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Shopping for the prettiest brass shower fixtures? Confused about what you need and what you don’t? You’re in the right place!

This guide will walk you through the process of purchasing brass shower hardware. We’ll show you what we purchased from top to bottom for our recent primary bath renovation to make your shopping easy.

We’ll also guide you through similar options at a lower price point – gold shower fixtures that give you the look of brass for less!

A white tiled shower with a bench and towels.

Brass shower fixtures can technically run the gamut of the color spectrum. From a brushed brass finish, to polished brass, unlacquered brass and even antique brass, there are finishes to suit every taste.

For our recent primary bathroom renovation at our modern lake house, we opted for a finish called Italian brass. It’s vibrant, sparkling and oh-so-beautiful.

Along with our Serena and Lily wallpaper and our pretty bathroom sconces, picking out the brass shower hardware was one of my favorite parts of this renovation. It’s like adding the jewelry to a cute outfit – the perfect finishing touch!

Today, we’re quickly guiding you through the parts and pieces you’ll need to finish your own shower. You’ll find out best tips, as well as the sources for our brass shower fixtures and a few look-for-less options.

A white tiled shower with a gold shelf.

Brass Shower Fixtures

We’ve shared a lot of information about our love for brass over the years. See our guides to unlacquered brass hardware, unlacquered brass kitchen faucets, and brass bathroom faucets too.

What’s to love about brass? So much! Solid brass is a long-term investment, thanks to its durability. Brass is known to resist both corrosion and rust, making it the perfect choice for bathroom and kitchen renovations.

It’s also elegant and timeless. Polished and unlacquered brass both feel warm, and add instant charm to any room. Brass shower fixtures can complement any style of design, whether your space is modern, traditional, or anything in between.

Because this material is non-corrosive, it is often used in pipe fittings. Brass is excellent at temperature regulation as well.

We specifically adore the way our brass fixtures resist wear and tear. While they are a bigger investment up front, the return is enormous, as they hold their beauty for years – even decades – to come!

A white tiled shower with a blue and white rug.

Brass Shower Hardware: What You’ll Need

If you’re designing a shower like ours (no tub) you’ll need a few specific pieces, though some retailers offer them in kits or sets.

  • Shower Head
  • Shower Arm
  • Drain Kit
  • Handle (Ours is a pressure balance trim with lever handle)
  • Pressure Balance Rough
A bathroom with a white shower stall and a blue shower rug.


  • If you are not an experienced do-it-yourselfer when it comes to plumbing, hire a professional to install your shower fixtures. It’s not worth the trouble with leaks down the road!
  • While quality is certainly not always in line with price, you’ll find that the higher quality brass shower hardware is at a higher price point. Generally speaking, the lower the price for this type of hardware, the lower the quality of materials.
  • Even highly polished brass can show water marks. Read about my favorite brass polish to learn how to polish your brass to perfection!
A white bathroom with a gold shower head and shelves.

Brass Shower Fixture Sources

A brass shower faucet with a gold finish.

Lever Handle

I love that our pretty handle is so simple and elegant!

A white and gold drain cover with a decorative pattern.

Decorative Shower Drain Kit

Why not choose a piece that’s pretty + functional, too?

A white tiled shower with a towel hanging on the wall.
A white tiled shower with a gold shower head.
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Gold Shower Fixtures

Get the look for less with these pretty pieces that are a little less of an investment.


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