Zuckerberg’s Vision Pro review, and robotaxis crashing twice into same truck.

Sometimes, timing ruins things. Take this week, instead of detailing the disgust I feel towards this ‘meaty’ rice, this week’s Morning After sets its sights on Mark Zuckerberg, the multimillionaire who’s decided to review technology now. Does he know that’s my gig?

The Meta boss unfavorably compared Apple’s new Vision Pro to his company’s Meta Quest 3 headset, which is a delightfully hollow and petty reason to ‘review’ something. But hey, I had to watch it. And now maybe, you’ll watch me?

We also look closer at Waymo’s disastrous December, where two of its robotaxis collided with a truck. The … same truck.

This week:

🥽🥽: Zuckerberg thinks the Quest 3 is a ‘better product’ than the Vision Pro

🤖🚙💥💥: Waymo robotaxis crash into the same pickup truck, twice

🚭🛫🚫: United Airlines grounds new Airbus fleet over no smoking sign law

Read this:

GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy group, has published its first annual report on the video game industry. It found that nearly 20 percent of all players in the United States identify as LGBTQ, yet just 2 percent of games contain characters and storylines relevant to this community. And half of those might be Baldur’s Gate 3 alone. (I half-joke.) The report notes that not only does representation matter to many LGBTQ players, but also that new generations of gamers are only becoming increasingly more open to queer content regardless of their sexual orientation. We break down the full report here.

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