Tesla says it delivered a record 1.8 million EVs in 2023

Tesla has unveiled its EV delivery and production figures for 2023, and the company had another banner year — but it has Chinese rival BYD close behind. Elon Musk’s company produced 1.846 million EVs last year and delivered 1.809 million, besting 2022 deliveries by a wide 38 percent. Those figures include 494,989 EVs produced last quarter and 484,507 delivered.

Tesla’s originally projected it would sell 2 million vehicles in 2023, but revised that figure downward in its October 2023 earnings call. It did exceed analyst expectations for Q4 2023, though, according to CNBC.

Tesla built 476,777 Model 3 and Model Y EVs last quarter and delivered 461,538 of them. Those include sales of the refreshed “Highland” Model 3. While Elon Musk predicted last quarter that the Model Y would become “the bestselling car on Earth,” the company didn’t break down sales between its two most popular models. The company sold 18,212 “other models” consisting of Model S and Model X EVs. There are no sales figures yet for the Cybertruck.

Tesla has battled some negative press with its EV lineup, particularly around its Autopilot system, which has seen regulatory scrutiny in the US and other countries. EV sales no doubt received a boost from several price drops over the last year as well, with the Model 3 and Model Y most recently dropping to $38,990 and $45,990, respectively. Tesla chalked up the price drops to “economic uncertainty, higher interest rates, and shifting consumer sentiment” in its October earnings call.

One of Tesla’s biggest markets is China, but the company is facing stiff competition there from another EV giant, BYD. That company announced sales of 3.02 million electrified vehicles in 2023, including 1.6 million were fully electric cars and 1.4 million hybrids. Most of BYD’s EVs sell at significantly lower price points that Tesla’s cars, however.

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