12 Types of Old Money Pants You Should Add to Your Wardrobe

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Pants from Princess PollyPants from Princess Polly
Princess Polly

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking all things old money style and how to get that quiet luxury look for yourself.

Today, we’re continuing that series!

When you’re trying to dress old money, it’s important to invest in classic silhouettes, neutral colors, and quality materials. This goes for your shoes as well as your pants.

Today, we’ll be listing the pants you need for your old money wardrobe. From oversized trousers to chic capris, we’ll explain the styles that scream old money the most.

Read on to learn the old money pants styles you should be shopping for, plus tips for styling old money pants!

Old Money Style Pants for Women

Classic Silhouettes

As mentioned earlier, the key to nailing old money style is to first focus on classic silhouettes.

For example, the hourglass shape is classic and will always be in style for your outfits.

To achieve this, start with a pair of trousers that fit you at your natural waist. Then, add a bustier like this one for a trendy take on classic, quiet luxury style.

Neutral Colors

Another important thing to note when shopping for old-money clothing is colors! In general, old money-style clothing revolves around neutral colors.

So, in the context of old money pants, you should be focusing on finding tan, white, grey, black, brown, and navy pieces.

Neutral pants will go with everything in your wardrobe and will remain in style for decades to come.

Quality Fabric

Also, fabric is really important when it comes to achieving old money style.

For example, a very common old money fabric is tweed. Often associated with the brand Chanel, tweed is luxurious and synonymous with quality.

In addition, natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk are also hallmarks of old money style. Look for pants in these fabrics to nail the look.

Old Money Pants We Love

Tailored Pants

Tailored pants from Abercrombie & FitchTailored pants from Abercrombie & Fitch

No old money wardrobe would be complete without a pair of classic tailored trousers.

Tailored pants are just what you need to add to your looks to make you have more of an old money style.

My favorite thing about tailored pants is you can wear them for basically any occasion, depending on how you style them!

For example, you can wear them with some cute sneakers and a blouse for an everyday look, or you could even pair them with a blazer and heels for an outfit that is fancier.

Pinstripe Pants

Pinstripe pants from Princess PollyPinstripe pants from Princess Polly

Another pant style that gives off an old-money vibe is the pinstripe pant!

Pinstripe pants are reminiscent of classic business suits, and they’re so flattering and cute. These pants are also easy to style because you can wear them with multiple outfits!

For example, some heels and a short-sleeved shirt will give you a super cute and chic look with these pants.

Foldover Pants

Foldover pants from ReformationFoldover pants from Reformation

One other type of pant that is popular right now that also will give you the old money look is foldover pants!

These pants are basically tailored pants with a fold-over design at the top. This style of pants adds something a little extra to your look so that you will stand out.

So, if you want a simple pair of pants but also want to look trendy and chic, I recommend these pants that come in black with a white foldover design at the top for an edgy and chic look.

Silk Pants

Silk pants from ReformationSilk pants from Reformation

If you are looking for a comfy pair of old money pants that you can wear for everyday looks, you might be interested in these silk pants!

What I love about these silk pants is they look very chic and classy, but they also are simple to style and insanely comfortable for casual days.

You can totally also wear these pants for fancier occasions if you wear some cute heels with a blouse or fitted top!

Wide-Leg Pants

If you like the tailored pants look, you might also like these pants! These pants are tailored as well, however, they are a wide-leg pant, which gives them a bit of a different kind of fit.

These pants are a little looser of a style and have wider legs and a nipped-in waist for a trendy, vintage-inspired silhouette.

Again, you can style these for casual or formal occasions since they’re so versatile and simple.

Tailored Cargo Pants

Cargo tailored pants from ASOSCargo tailored pants from ASOS

If you are looking for an old money-style pair of pants that looks even more trendy, you may want to check out tailored cargo pants like these!

Cargo-style pants have been very popular recently, so if you like this style of pants but want to change the vibe of your wardrobe to more of an old-money style, these tailored cargos are a perfect compromise.

Capri Pants

Capri pants from Urban OutfittersCapri pants from Urban Outfitters

You might also be interested in a pair of pants that has a more fitted style. If so, then you should check out capri pants like these!

Capri pants have a more fitted style than the usual tailored pants, and they also come a bit shorter. They’re very classic if you buy them in a solid, neutral color like black.

These pants look great when styled with a cute sweater and heels, and they’re perfect for warmer weather.

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants from AritziaPlaid pants from Aritzia

You can also get tailored pants in different kinds of patterns that will give you the old-money vibe!

For example, plaid pants like these will add something different to your wardrobe that you can wear to give you a more old-money vibe to your outfits.

And what you will love even more about these pants is how neutral they are. Instead of a bright, garish plaid, these are nice and muted which is key for a quiet luxury look.

Wool Pants

Wool pants from Banana RepublicWool pants from Banana Republic

Other than tweed, another kind of fabric to look for when creating an old-money wardrobe is wool!

Wool pants like these will give you a fancier look with your outfits and are also high-quality so they’ll last for years.

These pants would be great to wear for a fancier or professional event with a blazer and some heels!

Flowy Pants

Flowy pants from ASOSFlowy pants from ASOS

Here’s another super trendy take on old money style — oversized flowy trousers.

If you like the tailored pants look but want to wear something a bit more casual, these are the perfect medium.

Even though they are flowy, the style and look of these pants will still give off the old-money vibe that you want, and you will definitely look trendy!

Tweed Pants

Tweed pants from CommenseTweed pants from Commense

As mentioned above, tweed is another type of fabric that is very common in old money style clothing!

So, when shopping for your new wardrobe, you might also want to check out pants made of tweed fabric.

These pants give off total Chanel vibes!

Houndstooth Patterns

Another type of pattern that you may be interested in when shopping for your old money looks is the houndstooth pattern!

While the cut of the pants above is a bit on the trendier side rather than classic, the houndstooth print is a must to add to your old money wardrobe.

You could wear these pants casually, as seen above, or for a true old-money look, I’d style them with a button-down shirt, sweater, and ballet flats.

Styling Tips for Old Money Pants

1. Creating Versatile Looks

What’s great about wearing old-money-style pants is you can wear them for more casual events or even for events that are a bit fancier.

Just pair your pants with a blouse for a cute but chic everyday look. Or, you can pair your old money pants with a bodysuit and blazer to get a fancier look!

2. Adding Trendy Pieces

Adding other trendy pieces to your look will give you an even more fun outfit! For example, you could pair your outfit with trendy accessories like chunky loafers or ballet flats to add fun to your look.

Or, you could purchase trendier old money pants, like tailored cargo pants, to really upgrade your style!

3. Dressing Up Your Pants Looks

To switch from day to night look with old money pants, all you need to do to make your outfit look more fancy is add some heels or a fancy blazer to complete your look!

Which old money pants are you going to add to your wardrobe?

Do you have old money pants in your closet? What kind of old money pants will you be purchasing?

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