Kevin Kelly’s Hair Extension Guide

Kevin Kelly is here today and we’re so excited. He is one of Lauryn’s favorite hair stylists and Kevin Kelly Luxe hair extensions are some of her favorite ones.

If you have yet to meet Kevin, he is a celebrity hair stylist and extension artist, entrepreneur and salon owner. Today he is here for a little q&a on all things hair. In this post you’ll learn how to find the right color of extensions for you, how to put them in yourself, his ride or die products and his favorite hairstyle to give Lauryn.

With that, let’s welcome Kevin Kelly to the blog.


Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Kevin Kelly: Hi! My name is Kevin Kelly. I am a celebrity hairstylist and extension artist. I own the Kevin Kelly Salon in Central New Jersey and just launched my own extension line, Kevin Kelly Luxe. I have always had a passion for making others feel beautiful which inspired my career in the beauty world.

Throughout my career I have had the honor to style some of today’s hottest influencers and celebrities including but not limited to Brittany Cartwright, Cassandra Dimmicco, Karen Wazen, and of course the beautiful Lauryn Bosstick, which has brought me here today.

What’s an upcoming hair trend you love?

KK: Upcoming hair trends for color is definitely more lived in coloring, such as soft brunettes. Even when it comes to blonde, very natural and neutral toned. That white gray ashy hair is very out of date and just doesn’t look youthful anymore. 

Upcoming styles and accessories I feel that we will see a lot of is hair bows or ribbons. Styling is in right now and everybody wants to look youthful, fresh, and polished. So, the bouncy blowout or clean straight with a little bend at the end is very in.

What’s a hair trend you never want to see again?

KK: Even though I think everything comes back in style at some point, if I had to pick one trend to never see again I would have to say it would be beach waves. I just want to specify beach waves are different than a soft loose wave. I feel like beach waves have been in for the last 10 years and it’s finally starting to fade out into these more effortless polished styles.

What’s your favorite style to give Lauryn?

KK: My favorite style to do on Lauryn is definitely her classic and effortless straight style with a little bounce at the end of her hair. We really don’t get crazy. We just do a very simple blowout and add some of my Kevin Kelly Luxe extensions. Then I take a 2 inch curling iron and just bend the ends and set with a roller.

One of my other favorite styles to do on her when her hair was a little bit shorter was lob/bob. Again keeping the ends very bent in and youthful. All the styles we have done together are timeless. You can see them here and here.

{Fun Fact: the extensions Kevin used in this picture of Lauryn above is what made her want to go brunette.}

If someone was stranded on a deserted island, what are the top 3 hair care products you recommend they have?

KK: Definitely a shampoo, the Wella 90 Second Repair which is one of my favorite products right now and a Wet Brush or Tangle Teaser brush, and/or hair ties.

Lauryn loves your extensions, what makes Luxe different from other extensions on the market?

KK: One of the big differences that makes my extensions different than others on the market is that our Luxe clip ins are a nine piece set compared to the usual seven piece set that you would get with other brands. When I was creating this line I really took into consideration all the times I was working on set or even working with personal clients that had really thick hair or really short hair that needed to be blended and I was buying two boxes of extensions to make something blend. So with that in the back of my mind I wanted to be able to produce something that would give everyone a very cohesive and polished finish.

If someone is new to extensions how do they find the right color match when ordering online?

KK: Color matching online can of course be tricky. I usually tell people to look at the end of their hair and that should be the color that you’re matching, not the root. When I put my website together, we put photos for almost every color in natural lighting so you can get a better idea of colors. You can see if it’s a warm color or an ashy color. If anyone is ever having trouble color matching I usually have them send us an email or an Instagram DM.

Can you walk us through how someone can put their own extensions in at home?

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend that helped you build your business? 

KK: I’m not really a huge reader, but I read The Secret as a teenager and learned about manifestation. That’s what inspired me: anything is possible. There are definitely some business Instagram people that I love to follow such as Nick Mirabella

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

KK: You can find me on Instagram and my extensions brand @kevinkellyluxe


Kevin really is a master of his craft and thanks to his how-to buying hair extensions online and putting them in ourselves doesn’t seem so daunting. For more on all things hair check out this post on how to go from blonde to brunette and all of Lauryn’s favorite hair products.

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