Functional + Pretty Storage Containers and Supplies

Find the best storage containers and supplies to organize every space of your home. These pieces are the ultimate blend of design and function.

Storage doesn’t have to be purely functional… it can be beautiful, too! Learn how to integrate pretty storage containers into your everyday home decor.

From holiday storage necessities to functional storage items for every room of your home, a complete guide to everything you need to get organized!

I have a lot of fun new projects ahead as I work to organize our home and prepare a fresh start for the new year. I’m kicking it off by sharing my favorite storage containers and organization supplies. 

As a fan of home design where function meets form, this concept applies to our storage containers and all home organization ideas. I love when a pretty storage container can add function to our home, but is still pretty enough to sit in any corner!

We do have a complete guide to getting your house back together after the holidays, but we wanted to showcase a few favorites here.

I store our wrapping paper in an oversized basket. I love that it makes it accessible beyond the holiday season. It’s nestled beautifully in the corner of our office. You can also use this method in the basement or craft room.

Tall Rattan Basket

20″ x 20″ x 22″

Label Maker

This will change your life, and it’s just $38.00. It connects to your phone! We use it to label boxes, phone cords and so mcuh more!

My secret weapon to storage and organization is a label maker! It’s simple, consistent, easy-to-read and often saves us from opening multiple boxes to find something.

However, there are sleek organization systems that help you tuck all your wrapping supplies away, too! The same goes for storing decorative items and ornaments for your tree.

I have a wall of wreaths hung in our basement so I can quickly shop our home and select a wreath. If you have the space, I highly recommend it! You can use your favorite hooks – read more about brass hooks here.

If you don’t have wall space for that, that wreath storage bin is really inexpensive and keeps your wreaths dust free!

Brass Hooks

These cute, sturdy hooks are just $6.79 each. They’re great for hanging wreaths, coats, robes, bags and more!

Baskets and Bins

A wide array of baskets offer storage, that looks beautiful, too! It’s a great way to hide unsightly items like dvds and batteries, but also things like blankets and laundry!

They keep groups of items contained. We use them in just about every room! Some examples include under sink storage, in the kitchen pantry and in the linen closet.

A stack of storage containers filled with clothes.

Clear Window Storage Bins

Stackable in a variety of sizes – and there’s a coupon!

Riviera Rolling Storage Bin

Rolling storage bins in two perfect sizes!

A white wicker basket with wheels on a white background, perfect for storage containers.

La Jolla Baskets

The quality of these baskets is top notch – we use them as hampers at the lake cottage.

Decorative baskets not only add function to your home, but texture to a space as well!

Laundry Solutions

Kitchen Storage, Organization + Supplies

It’s one thing to hide your clutter, but you can’t hide everything! Some things need to be on display, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty.


Amazon Storefront

Follow my Amazon Storefront to find more holiday looks for less.

Children’s Storage

Want your kids to keep their rooms picked up? Give them the tools to keep it organized. These are a few of our favorite things to organize their rooms.

Learn how to organize or create a kids closet that will grow with them, too!

girl by dresser and pin board
A pink tray serving as a storage container for cosmetics.

Lazy Susan

Perfect for skincare, make-up, and even desk supplies.

  • Kids’ Jewelry Box – help them keep their treasures organized*
  • Pin Board – keep important papers organized or displayed*
  • Large Striped Fabric Bin – great for closets or playrooms*
  • Wastebasket – easy disposal of tags, papers and more*
  • Hamper – providing a hamper for their bedroom or bathroom prevents clothes from being strewn across the floor*

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Eliminate stress getting ready by organizing your bathroom! Turn it into a zen zone using these storage supplies that maximize space and function. With these products you’ll know where to go to find your brushes and more.

A pink makeup organizer with many cosmetics in storage containers.


These are great for desks, bathroom countertops, and even closets. Under $20, too!

white and cream bathroom with hamper

These simple storage solutions will help you get ready in no time!

  • Bamboo Trays – Keep brushes, hair ties, floss and toothpaste in place with a series of trays that fit in your drawers*
  • Clear Trays – Keep things tidy and in place with rubber feet. Mix and match to fit your drawers.
makeup in bathroom drawer in clear organizers
  • Plastic Bins – Refrigerator bins with handles are perfect for storing straighteners, flat irons, blow dryers and more. They are also great for grouping extra shampoos, conditioners and body soaps together. They’re easy to pull out when needed.*
  • Expandable Jewelry Storage Tray – Fits your drawer like a glove!
  • Clear Stackable Storage Bins – Keep contents visible in bins that maximize storage space and keep items together and secure
  • Styling Tool Organizer – Store products and all of your styling tools including curling iron, straightener, dryer and more!
  • Nail Polish Holder – The best way to organize and see all of your nail polish colors!
girl in bathroom blowing her finger nails on a stool

Bedroom Storage Solutions

From organizing your nightstand to your dresser, these are my favorite finds!

coffee table book with green trinket dish and 3 rings

Garage Organization

Your garage storage doesn’t have to be unsightly! Pull into your garage in peace! You can see so much more and shop all of my favorites below, including our potting bench!

cleaning supplies hanging on peg rail in garage

General Organization Necessities

Some of my favorite tools of the trade. These ideas maximize style, space and function!

Looking for something? Don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help with all of your storage solutions!

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