Winter Streetwear for Women: Outfits That Are Cool, Comfy, and Stylish

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This post will show you the key elements of winter streetwear, with affordable winter street-style outfits and styling tips.

Winter Streetwear Outfit Ideas

Want to look cool but stay warm this winter? We’ve got you covered with our guide to winter streetwear fashion for women.

Streetwear style is all about laid-back dressing that emphasizes comfort while incorporating cool, fashion-forward style details. It can range from urban to edgy to West Coast skater, often featuring oversized fits, eye-catching graphic prints, and lots of layering.

So, get ready to give your wardrobe a winter update with these key street style pieces, from statement outerwear to must-have accessories, plus how to style and layer your clothing for maximum impact (and warmth).

Key Elements of Winter Streetwear for Women

Let’s break down some of the key elements of winter streetwear. These are the fabrics, textures, and styles to include when putting together a winter streetwear outfit that’s going to look on-trend while keeping you warm in the cold.

Faux Fur, Shearling, and Fleece

Get cozy in some fuzzy fabrics like fleece, faux fur, and/or faux shearling. Not only are wearing these soft, cozy materials a great way to stay warm, but they are also a winter trend that looks super stylish.

From jackets with faux fur lining (like aviator jackets) to full-on sherpa jackets (how cozy does the one above look?), and even fuzzy accessories like gloves and hats, there are so many cute ways to incorporate these materials into your winter outfits.

Faux Leather

If you’re going for an edgy, cool vibe, you’ll want to invest in faux leather pieces. Faux leather (or genuine leather) is a heavier material that works well in cold weather while also making an eye-catching statement.

For a streetwear look, try some faux leather cargo pants with a loose fit paired with a knit top, chunky boots or sneakers, and a puffer jacket. These pants also work with heeled booties and a going-out top for a nighttime look.

Faux leather jackets, especially ones with faux fur lining, are another favorite for the season. An oversized faux leather aviator jacket is an ultra-stylish way to warm up this winter and will make any outfit look instantly cooler.


Knitwear in the wintertime? *Groundbreaking.* But seriously, knitwear is a key element of winter style, including streetwear style — you just have to look out for pieces that have a more relaxed vibe, whether with an oversized fit or funky print.

Oversized sweaters are a must-have that you can wear with jeans, cargo pants, faux leather pants, and more. And while just about anything goes, consider sweaters in bright colors and/or with an interesting pattern, like swirls, geometric shapes, or a graphic print for extra flair.

An even more unique way to incorporate knitwear into your winter streetwear outfits is with pieces that aren’t sweaters. For example, these knit cargo pants and matching knit hoodie are items that usually aren’t made from a sweater-like fabric, so it makes them that much cooler (and warmer).


You may not instantly equate corduroy with street style, but think again! This heavier material, which was once reserved for boho and vintage-inspired looks, has made its way into the streetwear scene and is a prime choice for warming up in the wintertime.

A pair of loose-fitting corduroy cargo pants with oversized pockets have a relaxed look that pairs perfectly with some cool sneakers or clogs, while a corduroy puffer jacket with a short length puts a fresh spin on a wintertime classic.

Color Palettes and Patterns

Anything goes when it comes to streetwear! You can just as easily wear a dark, monochromatic look as you could a bold, colorful look — there are no rules. I also love a neutral look with a pop of color, which can be in the form of eye-catching sneakers or an oversized scarf.

As for patterns, think outside the box: checkerboards, swirls, psychedelic prints, and any graphic designs are going to lend your winter outfits an eye-catching element.

Winter Essentials: Must-Haves for Your Winter Wardrobe

Ready to build your winter streetwear wardrobe? These are the essential pieces to look for — they will keep you warm while looking cool. Try these winter streetwear outfit combinations for a stylish take on winter dressing.

Puffer Jackets

IDK about you, but I practically live in puffer jackets during the wintertime. They are one of the warmest options when it comes to outerwear, and with so many fashionable options, there’s a puffer for any style or outfit.

