9 of the Best Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

These productivity-enhancing accessories are perfect for any at-home workspace.

As of 2023, 40.9 percent of full-time employees were still working from home in some capacity. (For part-timers and freelancers, that number is even higher.)

Of course, because of COVID-19, there was an explosion in home office setups. But that also created a lot of confusion.

Now, there are countless articles about the best office accessories, but it’s become harder to tell which ones to trust. After all, many of these articles are just hawking specific products.

That’s where this article comes in. This is a handpicked list of what I truly believe to be must-have desk accessories for any home office setup.

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Logitech – Brio 4K Webcam

Compact camera with 5x HD zoom, dual omni-directional mics, three FOV presets. Compatible with USB-A/C for versatile connectivity.

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What Makes Good Desk Accessories?

I selected only accessories for office desk setups that either I or someone else at The Modest Man had tested.

I personally use six of these items and own variants of two items. And the last item is one we’ve reviewed on The Modest Man.

These accessories have helped dramatically increase my productivity over the years. Also, I’m not sponsored or financially tied to these companies in any way. (However, if you do purchase through the affiliate links, we’ll get a small commission.)

The Best Desk Accessories for Home Office Setups

You won’t find any boring old office supplies on this list. These are productivity-boosting home office accessories you’ll wish you bought sooner.

Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

If you use a standing or sit-stand desk, you need the Topo Comfort Mat. Simply put, it’s one of the best working desk accessories you can invest in.

Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

The mat’s ergonomic, anti-fatigue design encourages movement, and its firm yet soft feel makes standing much more comfortable. It’s especially beneficial if you’re working on hardwood floors.

Keychron V1 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

I toyed with the idea of investing in a mechanical keyboard on and off for years. Initially, I was intimidated by the sheer amount of options and the seemingly steep learning curve.

I’m also a Mac user, and it’s tricky to find Apple-friendly mechanical keyboards that work well and fit the aesthetic.

Keychron V1 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

When I discovered the Keychron V1 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard, I pretty much ordered it right away. I’m pleased to say that it’s exceeded my expectations. It immediately became my daily driver (and it’s what I’m using to write this article).

I ordered the fully assembled knob version in the Shell White color, though barebone options are available if that’s your thing.

For switches, I went with the Keychron K Pro Brown, and I’m really satisfied with the feel and response. These tactile switches have a good amount of travel, but they also feel light and bouncy.

Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Desktop Speakers

For a while, I used my external monitor’s onboard speakers to stream background music. Of course, the audio quality wasn’t great, and there was also a lot of bleed.

A little bit of researching for cheap speaker options led me to the Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Desktop Speakers. In short, these speakers sound way better than they should considering how small and affordable they are.

Creative Pebble V3 Speakers

The USB-C connectivity makes these speakers a breeze to set up and use. They also have Bluetooth 5.0, which is great if you want to incorporate them into an existing media setup.

Orbitkey Desk Mat

Most desk mats are nice to have, but they’re not incredibly functional. The Orbitkey Desk Mat is a notable exception that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

OrbitKey Desk MatOrbitKey Desk Mat
OrbitKey Desk Mat

This low-profile mat is more than just a home for your keyboard and mouse/trackpad. It features a document hideaway, toolbar, and magnetic cable holder for additional desk organization. It’s made from premium vegan leather that looks great (and is surprisingly close to the real thing).

It’s available in two sizes (medium and large) and two colors (black and stone). Between this, you should easily be able to find a configuration that works with your setup.

Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand

There’s a good reason Grovemade shows up on every list of the best desk accessories. The Portland-based brand makes some of the most premium desk goods on the market.

Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand

Understandably, Grovemade’s stuff is expensive, and not all of its products are necessary for everyone.

However, if you use an external monitor, then you should strongly consider picking up the Wood Monitor Stand. Sure, it looks great, but it also performs the important job of bringing your monitor up to eye level.

This elegant stand can support up to 200 pounds — and no, I didn’t accidentally type an extra zero. E

ach stand is made in the USA from either American black walnut or 7-ply eastern hardrock maple plywood. It even has cork feet, so it won’t scratch your desk.

Twelve South BookArc Flex

Here’s a must-have desk accessory specifically for MacBook users: the BookArc Flex from Twelve South. 

Twelve South BookArc Flex

The BookArc allows you to save tons of desk space when using your MacBook in clamshell mode. It’s an extremely simple device that’s secure and easy to move around.

It’s worth mentioning that the brand also makes plenty of other great accessories for home office setups. (Just note that most of them are for Apple devices.)

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

If you’re still using your laptop’s built-in webcam for Zoom calls, it is high time you upgraded.

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

Right now, the best all-around option is the Brio 4K Webcam from Logitech. This small but mighty camera features 5x HD zoom, dual omni-directional microphones, and three field-of-view presets. It can connect via USB-A or USB-C, so it’ll work perfectly with most setups.

Ember Mug 2

If you sip your coffee instead of chugging it like a madman, then the Ember Mug 2 is absolutely worth buying.

Ember Mug 2

This is another home office accessory that gets tons of praise, and in this case, it’s completely warranted. The ability to never have cold coffee again is amazing. I’ve used Ember mugs for years, and I can’t go back to normal mugs.

Yamazaki Headphone Stand

The Headphone Stand from Japanese home goods brand Yamazaki is a necessity for anyone who uses over-the-ear headphones. Available in white or black, the Headphone Stand provides a minimal resting spot for your cans.

Yamazaki Headphone Stand

While there are fancier stands out there — Grovemade makes an especially premium option — this one does the job very well.

Bonus: Unique Desk Accessories for Home Office Setups

Here are a few extra unique accessories to consider if you want to add a bit of flair to your desk.


The mesmerizing SwitchPen magically transforms when you flip its switch.


It’s an extremely satisfying change that you have to experience yourself.

Rapa Nui Eyeglasses Holder

The Rapa Nui Eyeglasses Holder is a very fun way to store your specs.

Rapa Nui Eyeglasses Holder

It’s modeled after the famous Easter Island statues, and each holder is handmade in India.

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