How to Get the “Mob Wife” Aesthetic We’re Seeing Everywhere

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The Mob Wife aesthetic has been trending everywhere recently!

If you’ve heard about this trend in our Spring fashion guide or are just interested in learning more, today we’re breaking it down and showing you what the look is all about.

‘Mob Wife’ style (as in the aesthetic, not the criminal lifestyle) is inspired by the women in TV Shows like The Sopranos and movies like Casino. Think one part glam, one part edgy, with some campiness thrown in for good measure.

Mob Wives do not really do “casual” with their outfits. Even their everyday ‘fits are glam and put-together and almost always involve some type of high heel.

Other hallmarks of the look include dark color palettes, animal prints, faux fur, and chunky jewelry.

Want to get the vibe for yourself? Read on for our full guide to the Mob Wife Aesthetic.

Elements of the Mob Wife Aesthetic

Dark Colors

If you love muted, dark colors like black, brown, and burgundy, you will love the Mob Wife color palette. Most Mob Wife looks center around these shades, with white and cream thrown in occasionally.

These colors add to the sultry, wealthy aesthetic, so if you want this look, center your wardrobe around them.

Animal Prints

The Mob Wife aesthetic leans heavily into animal prints, specifically leopard and cheetah. Think old-school Versace and Dolce and Gabbana for examples of the vibe.

And, if you love the dark feel of the Mob Wife aesthetic but you want to stand out even more, then less-common animal prints like snakeskin, zebra, or even tiger can be great choices for accent pieces.

(Faux) Fur Coats

If you live in a cold area, you will definitely love this element of the Mob Wife aesthetic!

Fur coats are associated with ostentatious luxury, so naturally, they’re staples of the Mob Wife look. While we don’t advocate for real fur, there are tons of amazing faux-fur coats on the market that aren’t pricey at all.

And if you don’t want to invest in a full faux-fur coat, faux-fur accents on clothing can also give you the Mob Wife look with less commitment.

Mob Wife Aesthetic Clothing

Ready to try the aesthetic? Here are some affordable clothing options to get your Mob Wife wardrobe started.

All-Black Suit

If you really want a bold look, I recommend going for an all-black suit outfit like this one!

In contrast to the classic black suits we associate with the office, this suit has attention-grabbing details like a cropped satin vest top, wide-leg trousers, and an oversized jacket.

What is perfect about this specific outfit is that you can get all of the pieces needed to create the look, meaning everything will match. Plus, the set is super affordable, considering you’re getting three separate pieces.

I recommend pairing this look with strappy black heels to really get the sexy Mob Wife vibe.

Tiger Print Skirt & Top Set

Tiger print two piece set from Miquella's ClosetTiger print two piece set from Miquella's Closet

If you love the look of bold prints or you just want to add something fun to your wardrobe for nights out, consider an animal print outfit like this super cute tiger print two-piece set!

With this set, you will have an adorable two-piece long-sleeve crop top and matching tiger-print skirt that you can wear for fun occasions. Note: These pieces are sheer, so you’ll have to layer accordingly.

Just pair this look with some heels and a mini purse, and you will have the perfect Mob Wife outfit for a night out.

Burgundy Leather Top & Pants Set

As mentioned in the color palette section above, burgundy is another shade we often see in the Mob Wife aesthetic.

So, if you want a darker outfit but want something other than black or brown, this burgundy high-neck top and pants set is a perfect choice.

Faux leather is another fabric that features heavily in Mob Wife outfits, so this set is extra perfect. Plus, you’re getting two pieces that you can mix and match with your other outfits.

Long Jacket with Faux Fur Trim

Long jacket from Princess PollyLong jacket from Princess Polly

If you love adding jackets to your outfits, I recommend checking out this adorable long jacket with fur trim.

Not only does the jacket add to the overall vibe of the Mob Wife aesthetic with its dramatic shape and brown tone, but the fur trim on the jacket will add to the vibe as well.

So, if you have been looking for the perfect jacket to wear with everyday looks, look no further. Pair it with a cute all-black outfit and high-knee boots to let the coat shine.

Pinstripe Top & Pants Set

Pinstripe outfit from Thats So FetchPinstripe outfit from Thats So Fetch

Pinstripe suits scream stereotypical mafia wear, so a pinstripe set is a great way to add to the Mob Wife aesthetic vibe in your wardrobe.

