The Best Ski Clothing Brands

Getting ready to hit the slopes? Here are the clothing brands you need to know!

Ski clothing just needs to be built differently. It has to hold up to some serious activity, which means you can’t exactly head down to your local big box store and find suitable clothing.

Good ski clothing needs to be engineered from the ground up specifically for skiing. Of course, that doesn’t make it cheap, but when you take a tumble down a slope, you’ll be glad you invested in some high-quality ski gear.

Wondering what the best ski clothing brands are? Read on to find out!

The Best Overall Ski Clothing Brands

Here’s a rundown of the ski clothing brands that provide the best balance of quality, value, and performance.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Patagonia is one of the best all-around choices for ski apparel. Simply put, Patagonia’s ski clothing is durable, technical, and surprisingly affordable.

Patagonia Powder Town Jacket

Patagonia has several lines of ski and snowboard clothing that provide tons of performance. Whether you go with the lightweight SnowDrifter line or the ultra-technical PowSlayer line, you’ll be sure to get long-lasting gear that will prepare you for the pistes.


This is another obvious one. It’s no secret that Arc’teryx is a giant presence in the world of outdoor clothing, but the brand also makes some of the best ski clothing, too.

Arc’teryx Sabre Jacket

Browse Arc’teryx’s ski catalog, and you’ll find insulated Gore-Tex jackets with powder skirts, pants, and bibs that are ready to tackle the backcountry. If you stick to alpine tourism and telemark skiing, you’ll appreciate the sturdiness of Arc’teryx ski clothing.

The North Face

Although The North Face is a widely known outdoor brand, its ski clothing isn’t as popular as some of its other offerings. Still, The North Face is an excellent source of ski gear, from ski pants to gloves.

The North Face Summit Verbier GTX Jacket

The North Face is a particularly good brand to shop if you tend to stick to ski resorts with more predictable terrain. While the clothing is technical, it’s not the highest-performance stuff you can get, so it’s ideal for resorts.

Outdoor Research

As its name implies, Outdoor Research is no slacker when it comes to the outdoors. The brand has plenty of warming base layers, thick beanies, and snowboard jackets to keep the cold out.

Outdoor Research Baritone Quarter Zip

Overall, Outdoor Research is a more affordable option for ski clothing, but that also means the clothing isn’t as technical as some of the more premium brands. It’s a solid choice if you don’t need to go super budget but also don’t want to drain your savings account.

REI Co-op

REI has been in the outdoor game for decades, but it only recently got into ski clothing. While REI carries other brands that make everything from boots to ski goggles, REI itself only offers a limited number of ski clothing options. However, what it does have is well-made (especially for the price point).

REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Jacket

REI’s Powerbound line aims to offer a higher degree of performance at a lower price point, and the more expensive First Chair line has some specs you don’t normally see at the price point. While REI might not be a one-stop ski shop, it’s an appealing option for feature-packed outerwear.

Best Cross Country Ski Clothing Brands

Even though cross-country skiing (also called Nordic skiing) involves flatter terrain than downhill skiing, it’s still quite the workout. And you still need technical apparel that can hold up to constant motion, so here are a few brands to check out.


Swix started out as a maker of ski wax, but over the decades, it’s evolved into a full-fledged skiing brand. Today, you’ll find everything from hardy mid-layer options to grippy mitts in the company’s catalog.

Swix Dynamic Midlayer Half-Zip Top

It’s a Scandinavian brand, so there’s a healthy dose of minimalist design that you’ll appreciate if you prefer to stay away from big logos and loud patterns. (And you might as well grab some of that famous ski wax while you’re at it).


When putting together an outfit for skiing, you’ll want to have a good base and mid layers, and it doesn’t get much better than an icebreaker. The brand focuses on high-quality base layers that provide welcome amounts of warmth and comfort.

Icebreaker 200 Oasis LS Crew Top

Unlike other brands, Icebreaker is 95% plastic-free. Instead, it uses fabrics like Merino wool, lyocell, linen, and cotton to not only achieve similar performance to synthetics but also help the planet a little bit.

Helly Hansen

Founded in 1877, Helly Hansen is one of the most recognizable Norwegian outdoor brands. Much like the rest of its expansive outdoor catalog, its ski gear is minimal and durable.

Helly Hansen Alpha 4.0 Ski Jacket

While most of its products are resort-focused, Helly Hansen has some of the best ski apparel in its price range.