You can’t go wrong with a short or cropped puffer jacket, especially with jeans and sneakers as a daily look. Another alternative? A long puffer jacket. It’s the ultimate way to beat the cold, and it looks ultra cool with sweatpants and chunky boots.

Long Coats

PLT Long Trench Coat

There’s something about long coats that just make you look chic. Whether you wear a trench coat or a dad coat, long coats that have a structured design give you an instantly polished appearance that is sure to elevate your winter streetwear looks — even laid-back outfits with sneakers.

Long coats are also a perfect pick for layered looks; wear one with a sweater layered over a longer shirt, along with cargo pants or wide-leg pants for a fashion-forward effect.

Fleece Jacket

Pacsun Navy Fleece Jacket

There can often be an overlap between streetwear and athleisure, so it’s no surprise that fleece jackets with an athletic vibe are staples for both aesthetics.

Whether you style them with leggings for a true athletic look or opt for a street-style vibe by styling them with parachute or cargo pants, these jackets are as cozy as they are cool.

Fleece Sweatpants & Sweatshirts

It doesn’t get much comfier or cozier than some fleece sweats. Whether you opt for a sweatsuit with a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants or wear the pieces separately, you are sure to feel super snug. Luckily, sweats are a mainstay in streetwear, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style this season.

Be sure to opt for sweatshirts and sweatpants with oversized fits, which have more of a streetwear feel (plus, they’re extra comfortable).

Loose-Fitting Jeans

Baggy and loose-fitting jeans are the ultimate bottoms for streetwear outfits, especially in the wintertime; these jeans pair especially well with sneakers, which are a streetwear staple.

You can even layer tights or leggings underneath your jeans to stay extra warm during the winter. Be sure to consider heavy denim for added warmth, too.

Coated jeans are another great option: these have a similar look to faux leather pants but are a bit more casual. A pair with a baggy fit will look ultra-cool styled with sneakers and a cropped puffer jacket, as shown above.

Cargo Pants

Tilly's Cargo Pants

The other style of pants that rivals baggy jeans when it comes to streetwear? Cargo pants, of course!

These feature a similar baggy fit but with added pockets — and who doesn’t love pockets?! These casual pants are ideal for everyday wear, whether with sneakers, boots, clogs, and more.

Like with baggy jeans, you can consider layering tights or leggings under your cargos for extra warmth.

Trendy Winter Accessories

To put together the perfect winter streetwear look, you can’t forget about winter accessories that are going to elevate your ensemble — and keep you extra warm.

A knit beanie hat is an absolute must-have, and IMO, you can never have enough of these! From solid-color beanies to beanies with graphic prints or bold logos, these are going to help you retain heat while also giving you a laid-back vibe.

An oversized scarf is another winter streetwear staple, especially one with a colorful plaid print. These warm, fuzzy accessories are a great way to add a pop of color and print to your winter outfits.


Journeys New Balance Sneakers

Streetwear and sneakers go hand-in-hand. And what’s not to like about shoes that are actually comfortable to wear?!

There are so many trendy sneaker styles to choose from this season, all of which will add major flair to your looks. Some of my favorite streetwear-style sneakers to consider are Adidas Samba and Gazelle sneakers, New Balance 530 (above) and 9060 sneakers, and Nike Jordan and Dunks.

In the wintertime, don’t forget to pair your sneakers with thicker socks for added warmth.

Chunky Boots

While I love sneakers, boots are bound to keep your feet that much warmer in the wintertime. For a streetwear vibe, go for boots that have chunky lug soles, which give boots a more rugged, laid-back feel. Any color works, but you can never go wrong with some classic black boots that tend to be the most versatile, especially with a short heel that you can wear day or night.

What do you think of our guide to winter streetwear for women?

Would you wear these outfits? Which winter streetwear look is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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