3 Great Men’s Spring Break Outfits to Spark Your Creativity

Spring is a hard time to get your personal fashion right. I put together the best men’s spring break outfits for this warmer season.

Ah, sweet spring break. Spring is when the cold, dreary weather starts to disappear, and the sun starts shining a bit brighter. (Not to mention that those dreams of the beach and endless parties become a bit more realistic.)

But dressing for this season is a little tricky — Will it be hot? Do you need a rain jacket in case of some uncertain weather conditions? What look should you be going for?

In this guide, I’ll explain a few things to be mindful of, give a few style tips, and recommend a few of my favorite pieces that will help you ring in the new season.

Here’s what you should be wearing on your trips this spring.

How To Choose the Right Men’s Spring Break Outfits

When picking out men’s spring break clothes and footwear, you’ll want to consider a few different aspects:

  1. Colors: This is an optimistic time of year, so dress like it! Opt for warmer, brighter colors like pinks, greens, light blues, and tans. Shy away from dark colors like navy blue and black, although you can still incorporate them here and there.
  2. Temperature: Chances are you’ll be in a warm-to-hot place for spring break. Short sleeves and shorts are the best choice a lot of the time.
  3. Weather patterns: Spring can also be a bit unpredictable. Be prepared with protective apparel.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s look at some specific spring break outfits for guys and products that pair well with them.

3 Men’s Spring Break Outfit Ideas

Here are a few traditional outfits that can be mixed and matched to get your creative juices flowing.

The Winter-To-Spring Transition

Coming out of winter, the temperature outside may still be a bit chilly here and there. There’s no reason to be freezing. It’s a good idea to sport at least one long-sleeve shirt or pair of pants to cover up your skin, but you don’t need a down jacket or parka.

Photo by furkanfdemir /

Light, patterned apparel that has both utility and style works great. I personally like wearing long-sleeve shirts made of 100% cotton because I know I won’t overheat, but I’ll still be protected against light gusts.

This button-down from Relwen is a solid choice for dates or cocktail hours.

I also recommend chinos or a classic pair of jeans like Levi’s 501s, though khaki shorts could still do the job as long as it’s not too cold. But make sure to leave your gym shorts at home.

Complete the look with a pair of casual leather sneakers like Greats or Common Projects — they’ll be comfortable and complimentary to your outfit.

It’s important not to go all in on shorts and T-shirts too soon. Remember, it could still be a little cool outside this time of year.

The Casual City Walker

If you’re looking for versatility, a nice t-shirt-and-jacket combo is a great option — you’ll have protection from the elements while still having the option to air it out with just a tee.

Photo by Ali Kazal /

I love Public Rec’s Go-To Crew. It has a slim fit, basic cut, and added performance fabrics, it pairs well with just about anything, and it’s available in rich, unique colors.

A good bomber jacket gives some bad-boy flair, and this one from Everlane is made from a cotton-polyester blend that’s water-resistant and has unique hand pockets and a zip shoulder pocket.

Source: Everlane

Pair them with some pants of your choosing and a pair of good leather boots — you’ll be ready for any adventure.

The Tropical Gentleman

This getup will keep you cool once the heat hits.

Photo by Bolarinwa Olasunkanmi /

After the dreary rain and the last remnants of winter have passed, you want to make sure you’re ready. Now is the time to whip out the pieces fit for paradise.

Button-down short sleeves are my favorite top for warm weather. They’re not too “professional” or dressy, but they still make you look like the sharp gentleman you are. No need to look sloppy.

Chubbies, the brand most known for its shorts, has a collared button-down I’m in love with. It comes in almost 15 different patterns that are all reminiscent of a lively beach party.

It’s made of a cotton-spandex blend — the perfect mix of lightweight and stretch. The great thing about collared shirts is that they go well with pants or shorts. And there are endless brands and options.

Since you’re doing a little more than a basic t-shirt, you might as well complete the look with some nice loafers. Amberjack makes dress shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Their loafer balances both incredibly well.

As you’ll likely be rocking pieces that are more casual, it’s nice to wear leather footwear or at least, shoes more formal than running shoes.

Good to Know: Shorts vs. Pants

Since spring is a more transitional time than winter or summer, when you know the weather will remain pretty consistent throughout the months, the question of wearing shorts or pants is always something that will come up.

My recommendation is two-fold.

First, take into account what the temperature is like. If it’s definitively warmer, then shorts are a great option because you don’t want to be sweaty. And if it’s chilly, then pants will give you some insulation.

Second, think about the setting. If you’re going out to a party or other social event, then it may call for pants, as it will likely be a tad more formal. But if you’re just hanging out with your friends or going to a pool party, shorts are typically a solid choice.

Ultimately, the question of whether you should wear shorts or pants will primarily be dependent on your outfit as a whole. You want it to balance your other apparel out, be comfortable, and match the weather that day.

Men’s Spring Break Outfit FAQs

Here are some common questions you might have about spring break outfits.

What Are the Colors for Spring Men’s Fashion?

In the spring, it’s best for men to wear lighter colors like white, tan, beige, pink, and green. It’s generally a lighter, sunnier time of year, so it’s best to mirror the weather with your outfit. 

Historically, general etiquette has been that after Labor Day in the fall until Memorial Day in the spring, you shouldn’t wear white. This isn’t as strictly followed anymore and can be safely ignored. 

What Does Spring Mean Fashion?

Spring is all about switching your outfit up for the change in seasons. Lighter fabrics, warmer colors, and shorter cuts are all things that make apparel better suited for the spring. Spring is also when fashion brands will launch new collections designed specifically for the warmer months.

What Clothes Do You Wear in Spring and Summer?

The clothes you wear in spring and summer are different from the fall and winter seasons because they’re lighter, shorter, and have brighter colors.

Opt for shorts, t-shirts, and short-sleeve button-downs during these months. It’s also a good idea to incorporate fun prints and patterns into your outfits, especially if you’ll be in more tropical areas.

Conclusion: Dress for the Moderate Warmth

Spring can be a hard time to get right for your personal style. Some days it may be cold, some days it could be hot.

It’s best to play it by ear each day and wear clothes that are versatile. I love blending t-shirts, chinos, and jackets because I can switch up my wardrobe throughout the day without having to actually change out any clothes.

Use the suggestions in this piece as a baseline to play with your favorite brands and styles. Remember, it comes down to your personal preferences, but these tips should give you some ideas on what works best for spring.

Did you like these outfits? Are there any tips or tricks for the springtime that you would add? Let me know in the comments below.

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