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In this feature, 31 men’s outfits with jeans!

At the beginning of the year, we issue the Style Girlfriend “No Jeans January” challenge to our community. 31 days, no denim.

Think of it as SG’s version of Sober January, but for your style. Reset your style by not falling back on that old wardrobe workhorse standby, jeans.

But! We realize that the style rut many guys who WFH find themselves in isn’t that you’re wearing jeans too much.

No, it’s that you’re not wearing jeans at all.

Your style rut is sweatpants.

It’s pajama pants.

And yes, it’s “around the house” shorts.

Now, no judgment! Just add “leggings” to the list and us ladies are right there with you.

So if you’re already living No Jeans January, how about taking the “Jeans January” challenge?

If wearing “hard pants” feels like an overwhelming effort, Team SG is here to make it easier. Check out the best men’s jeans for different budgets and body types, and outfit ideas to help you get back into the style swing of things with pants that don’t have an elastic waistband.

Check out 31 men’s outfits with jeans to inspire you:

mens outfits with jeans

Get inspired with a month’s worth of men’s jeans outfits.

A few men’s jeans outfit trends to spotlight: jeans with loafers, workwear-style denim, frayed hems, and jeans with clogs. And on top? Rugged jackets with silky scarves, sturdy topcoats, and even more denim.

1. jeans with high top sneakers

men's jeans outfit with converse sneakers
image: @stylesbyslimster

SG SAYS: You don’t need a professional Instagram influencer to pull off this nerdcore jeans outfit.

Cuffed, dark rinse jeans with black high-tops is a look any guy can pull off.

2. denim on denim

men's workwear jeans outfit
image: @kennth_sylvester

SG SAYS: Denim on denim 100% works, so long as you do this one important thing: vary the shades of denim from top to bottom. It keeps you from looking like you’re rocking the “Canadian tuxedo” vibe.

Complete the look with a pair of trending Wallabee boots.

3. straight-leg jeans with Birkenstocks

mens jeans outfit with birkenstock clogs
image: @ethantglenn

SG SAYS: Yep, Birkenstock clogs are still a vibe in 2024.

Like, yes, sure this outfit would look fine with sneakers, too. But! A good pair of clogs makes the list of Team SG’s 2024 style essentials for guys, so if you don’t have a pair yet, now’s the time to invest.

The rest of this look I’m sure you’ve can find already in your closet.

4. jeans with a great jacket

mens dark rinse jeans outfit
image: @xxjmitch

SG SAYS: When in doubt, throw on a standout jacket and call it a day.

5. Lived-in jeans with layers on top

alino who cardigan outfit
image: @alino_who

SG SAYS: Love the mixed message vibes of this outfit, with rich cowboy up top and surfer style on the feet.

6. black jeans with a black sweater

men's black jeans outfit with black sweater

SG SAYS: Behold the power of simplicity when it comes to casual style, with black on black on black.

A pair of black high top sneakers really helps complete a good ready-for-anything outfit with jeans.

7. light rinse jeans and loafers

mens jeans outfit with loafers
image: @quentin.menstyle

SG SAYS: An effortlessly casual yet sophisticated vibe!

8. business casual jeans outfit with a statement topcoat

men's outfits with jeans
image: @ryan_goslbob

SG SAYS: This look – medium-wash jeans, black lace-ups, and a dark green wool sweater – is anchored by the great coat.

Just your daily reminder not to underestimate the power a good topcoat has in elevating an outfit!

9. jeans and an army green coat

SG SAYS: This grunge-meets-gorpcore outfit looks like something out of The Breakfast Club, updated for 2024.

Which, to be clear, is a huge compliment.

10. mens outfit with white jeans

mens white jeans outfit
image: @toddsnyderny

SG SAYS: Three cheers for winter white!

11. crewneck sweatshirt and jeans

men's outfits with jeans and grey sweatshirt
image: @willhalbert

SG SAYS: A white t-shirt and dark-rinse jeans combo feels special when paired with suede clogs and a funky quilted jacket that coordinate in burnt orange.

12. faded jeans with a pop-of-color sweater

men's outfits with jeans
image: @mat_buckets

SG SAYS: Yep, more faded denim.

And those cool Wallabees? They make a good case rolling your beat-up denim to show off your shoes in 2024.

13. jeans with a sport coat

men's outfits with sport coat and jeans
image: @bchanism

SG SAYS: How casually luxe is this look?

It’s giving steak dinner at the ski lodge after a day on the slopes. So good.

14. jeans with a bright-colored topper

men's outfits with jeans and a puffer vest
image: @fitting_in_now

SG SAYS: A puffer vest is an easy way to add color to an outfit.

And hey, can’t we can all use a bright punch of red in our winter wardrobes?

