The Best Affordable Sweaters for Men

Niagara Falls. A good Old Fashioned at the end of a long day. Winter sports. A quintessential NYC breakfast spot called Bagel Bob’s.

Anyone who knows me knows I truly stan all of the above. They’re the foundation of my personal brand. If I corner you into a conversation about them, you’ll be like, “Jeez okay I get it, my life will change if I ride The Maid of the Mist!”

The best affordable sweaters for men on the market today? Just another one of my extreme passion points.

Whenever I’m wearing one and someone is foolish enough to say, “Great sweater!” It’s all over. I conspiratorially grab their arm, assuming an intimate stance usually reserved for flirting at a very crowded bar. (Though this does often happen at crowded bars, so it works out!)

“Isn’t it great?” I whisper into their ear. “Feel it. It’s so comfortable. Also? It was only sixty dollars. You’re welcome.”

Since I shop both sides of the store with great success, I’m able to convince men and women alike to add my favorite stylish and affordable sweaters to their repertoire. Because guys, let me tell you: I have a lot of men’s sweaters. They give me the slightly oversized, slouchy fit that goes perfectly with my vintage Levis and snakeskin ankle boots.

You can skip the snakeskin boots, but I’m tellin’ ya, you gotta get your bod into a few of my favorite knits.

While I could absolutely swan dive into a pool of every single sweater men would look great wearing, doing the backstroke and spouting platitudes until I drown in my own verbosity… I won’t. Instead, let me hit you with the crucial highlights: my absolute favorite affordable men’s sweaters that you’d be a damn fool not to #addtocart as soon as possible.

The Best Affordable Sweaters for Men

uniqlo men's sweaters

Ah, Uniqlo. My faithful, affordable menswear go-to. The sultan of sweaters for a steal. There’s nothing more luxurious you can cozy up in this time of year, and no more stylish (and affordable!) way to do it than in Uniqlo.

When you pull the mockneck sweater above on, maybe over an OCBD for work, or with sweats for a coffee run on a Saturday morning—you’re going to feel luxe. And sophisticated. And budget savvy. Just don’t let it go to your head.

quince men's sweaters

I’ve become such a tremendous fan of Quince’s sweaters this year. The sophisticated, mostly neutral color palette is on point, as is the quality. nice, lightweight texture while still being soft to the touch. Good news for any of you itchy bois out there!

Most ring up for under $100, making them the perfect everyday sweaters for guys that you can wear with everything and not worry too much about. With twill pants and sneakers? Good to go. With chinos and suede Chelsea boots? Yes, please. Layered over a denim shirt and black jeans? You know it.

A cashmere crewneck sweater is one those wardrobe essentials #TeamSG is always going on (and on) about, and I love the price and the super-soft feel of J.Crew’s version. It also comes in about a million, goes-with-all-your-other-stuff colors including camel, burgundy, dark green and charcoal.

Pair it with your cold weather weekend favs like a gentlemanly quilted jacket and some lace-up boots.

naadam men's sweaters

Ready to stretch what some may consider the outer bounds of affordability? Consider Naadam. With styles ranging from just under a hundred dollars up to $350 for their luxe cashmere fisherman hoodie, there’s something for pretty much everyone.

The brand gets my vote for what to wear to you family’s holiday dinner, as well as being a great option for New Year’s Eve. Layer it under a sport coat or blazer and you’re good to go.


A more robust sweater rotation can be a game-changer in the colder months. Thanks to nearly endless layering options, your favorite shirts and jackets feel fresh again.

And whenever you put on one that fits just right and look in the mirror, the word ‘rakish’ pops into your head. Before you know it you’ll be pulling your buddies aside to spread the good word about the world of stylish and affordable sweaters, too.

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