Amazon includes up to a $200 gift card when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Samsung’s first major hardware event of the year is here and, as expected, it’s primarily focused on the What you might not know, however, is that these smartphones are available for pre-order and that Amazon is already for early adopters.


Pre-ordering the phone at full price gets you a sweet $200 Amazon gift card. 

$1,300 at Amazon

You can get a gift card, up to $200, by pre-ordering the S24 via Amazon. All you have to do is enter a code at checkout. Once you complete the order, you’ll get an electronic gift card for use throughout the site. Being as how Amazon sells just about everything under the sun, that’s basically free money.

The gift card amount varies depending on the model. To snag the full $200, you’ll have to pony up for the top-of-the-line Galaxy S24 Ultra. The a $50 gift card, while the a $150 gift card. The Ultra costs $1,300, while the S24+ costs $1,000. The regular S24 will set you back $800. Flagship phones are pretty expensive, so the gift card can help offset that a bit. Samsung’s also offering a storage upgrade with pre-orders and Amazon customers get access to this perk.

What’s new with the S24 line? A whole lot, actually. They boast an that should seriously increase the phone’s lifespan. To that end, Samsung has promised support for these phones. While the specs feature the usual year-to-year bump, the software is packed with, wait for it, AI algorithms that allow for some new use case scenarios.

For instance, AI allows for a drastic increase in optical quality when using the camera’s zoom functionality. The algorithms can also be used to edit photos, create slow-mo footage and even delete and move items in the frame, with the AI automatically filling in the empty space. There’s also AI-enhanced language translation tools, ChatGPT-esque summarization capabilities and automatic copy-editing.

There’s a reason we previously wrote that Samsung “is taking the transition to the AI era incredibly seriously.” Pre-orders start today and official sales of the S24 line are slated for January 31.

  • Samsung Galaxy S24+ with $150 Gift Card

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 with $50 Gift Card

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