This cute outfit features low-rise pinstripe trousers and a matching strapless pinstripe vest that’s open at the bottom for a hint of skin. Again, these pieces could be worn separately, too.

You can make this outfit look even more fancy with some fun accessories and cute shoes, like the sunglasses and strappy heels seen above.

Lace Bodysuit

Lace bodysuit from Princess PollyLace bodysuit from Princess Polly

If you are looking for a girly but also mob-wife-style outfit, I recommend this one!

For this look, you will be pairing this cute lace bodysuit with a black mini-skirt and black heels.

A lace bodysuit like this one is a great addition to a Mob Wife wardrobe since it gives off a ’90s and 2000s vibe. Just be sure to pair the bodysuit with dark pieces to give it a Mob Wife feel — no pastels here!

Also, be sure to add a few fun accessories to this look, like these chunky hoop earrings and this black choker.

Leopard Print Dress

Leopard print dress from Princess PollyLeopard print dress from Princess Polly

You can also get the Mob Wife aesthetic in one piece with an animal print dress like this one. This dress comes in a bold leopard print that will totally turn heads.

To complete your look, pair this cute long-sleeve mini dress with black heels and accessories like this black mini bag and gold chunky earrings.

Off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder top from ReformationOff the shoulder top from Reformation

Another Mob Wife aesthetic piece you’ll love is an off-shoulder top like this gorgeous one from Reformation.

Off-the-shoulder tops are trending this season, and they add drama to any outfit, which fits very well with the Mob Wife look.

To style an off-the-shoulder top like this one, look to the outfit above for inspo. A simple black maxi skirt and heels will help you achieve the Mob Wife aesthetic.

Brown Ruffle Sweater

Ruffle sweaters are also great items to add to your Mob Wife wardrobe. For example, this adorable brown one brings in some of the campiness of Mob Wife while also including the aesthetic’s trademark dark brown shade.

I recommend pairing a sweater like this with your favorite pair of jeans and strappy heels, as shown above.

What you will love about this outfit is you can totally wear it as an everyday look with high heel boots or for fancier occasions with strappy heels.

Fur Trim Dress

We talked about how fur accents are trademark Mob Wife, so a fur trim dress like this one makes another great addition to your wardrobe.

As mentioned earlier, pops of ivory and white can be included in a Mob Wife wardrobe since they work well with the dark neutral tones and animal prints we see in this aesthetic.

Pair this dress with some cute kitten heels and fun earrings for an adorable look that will totally give off the Mob Wife aesthetic vibe!

Mob Wife Aesthetic Accessories

Now that you have your wardrobe set, here are some extras to complete any Mob Wife outfit.

Chunky Jewelry

Hoop earrings from Princess PollyHoop earrings from Princess Polly

Jewelry is another important part of the Mob Wife aesthetic, so don’t skip it. It really ups the drama and glam factor of any Mob Wife outfit.

Specifically, when shopping for this aesthetic, we want to lean heavily into chunky gold jewelry that’s anything but subtle.

For instance, these gold chunky hoops would be perfect to add to any mob wife aesthetic outfit to complete your look.

Fur Hat

Another fun accessory that you can style with your new Mob Wife outfits to help you achieve the vibe is a fur hat.

A faux fur hat like this one will totally give you more of the vibe of the Mob Wife aesthetic and will be something super cute you can add to your outfits in winter.

As a bonus, these hats can be found for super cheap prices, so they’re fun little pieces to experiment with.

Dark Oval Sunglasses

Sunglasses from Princess PollySunglasses from Princess Polly

Finally, if you want to give off the mysterious, bad-girl vibe of the Mob Wife aesthetic, you should add dark sunglasses to your fashion rotation.

Dark sunglasses like these black oval shades will look great with any outfit and will add to the vibe of your looks.

Once again, you can get these cheaply, so they’re another fun piece to experiment with.

Which clothing items will you be wearing to achieve the Mob Wife aesthetic?

Now that we’ve talked about Mob Wife, we want to hear from you!

What are your favorite mob wife aesthetic outfits above? Which accessories will you be wearing with your mob wife aesthetic outfits? Do you like this look, or will you be skipping this trend?

Tell us in the comments down below!

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