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Amazon went from selling books to transforming how we read with the introduction of the Kindle e-reader in 2007. Jeff Bezos knew that digital distribution was the future of print and charged his team with developing an portable, power-efficient digital book before anybody else could make it to market. Using e-ink technology to display black & white text on a non-illuminated screen, Kindles all boast massive battery life, exceptional convenience and a huge library of available content from Amazon.


Should I get a Kindle for reading books and can I stop the display flashing on page turns?

Debating buying a Kindle eReader? I’ll explain if it could replace paper books or an iPad – and how to manage the display settings.

Since then, Kindle has made significant improvements with new models having screen lighting, more storage and other cool features.

Kindle (2022) Deals

The newest base model Kindle introduced a 300ppi screen for even more visual clarity – great for reading manga and illustrated books – as well as finally changing the charging port to USB-C like almost every other portable device on the market. As with most other models, the 2022 Kindle has both ad-supported and ad-free incarnations, with a $30 price difference between the two. Ads only appear on the home screen when the unit is asleep. Base Kindles are still at the regular retail price, but Amazon has deals on the Essentials Bundles, which come with a power adapter and your choice of fabric cover.

Amazon Kindle Essentials Bundle (2022)

Amazon Kindle 2022 Essentials Bundle (With Ads)

$135 $150 Save $15

The 2022 Kindle Essentials bundle includes 16GB of storage, a fabric case and power adapter with USB-C compatibility. The cheaper version runs ads on the lock screen.

Amazon Kindle Essentials Bundle (2022)

Amazon Kindle 2022 Essentials Bundle (No Ads)

$135 $150 Save $15

For $20 extra, you can have all of the features of the Kindle 2022 Essentials Bundle with no pesky ads on your lock screen. That’s the only difference between these two models.

Kindle Paperwhite Deals

If you’re a nighttime reader and don’t want to wear a headlamp in bed like an old-timey coal miner, the Kindle Paperwhite might hit your sweet spot. With an array of LEDs in the corners of the screen, it eliminates the need for external illumination for the e-ink while avoiding the blue light effect from traditional displays.


How to schedule warm light on your Kindle Paperwhite (and why you should)

Modern Kindle Paperwhites help relax your eyes by having a warm light setting. Here’s how to schedule it automatically.

The 2021 Paperwhite comes in a variety of configurations starting at 8GB of storage in both ad-supported and ad-free modes. Again, no discount on base models, but Essentials bundles are 10% off.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle (No Ads)

$205 $225 Save $20

This is the exact same product as the other Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle, only you pay an extra thirty dollars so Amazon can’t advertise to you.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle (With Ads)

$175 $195 Save $20

This bundle comes with the latest model Kindle Paperwhite with 8GB of storage, USB-C charging, a fabric case and a wall plug. Save $30 by allowing ads on the lock screen.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Deals

The Signature Edition Paperwhite differs from the base model in a few key areas. Most notably, it supports Qi wireless charging, which makes it more convenient than ever. A single full battery can last up to 10 weeks, which is patently absurd.


How to find and use your Kindle’s Vocabulary Builder (and why you should)

Kindle allows readers to extend not only their library but also their vocabulary with this cool built-in feature. Here’s how to enable it and use it.

The display is also more customizable, with adjustable warm lighting to suit your tender eyes. Throw in Bluetooth headphone pairing for Audible audiobooks and you have a literary powerhouse. Current deals are only on Essentials Bundles, but they’re solid ones.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Essentials Bundle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Essentials Bundle

$238 $258 Save $20

The Signature Edition bundle comes with a wireless Qi charging dock as well as a fabric cover to protect your screen. With 32 GB of storage, you can hold most of a small-town library inside it.

Kindle Scribe Deals

The Scribe is the next generation of the eReader concept, featuring a touch-sensitive screen so that you can take notes, doodle or transcribe with a stylus right on the pages of your digital books. Like the other Kindles, there’s no discounts on base models, but you can save $60 on a bundle.

Amazon Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle

Amazon Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle

$360 $420 Save $60

The Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle comes with a fabric cover, power adapter and Premium Pen for natural note-taking. This configuration includes 64GB of storage.

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