17 Stunning Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Nail Ideas

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Show off your inner sweetness with these vanilla girl nail ideas!Show off your inner sweetness with these vanilla girl nail ideas!

The vanilla girl aesthetic has been trending recently, so you may be curious about how you can get this super cute look!

One of the ways that you can achieve this aesthetic is through your nails! There are some adorable nail shapes, colors, and designs that you can do that will help you get the vanilla girl look.

In order to achieve this kind of look, you will want to go for softer nail shapes, shorter-length nails, and subtle colors and designs.

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So, if you are trying to bring vanilla girl vibes to your life and want to know what kind of nail looks you can wear to help you achieve this aesthetic, read on for tons of tips and ideas.

Elements of Vanilla Girl Nails

Soft Shapes

If you want vanilla girl nails, you should start by opting for softer shapes.

Softer shapes means nail shapes like round, almond, or rounded square nails that have an elegant look. No sharp edges or points!

Shorter Lengths

Short nails rule for the vanilla girl look. So, this aesthetic is perfect for those of us who like to show off our natural nails — meaning it’s great if you’re on a budget!

Subtle Shades

Next, let’s talk colors. Again, soft and subtle are the keys here.

For the vanilla girl aesthetic, you will want to use subtle shades like neutral tones, light pinks, or — you saw this coming — white or cream nail polish.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your looks. You can also totally use chrome or sparkly nail polish to make your nails stand out, so long as you stick within the color theme.

Themed Designs

Also, you may be interested in doing a nail design to spice up your nails rather than just using basic cream, white, or pink shades.

You can still do nail art for your vanilla girl aesthetic nails; the key is to use subtle nail polish shades and classy, simple designs.

For example, a micro French-tip mani with light pink nail polish (above) is a perfect vanilla girl look. To add some design to your nails, you can add a cute mini bow in light pink, as seen in the photo.

Vanilla Girl Nail Ideas to Try

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of vanilla girl nails, here are some specific ideas to get your inspiration going.

1. Sparkly Tips

For those of us who like some sparkle on our nails, the good news is you can do glitter nails and still get a vanilla girl vibe.

I recommend using a nude, light pink, or clear base coat and adding a light coat of glittery nail polish to the tips of your nails.

This will give you a subtle yet sparkly look that will be perfect for the vanilla girl aesthetic.

2. Pearl Chrome

Chrome nails are also perfect for the vanilla girl aesthetic. For example, pearl chrome nails like these will give you a soft vanilla girl nail look!

What you will love about this nail look is that it is super easy to do at home. Just check out this video tutorial to see how you can get these pearl chrome nails yourself.

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3. Glazed French Nails

You have probably heard of the “glazed donut nails” that became popular because of Hailey Bieber. However, you may not have seen glazed French nails.

This is the perfect nail look for those of us who love the look of glazed donut nails but want to add a bit more to it.

To achieve this look, you just need to create a classic French tip and add a thin layer of chrome nail polish on top. The video above will show you how it’s done.

4. Vanilla Tips

If you love the look of French tip nails but want to try something different, you will love vanilla French tips.

To achieve this look, use a neutral cream or beige color for the tips of your nails instead of the usual white French tips.

This will add something different to your nails and will fit perfectly with the vanilla girl aesthetic!

5. Dotted Pearl Nails

You might also be interested in adding some accessories to your nails. If so, I recommend adding pearls!

Pearl nails, like these pearl French-tip nails, will give you an elegant and fun nail look and help you achieve the vanilla girl aesthetic.

For this look, you need only do your usual French tip nail look and add a couple of pearls to each nail. So simple and so pretty!

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6. Strawberry Nails

If you really want to get creative with the nail designs that you do, you could opt for a cute strawberry nail design!

Strawberry nails like these adorable light pink strawberry nails also perfectly fit in with the vanilla girl aesthetic. You can make this look stand out even more with some 3D bows and pearls.

If you are interested in achieving this kind of design at home, you can purchase these super cute press-on nails on Etsy.

7. Abstract Nails

You can also totally do a more abstract nail design that still fits the vanilla girl vibe.

For example, a swirl nail look like this one is perfect because it uses neutral shades, white nail polish, and some light gold glitter to create a stunning yet subtle effect.

8. Vanilla Chrome

For a simple but gorgeous vanilla girl nail look, I also love these vanilla chrome nails!

As opposed to the chrome nails we discussed earlier, which are usually bright white or nude with a coating of chrome powder on top, these vanilla chrome nails have a golden metallic effect that’s a little more interesting than your standard chrome.

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9. Pearl French Nails

Adding pearls to your nail looks is a great way to get a subtle vanilla girl design! So, if you love the look of pearl-decorated nails, you might also want to try this fun pearl outline nail design.

If you want this exact look, you can purchase these super cute press-ons via Etsy.

10. Multi-Colored Design

You can also add some color to your nails, but you will just want to make sure it is subtle to match the vanilla girl aesthetic.

For example, this super cute multi-colored nail look with 3D flowers will give you the soft and dreamy vibes of the vanilla girl aesthetic.

If you are obsessed with this nail design and want to get it at home, you can just purchase these press-on nails from Etsy.

11. Twinkle Star Nails

If you want to add some accessories to your nails but want something other than pearls, rhinestones are a great option to fit the vanilla girl aesthetic.

You can add rhinestones to your nails to give them sparkle while also making a super cute design, like this twinkling star nail design.

And, to make your life easier, you can purchase these exact press-on nails to get the look!

12. Cherry Nails

Fruit nail designs like cherries will also help you to get the vanilla girl aesthetic!

A subtle cherry nail design like this one is a super cute and fun look to help you get the vanilla girl vibe. You could also use a lighter shade of pink if you really wanted to lean into vanilla girl.

To achieve this look, add some mini cherries to your standard french nails using a dotting tool. You can also enhance the look, as seen above, by outlining your French tips with pink nail polish.

13. Pastel 3D Nails

If you want a nail look that will really stand out while still giving off vanilla girl vibes, these girly 3D floral nails are perfect!

While 3D nails are certainly bold, these pretty press-ons from Etsy are still very vanilla girl thanks to their muted pink and cream tones and focus on subtle floral and bow designs.

If you have a girly sense of style, run, don’t walk, to snag these press-ons.

14. Micro French Tips

If you love the look of French tips, another one of the best ways to get the vanilla girl aesthetic is by doing micro French tip nails!

What you will love about this kind of look is that it can be done on basically any nail shape or nail length.

Just check out this video to see how you can get micro French tips at home.

15. Vanilla Latte Nails

You may have heard of vanilla latte nails and you may be wondering how to actually get this type of nail look!

And, although it sounds complex and special, it is actually super simple. You only need to pick out your favorite shade of creamy beige or light brown nail polish to paint your nails.

OPI’s “Coconuts Over OPI” ($11.99 on Amazon) is a popular color to use for vanilla latte nails.

16. Subtle Floral Designs

You can also do subtle floral designs if you want unique nails that still fit with vanilla girl.

For example, this adorable design with mini daisies will give you a subtle and simple nail look that you can totally do at home!

To DIY this, you can use a dotting tool with white polish, or simply grab some inexpensive daisy nail stickers to apply on top of light pink polish.

17. Pink Pearl Nails

Finally, we have a look that combines many of the above designs into one: a pink pearl chrome nail look.

Once again, this design is easy to achieve with your favorite shade of pale pink polish and some chrome nail powder. You can also freehand the bow design or use a bow nail sticker on top.

Which vanilla nail look from this list is your favorite?

What kind of vanilla nail girl designs will you be trying? Have you tried vanilla girl nail looks before?

Tell us in the comments section down below!

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