What To Wear for Easter for Any Guy’s Personal Styles

Easter’s color palette can be difficult for men to navigate. So, we’re here to help. Here’s some actionable guidance on what to wear on Easter.

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What do you think of when you think of Easter colors? You’re probably thinking about a lot of the same colors little girls wear, right? Or perhaps maybe the palette you might associate with a villain in a John Hughes movie.

You know, the kind that wears their sweaters over their shoulders (nothing wrong with that, by the way).

Either way, figuring out what to wear for Easter can be tough for men — even the most open-minded! This bright, cheerful palette isn’t always the most conventional looking. At least, not when it comes to classic menswear.

No worries. I’m quite familiar with this style palette. There are many ways to incorporate it into your outfit to create an excellent Easter look.

What To Wear on Easter

Easter, and spring in general, are usually associated with pastel colors. It’s often a good time to wear a floral shirt, too. If that scares you a bit, don’t worry. There are many ways to go about it.

Even more, we have a guide on how to wear pastels for men here

Remember, pastels are just lighter versions of bright colors. You don’t always have to go for pink or lavender. A muted slate blue or a mint green brings enough cheer without going overboard.

Putting Together a Casual Outfit on Easter

Even if you do a low-key, super casual Easter, keep in mind it’s not just any other day. 

So all you do is have hot-crossed buns with your friends or family? That’s still a celebration. It’s fun to at least hat-tip the occasion.

Something as simple as a sky blue t-shirt with white jeans feels a little more special than the average t-shirt-and-jeans combo.

How to Wear Stripes for Men Featured ImageHow to Wear Stripes for Men Featured Image

Moreover, you can always level up a relaxed outfit with layers and outerwear. Even the most casual piece of outerwear adds a suit-like architecture without the stuffiness. 

Try a utility shirt or a khaki military-style jacket. Then, pair it with a pastel henley underneath and some rust-colored chinos.

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The Easter colors don’t have to be front and center. You can use elements of your personal style to temper them. Or, you can use them as accents, which is essentially what happens to your shirt color when you put a structured piece of outerwear over it.

Patterns and prints also add visual architecture. I think Easter is a great time to try a floral button-up. However, if that’s too loud for you, a simple Breton stripe will do. You can also go for a mostly neutral pattern, say a plaid, with bright accents. 

That’s a bit of a cheat, but if you prefer understatedness in general, it’s a way to incorporate color, texture, and structure in a neutral way.

And, of course, a bright or pastel polo with white jeans and loafers is always appropriate if you’re overseeing a casual Easter egg hunt for your children and their friends.

Smart Casual Easters: The Most Common for Those Who Celebrate

Most of us Easter celebrators will likely go for a smart casual approach. And this is whether you’re hosting a brunch or attending a church service.

Let’s talk about suit color. Even if you aren’t wearing a full suit, you’ll likely be utilizing suit separates. Go for a light spring suit — or, again, light spring suit separates.

Go for colors like light gray off-white shades like beige, or blue (even powder blue if you’re so bold). If you prefer a darker color, maroon or olive are more celebratory than navy or black but are still perfectly professional.

Stark white linen might be too summery. Even more, transitioning from winter to spring isn’t always that straightforward. You may still have some cold days in April, depending on where you live.

You can even wear suits with a subtle pattern, like Glen check. And if there are subtle colors in the weave, even better. It’s a way to incorporate yellows, pinks, and blues that are acceptably understated.

Again, layers are your friend. Easter isn’t a somber time, nor is spring in general. If you’re not comfortable using bright colors or pastels to bring levity to a formal suit, try textures.

A knit tie, light blue cable-knit vest under your suit jacket, or a cashmere sweater in spring-appropriate tones are excellent choices.

My go-to outfit for spring service is my gray suit jacket, which has blue accents throughout its pattern, paired with a blue club tie and a blue cable-knit sweater vest. All of the blues bring each other out, while the gray tones and structure add a sense of formality.

And if, at the end of the day, you just can’t get yourself to wear any bright, Easter-like colors, go for adjacent ones. Purple might be too much, but what about maroon? Stark white may feel too statement, but beige or ecru are classically handsome. Don’t love yellow? Try mustard.

Consider something as simple as a blue or white button-down with a maroon merino or cashmere pullover, white or beige chinos, and loafers. Sure, it’s a bit autumn-adjacent, but there’s enough celebratory brightness there.

Formal Easters

Again, stick to the spring-appropriate colors. I’m 90% sure that most “formal” Easters are more cocktail or business formal rather than an actual black tie situation.

If you do end up having to go in a tuxedo, you can always add a spring vibe with a boutonniere or even a flower-themed lapel pin. 

Beyond that, Easter is an appropriate time to go for a dress shirt in a color other than white or blue. Light pink and light yellow dress shirts can really make a blue suit pop. Lavender is also an excellent option that wouldn’t always be appropriate at a board meeting but would fit right in during an Easter luncheon.

You can always temper that brightness with a solid, neutral tie.

And if you aren’t afraid to do so, Easter (usually) is one of the few times you can go full bright. A pink shirt with a beige suit and a floral tie? Be so bold.

When in Doubt: Have Fun With Accessories

This is something I’ve mentioned throughout the different dress codes. However, if all else fails, accessories are your friend.

Even a gray suit and tie can be given a subtle Easter remix when you wear an enamel tulip lapel pin. Or, go for the aforementioned boutonniere of seasonal flowers.

You might not be big on the idea of a floral shirt, but what about a floral tie? And even if you aren’t a big pastel person, a pastel tie would hardly make a loud statement. A pocket square would be even more subtle.

Smart 5 David wearing a floral tieSmart 5 David wearing a floral tie

Other options include putting your watch on a fun-colored leather strap, picking socks in an Easter pattern or color, or going for an ascot instead of a regular tie. 

Conclusion: Celebrate Easter Your Way

The big takeaway I want to convey is that dressing up for Easter doesn’t have to be a huge lift.

Something as simple as accents, accessories, and added structure can do the trick.

And truly, anyone, regardless of your personal style, can get in on it!

Do you usually dress up for Easter? If not, would you consider doing so after this article? Let us know in the comments!

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