Rise of Hydra, from Amy Hennig’s studio, arrives in 2025

It’s been almost three years since we found out that former Naughty Dog and Visceral Games writer and creative director Amy Hennig was working on a Marvel game with her team at Skydance New Media. During Epic Games’ State of Unreal showcase at the Game Developers Conference, a new story trailer shed some more light on the game, which is called Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra.

As the name suggests, it’s set during World War II in Occupied Paris. You’ll play as four characters in this story-driven action-adventure: a young Steve Rogers (better known as Captain America), T’Challa’s grandfather Azzuri (the Black Panther of his era), US soldier and Howling Commandos member Gabriel Jones and Wakandan spy Nanali.

The trailer shows Captain America taking out some foes (presumably Nazis) with his shield as he looks for Black Panther, who we see scampering over rooftops. It ends with the pair clashing on a bridge, but what are the odds that they (along with Gabriel and Nanali) form a shaky alliance to battle a common enemy?

Skydance New Media is using Unreal Engine 5.4 to build the game. The trailer has some striking visual,s including highly detailed facial animations and environments, which are seemingly reflective of what the game actually looks like. “All the sequences you just saw in that trailer are pulled right out of our game, running real-time in Unreal Engine 5,” Hennig said. ‘No smoke and mirrors.” We’ll have to wait a little longer — until Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra arrives in 2025 — to see if Hennig’s claims stand up.

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