15. jeans with a puffer vest

casual men's outfits with jeans
image: @alex_drapeur

SG SAYS: Another vest! Making a strong case for a puffer being a men’s style mainstay, even if there’s only about 3.5 days a year wearing one is actually practical.

16. a knit polo tucked into jeans with a belt

stylish men's jeans outfits
image: @thomasopdebeeck

SG SAYS: This easy jeans outfit would look so good on any guy, and so timeless! This outfit could be from last week or ten years ago, and it would be just as stylish.

RELATED: Men’s outfit ideas to wear with a knit polo

17. frayed jeans with a camo coat

men's outfits with frayed jeans and camo jacket
image: @soartisticnow

SG SAYS: Don’t own a pair of frayed jeans? Try some DIY! Grab the scissors and chop up some jeans you don’t wear that often because they’re a little too long.

18. cropped jeans with loafers

men's outfits with light-colored jeans
image: @paulbinam

SG SAYS: No shame in the floodwater game!

Show off your shoes — and your socks — with jeans that aren’t just cuffed..they’re short as hell.

19. country gentleman meets city slicker

image: @soartisticnow

SG SAYS: Love this easy to replicate outfit from style ‘grammer @soartisticnow, featuring one of our team’s favorite waxed jackets for guys to wear! Get yourself a Barbour jacket of your own, add a Drake’s scarf and Dunks for a unique, stylish outfit.

And a note to Instagram influencers…you have a 100% greater chance for us to feature your ‘fit pics if there is a dog in the picture.

20. men’s workwear jeans outfit

men's outfits with jeans
image: @muse_by_mars

SG SAYS: Faded jeans in a workwear style look stylish when worn in a casually structured way.

Love the boots. Love the jacket with the hoodie peeking out. No notes!

21. men’s black jeans outfit

SG SAYS: Proving an all-black outfit can be anything but boring.

Especially love the scarf hanging off the cross-body bag.

22. jeans with a navy overshirt

men's jeans outfit with loafers
image: @calgeary

SG SAYS: The socks with loafers is what puts this men’s outfit with jeans over the top for us.

23. dad jeans outfit

men's outfits with jeans

SG SAYS: When it comes to men’s outfits with jeans, starting with dad jeans as your foundation will never go out of style, not really.

And that houndstooth topcoat? Chef’s kiss-good. Too bad it’s vintage or we’d link it here.

24. patchwork jeans outfit

SG SAYS: Bruce Pask, men’s editorial director at Neiman Marcus, rocking Palm Springs dad-chic in a corduroy chore coat, suede espadrilles, and patchwork jeans.

No surprise he gets all the details right; the man works in fashion, after all!

25. all-denim jeans outfit

men's outfit with jeans and denim shirt
image: @drakesdiary

SG SAYS: Brandon Mahler of Aimé Leon Dore embracing Jay Leno-esque denim on denim, with a navy blazer and Yankees hat.

Is it for everyone? Maybe not, but you gotta admire the confidence here!

26. shades of blue

SG SAYS: A perfectly worn-in, “Oh this? I just threw it together” look that you could absolutely pull off. Grab a grey sweatshirt, your favorite dark-rinse jeans and throwback sneakers. From there, add a belt and beanie, and top the whole outfit off with a lived-in chore coat. If the denim on denim throws you off, opt for a different fabric like corduroy.

27. perfectly tapered jeans with sneakers

men's outfits with jeans
image: @gentle_baek

SG SAYS: Absolutely love the shorter hem of these light-rinse jeans. It looks super-polished, and shows off the Sambas sneakers without getting too “fashion-y” with a floodwater hem.

The rest of the outfit — wide-lapel black topcoat, grey scarf, and calming green crewneck sweater — brings it all together.

28. dark jeans with a leather jacket

image: @meachisdope

SG SAYS: If you’ve got the legs for it, skinny jeans with a leather jacket and hoodie will always look cool.

Bonus points for the unexpected (but welcome!) addition of flame-print Vans.

29. mens outfits with light wash jeans

SG SAYS: Another jeans and loafers combo? That’s right!

With light rinse jeans from style influencer Ronald Thomas (aka The Male Prepster) in our favorite cold winter style hack—the hoodie and camel overcoat combo.

30. “sailor on leave” jeans outfit

image: @illcutz

SG SAYS: The striped shirt? The peacoat? The deck sneakers? The beanie?!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

31. jean…shorts?!

SG SAYS: Okay, I’m not saying you can wear a plaid coat everyday (or a beret for that matter), but I’ll bet if this smart topcoat was hanging in your closet, you’d find an opportunity to wear it pret-t-t-t-t-y often.

Want more denim direction? Shop our favorite jeans for guys to wear in 2024!

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