It’s an excellent midrange brand that you should look at if you’re interested in upgrading from more basic ski gear. (Also, when you buy a ski jacket or pants, you get a free day of skiing from a participating resort — pretty cool!)

Best Budget Ski Clothing Brands

By its very nature, ski clothing is expensive. After all, it needs to protect you as you’re whizzing through cold, snowy landscapes.

You also don’t want to go too cheap. Paper-thin jackets and base layers that get wet easily aren’t fun for anyone. That said, there are some brands that offer a surprising level of quality at a lower price point, and they’re worth checking out if you’re looking for more affordable ski gear.


Columbia has long been a go-to for affordable outdoor clothing. The company’s selection of ski clothing gives you a lot of bang for your buck, and it’s also a good brand to shop if you’re new to skiing.

Columbia Bugaboo IV Ski Pant

Columbia’s entry-level essentials give you the necessary protection you’ll need on the slopes. These pieces are probably best suited to downhill skiing, though some of the items are good for cross-country as well.


For cross-country and backcountry ski apparel that won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out Craft. Craft’s wide range of affordable ski clothing is ideal for the more relaxed nature of cross-country skiing.

Craft ADV XC Ski Training Insulate Jacket

As of this writing, there isn’t a single item in Craft’s skiing lineup that costs more than $200. That’s great if you’re pinching pennies — just keep in mind that this gear isn’t as rugged as some of the other brands on this list. If you’re new to cross-country skiing and want an easy entry point, Craft is an excellent option.

Other Great Ski Clothing Brands

Here’s the best of the rest!


Descente is unique in the way it toes the line between skiwear and fashion pieces. Its pieces are more stylish than ski gear has any right to be, but they also perform well and are painstakingly made.

Descente Insulated Jacket

Leave it to a Japanese brand to breathe new life into an old style by infusing ski clothing with an almost designer look. Descente stuff is still somewhat hard to find in the US, but keep an eye out if this aesthetic gear is up your street.

Trew Gear

Portland-based Trew Gear makes higher-end gear for resort and backcountry skiing, so if you have a bit of a budget and want something that’ll last for years, this brand is absolutely worth a look.

Trew Gear Cosmic Jacket PRIMO

While Trew’s clothing is definitely performance-focused, it looks a lot less technical than comparable ski gear. Despite that, it’s no less well-built, providing the kind of durability you’d expect from resilient ski clothing.

Aztech Mountain

If you’re looking for some of the most technical ski gear money can buy, check out Aztech Mountain. This is truly premium ski gear that means business and is built to withstand anything that gets thrown at it.

Aztech Mountain Hayden 3L Pullover

The brand has only been around since 2013, but it’s already shaken up the ski industry with its cutting-edge designs and upscale quality. If you’re serious about skiing and want clothing that does the same, Aztech might be for you.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond has historically focused on climbing gear and only recently got into the ski game. Despite its relative newness, Black Diamond’s ski gear offers some competitive features.

Black Diamond Recon Stretch Bib Pant

If you’re familiar with Black Diamond already, then you’ll recognize the company’s sleek, technical approach to design. It’s another good brand to watch for anyone interested in midrange ski clothing.

Duluth Trading Co.

Technically speaking, Duluth Trading Co. doesn’t make ski clothing. However, if you’re accompanying a friend to a ski resort and aren’t planning on doing any skiing yourself, Duluth’s wares could be exactly what you need to handle the cold.

Duluth Trading Co. AKHG Puffin Mock Jacket

Duluth is known for making cheap outerwear that represents a step up in quality from big box and mall stores. While it’s not technical enough to take on the pistes, Duluth outerwear is a solid choice for spectating.

Best Ski Clothing Brands FAQ

Here are a couple of answers to common questions about ski clothing:

Is Boulder Gear a Good Brand?

Yes, Boulder Gear is a trustworthy brand with some competitive products.

Is Montecwear a Good Brand?

MONTEC (aka Montecwear) is a solid brand for more stylish skiwear.

What To Consider When Buying Ski Clothing

When shopping for ski clothing, it’s imperative to consider the type of skiing you’ll be doing. Downhill skiing at a resort and ski mountaineering in the backcountry require wildly different things, so make sure to choose clothing that’s suitable for your needs.

If you do more than one type of skiing, you might be able to find versatile skiwear that can pull double (or triple) duty, but it’s usually best to buy specialized gear for each type of skiing you plan to do.

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