These Are the 9 Pairs of Men’s Spring Shoes You Need

Let’s hear it for men’s spring shoes!

Okay okay, so you’re not going to hear that cheer in a stadium anytime soon, but Team SG has enough enthusiasm for footwear to at least fill the student section.

Here’s two things I love about shopping for shoes, and they’re true for both men and women:

1) You don’t have to take any of your clothes off.

Now, I’m no never-nude, but when you’re shopping in-store, and you have to change out of your regular clothes to try on clothes you just have to change back out of EVEN IF YOU DECIDE TO BUY THEM? It’s the worst!

But shoes? You get to keep all your clothes on. Just don’t forget a pair of socks just in case.

2) It’s very rare that a shoe can make you feel fat, or ugly, or too short, or too tall.

Meaning? No matter how bad the lighting or mall store mirrors, you’ll probably feel like a million bucks in your favorites you try on.

So if you’re not ready to start shopping for spring and summer staples like shorts, camp collar shirts, or swim trunks, consider starting your spring wardrobe update from the ground up.

A fresh pair of kicks—or, ahem, nine—will make you feel ready to take on any weather…and any clothes shopping trip.

9 styles of spring shoes for guys in 2021, men's spring shoes 2021 list9 styles of spring shoes for guys in 2021, men's spring shoes 2021 list

Below, check out Team SG’s roundup of the best shoes for Spring 2024. Do you need all of them? Of course not. But once we start a list, well, it’s hard to stop.

Below, the best men’s spring shoes for 2024:

1. wide-profile sneakers

green saucony sneakersgreen saucony sneakers

SG Says: A chunkier sneaker is perfect for this year’s workwear trend. When it comes to baggier pants, you don’t want a shoe that disappears under the ankle.

So a sneaker with a wider profile is a must if you’re planning to embrace carpentercore.

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You have plenty to choose from, as most shoe brands offer a chunkier style in 2024.

2. narrow-profile sneakers

white adidas samba sneakerswhite adidas samba sneakers

SG Says: On the flip side, when you’re wearing straight leg or slim-fit pants, you’ll want a more narrow sneaker.

Thankfully, a slimmer shoe like the Adidas Samba isn’t going anywhere in 2024, so if you’ve been on the fence about investing in this trendy-again shoe, this is your time to go for it.

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3. moc-toe boot

cloud grey clarks wallabee bootcloud grey clarks wallabee boot

SG Says: We’ll never stop loving a chukka boot, but a moc-toe boot like the Wallabee feels very fresh for spring.

The pair above would look great with some light rinse denim and your favorite shacket.

4. open-backed clog

polo ralph lauren Turbach Jute-Trimmed Suede Clogspolo ralph lauren Turbach Jute-Trimmed Suede Clogs

SG Says: The good thing about clogs right now? There are so many cool choices to choose from, it’s almost impossible to take a wrong style step.

The bad thing? Well, if this feels outside your footwear comfort zone, you’re going to have to do some mental gymnastics to convince yourself that you, brave sir, can absolutely pull them off without looking like an unemployed theatre teacher.

Sport them with or without socks, depending on your preference and bare foot in a shoe-comfort level.

shop clogs

5. lug loafer

gh bass lug loafergh bass lug loafer

SG Says: A penny loafer with a heavy lug sole feels fresh, cool, and modern right now. Perfect for spring.

shop loafers

6. Pool Slides

polo ralph lauren green pool slidespolo ralph lauren green pool slides

SG Says: I know what I just said about flip flops, and I can’t quite explain why, but pool slides fall into a totally different, totally stylish spring (and summer) men’s footwear bucket.

Slipping into a pair of pool slides as an adult feels a bit like dating a woman who wears your mother’s perfume – unsettling, yet strangely comforting.

Shop slides

7. clompy Chelsea boot

blundstone Men's Classic Chelsea Boots in rustic brownblundstone Men's Classic Chelsea Boots in rustic brown

SG Says: This men’s spring shoes recommendation, of course, only applies to those who haven’t already invested in a pair of iconic Blundstone boots.

You’ll be surprised by how versatile these boots will be in your casual wardrobe. Wear them with everything from jeans to chinos and even textured trousers.

Shop SG’s picks:

8. a slip-on upgrade

OluKai Lae'ahi Lauhala loafersOluKai Lae'ahi Lauhala loafers

SG Says: Okay, these are more of a “Get ready for summer!” kind of pick, but we’re standing by it.

Our team discovered OluKai after Jason Kelce shouted out their flip flops on the New Heights podcast.

While the flip flops won’t be making an #SGapproved roundup anytime soon, these stylish and comfortable-looking slip-ons absolutely make the spring footwear cut.

Shop SG’s picks:

9. High-Top Sneakers

nike blazer mid 77 premiumnike blazer mid 77 premium

SG Says: When it comes to men’s spring shoes, a high-top sneaker is a perennial favorite. And yet, it always feels like embracing a “trend” because it just feels sort of fashion-y.

Like with the clogs, only you can gas yourself up to embrace this style.

Showing them off is a must, so get ready to roll the ankles on whatever you’re wearing.

shop high top sneakers


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