James Hardie Arctic White Siding

When it comes to researching paint colors, we’ve got it down to a science. But what about replacing your siding? If you’re researching James Hardie Arctic White, this guide is all you need!

Choosing exterior paint colors can be confusing, but new siding is an even bigger commitment. You’ll want to ensure you’re choosing a color that you’ll love for years to come.

Enter Arctic White, a fresh, clean and bright white that will never go out of style! We’ll take you on a real-life photo tour and include some insight on accent colors and more.

A James Hardie arctic white house with a white garage door.

If you’ve followed for long, you know we’ve been sharing our journey of updating our little modern lake house from top to bottom. Check out the full before and after, it’s been quite the transformation!

What you might not realize, however, is that many of these upgrades were from necessity, not just for aesthetics. Our little cottage was plagued with drainage issues, unfortunately.

A James Hardie arctic white house with a rattan swing.

We’ve renovated the exterior extensively. From a new roof, to new carriage garage doors, new vinyl deck, glass deck railings, and even underdecking to create another patio space, it’s been quite an undertaking. We’ve even added a Dutch door and new landscaping to help with drainage!

We’ve shared our best tips and lessons learned along the way. Today’s guide is no different! While we felt a little nostalgic for the charm of our old yellow siding, it was leaking and causing damage. We also wanted a more modern, fresh style.

A home with a garage in the middle of a grassy yard.
Our lake cottage when we purchased it, with the original roof and yellow siding.
An Arctic white home with a garage and lawn.
Our lake cottage today, after new roof, siding, garage doors and more!

James Hardie Arctic White

We chose James Hardie siding for its longevity, style and consistency. (Not a sponsored post!) The color Arctic White best fit the coastal, calm style we’ve wanted to achieve here.

Choosing an exterior color can be tough, right? In fact, we have a complete guide to the best White Exterior Paint Colors, because we’ve been studying paint trends for a long time.

Even “white” isn’t simple – it’s a nuanced decision. That’s why this is a photo-heavy post. We want to give you some authentic insight into this siding choice!

After we chose this color, we learned that it’s actually their most popular shade. It’s easy to see why – it’s a classic, and feels pretty timeless. When you’re making an investment in the exterior of your home, you want it to feel up-to-date for years to come!

A home with a James hardie Arctic White exterior and a Dutch door.

Arctic White LRV

We’ve chatted frequently about LRV in our paint guides. That’s because it’s very important! I was surprised to learn that the LRV of Arctic White is rated at a 74.

LRV is an acronym for Light Reflectance Value. This is a measuring scale that shows us the amount of light a color reflects… basically, how bright a color is. On a scale of 0-100, 0 is the deepest black and 100 is a pure white.

A wicker swing hanging from a porch.

While it seems like a very bright, true white on the exterior of our home, Arctic White has a deeper LRV than I would have expected.

That is comparable to the LRV of 76 for Sherwin Williams Zurich White, which is one of my favorite Cream Paint Colors.

A white garage with bushes and shrubs.


Request Samples! Just like when choosing a paint color, use samples of your siding options. With Hardie siding, you can request paint samples to help make the right decision for your home. Check samples in various lighting at different times of the day.

A home with a James hardie Arctic White exterior and a Dutch door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can paint stores match James Hardie colors?

Yes! If you can bring a sample into your local paint store, it can be matched. However, the sheen is difficult to mimic, so keep that in mind.

Can I touch up my Arctic White siding?

Buy a touch up paint kit. However, there are a variety of siding products in a range of sheens, so your paint kit might not exactly match the sheen of your Arctic White siding.

Can I paint my gutters to match James Hardie Arctic White?

Yes! We matched our front door and gutters to this color. Take your siding sample to your local paint store and ask for a match. It’s easy to do and makes such a huge difference, as you can see below!

A home with arctic white siding and a view of a lake.

Paint Touch-Ups for Hardie Board Siding

While we chose a siding color that we hope to love for a long time, it’s comforting to know that there are options for touching up our siding if necessary.

A white house with a black door and James Hardie Arctic white siding.

Arctic White Accent Colors

If you’d like a distinctive accent color to complement your Arctic White siding, there are so many directions you can go!

A white house with a swing on the porch.
A marble countertop with paint swatches and small cans of open cream paint colors.
Two wicker chairs in front of an arctic white house.

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