your house, but we sure do.

There is no better feeling than a clean environment. Your bedroom, apartment, house, car, garage, whatever – it makes you feel organized, streamlined and like you have your shit together.

In this post we’re sharing Katie’s (Lauryn and Michael’s Executive Assistant) Spring Cleaning Checklist. And to go along with this checklist, may we suggest getting started with Branch Basics?

As you might know already, Lauryn and Michael went totally non-toxic in their house when they moved to Austin. You can stalk her entire non-toxic product guide here, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, you only need to start with one thing: BRANCH BASICS. And until end of the day today you can get 20% off with code SKINNY.

For more details on why you need the Branch Basics starter kit to replace all your household cleaning supplies, check out this post.

Back to spring cleaning…

Cleaning at the start of spring just feels right, ya know? Whether you have a big job ahead of you or are someone who keeps your house fairly tidy and organized throughout the year, spring cleaning as lots of benefits:


+ makes you feel in control

+ keeps you organized

+ fills your house with only things you love

+ can help you feel a new sense of wellness and kick start new habits

+ keeps your family happy and healthy

+ satisfying and fulfilling


☐ Put things away in their place so you start with a blank slate.

☐ Unload/reload your dishwasher.

☐ Make up your guest space/bedroom if you have one.

☐ Dust your ceiling fans, they’re so gross.

☐ Dust the rest of your space, all surfaces and under everything.

☐ Have laundry running during your clean

☐ Wash all throw blankets, pet blankets, pillows, etc.

☐ Wash all your bed sheets, pillow, comforter etc.

☐ Scrub your showers/tubs/toilets to perfection.

☐ Clean your house as you normally would.

☐ Vacuum and mop all floors. (This is the best mop.)

☐ Go through closets and drawers, purge/donate and refold/ re-hang items (this post is helpful for closet organization.)

☐ Clean fridge, freezer, check dates, then organize.

☐ Organize pantry or cabinet space, check dates, then organize.

☐ Sweep front and back porches, plant flowers or seasonal veg, start a herb garden or whatever!

☐ Clean out garage, sweep, purge, organize.

☐ Vacuum inside your car and wash the outside.


+ Vacuum up dust from all surfaces and your floor BEFORE mopping or wiping down (you can use this type of attachment on your vacuum. We like Miele or Dyson).

+ If you can, wipe all your walls with warm water and Branch Basics concentrate.

+ When organizing your pantry or cabinet space (ie: kids craft drawer, junk drawer, food spaces), purge and organize first, THEN buy any organizational supplies you need that are perfect for YOUR space.

+ Keep a notebook handy or a sheet of paper and pen in each room so you can write down any notes or items you may want to buy to help you stay organized and stocked.

+ Descale and clean your ice maker, coffee makers, kettle etc. with vinegar.

If you’re a one and done type of person who wants to do all your spring cleaning in one day, good for you! Otherwise, try not to get overwhelmed. Take it one room at a time, make a schedule, pop on a podcast and try to enjoy the mental health benefits of cleaning. That’s right, a clean and organized home is amazing for clarity, feeling calm and in control.

Will you be starting spring cleaning soon? Tell us all your tips below. Be sure to check out Branch Basics before the end of the day today and use code SKINNY for 20% off.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ Check out this post for purging and organizing your closet.

++ Learn how to organize skincare in your bathroom here.


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