17 College Apartment Organization Tips to Upgrade Your Life

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When shopping for your college apartment, you may already have cute decor, bedding, and furniture. But how are you going to keep all of your things organized? That’s where organizing items enter the picture.

If you, like us, are obsessed with looking at pretty organization photos on Pinterest, today we’ll help you add aesthetic organization to your college apartment.

So, if you are looking for some tips and tricks for keeping your apartment organized, read on for our favorite organization and storage items that will make your life so much easier!

College Apartment Organization Tips

1. Desk Organizer

Desk organizer from Amazon

One of the most important things to keep organized is your desk. You will want to ensure that you have a clean and organized space to study.

So, to help you keep your desk organized, I recommend purchasing a desk organizer like this one.

This desk organizer will be able to store and organize all of the items you need for your desk so that you will have plenty of space to study!

2. Waterproof Bathroom Organizer

Waterproof bathroom organizer from Amazon

Another important place to keep organized is your bathroom! It is very easy for a bathroom to become unorganized, so you should consider getting some storage items to be able to keep your bathroom as neat and tidy as possible.

For example, you could get this waterproof bathroom organizer, which will keep all of your items organized, such as your skincare or hair essentials!

3. Wall Mount Organizer

Wall mount organizer from Amazon

Another organizational trick you might want to try is this wall mount organizer. With a wall mount organizer like this one, you can have a place to put some of your clean and kitchen supplies to keep them in order.

This will also help you to keep some of your items in the same place so that you always know where they are when you need them!

4. Bedside Caddy

Bedside caddy from Dormify

One item that I love to help keep my bedroom organized is this bedside caddy. Oftentimes I will chill or do work in my bed, and it is very handy to have a caddy to store all of my items!

It can also help you keep your bedroom organized so that you can store some of your smaller items that might not otherwise have a place.

5. Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Kitchen cabinet organizer from Amazon

For the kitchen, I love to be very organized because it makes my life so much easier when I am cooking! For example, using a kitchen organizer like this one would be perfect for those of us who want to keep the kitchen as neat as possible.

Also, what’s great about this organizer is that it can be used for just about anything, such as storing plates or containers. Using it for tupperware lids, as seen above, is so genius!

6. Storage Column

Storage column from Dormify

This storage column is one organizational trick you may not have seen before. This storage item is a great way to keep your space organized and can be used to add some decor to your space.

For example, to keep your hats or other accessories organized, you could display them in this storage column to add a bit of decor to your room!

7. Basket

Basket from Dormify

To stay organized, baskets really come in handy because they can be used to store just about anything! I use baskets whenever I don’t have a place to put something in my room or if I need to store something like nail polish bottles or misc. skincare items.

So, if you are looking for a quick and simple way to add some organization to your college apartment, check out a basket like this!

8. Rotating Makeup Organizer

Rotating makeup organizer from Amazon

One of my favorite things to keep organized is my makeup! Keeping my makeup organized ensures that I can get ready as quickly as possible in the mornings.

So, if you are looking for a way to keep your makeup organized for getting ready, I would recommend a rotating makeup organizer like this one, which will also look cute displayed in your bathroom or bedroom!

9. Hanging Closet Organizer

Hanging closet organizer from Dormify

A closet organizer is also super helpful if you have a lot of clothing! Getting a closet organizer like this one will ensure all of your clothing items have a space in your closet.

It will also help to keep your items organized so that you know exactly where they are when you want to wear them.

So, if you have a smaller closet in your apartment or a lot of clothing you want to bring to college, this item is definitely a must!

10. Storage Unit

Storage unit from Dormify

You can also check out a storage unit like this one for some more organization in your bedroom or even your living room! This organization unit comes with drawers to store clothing or other items and can also be used as furniture in your room.

For example, you can use the drawers for storage while also adding some fun decor on top of the storage unit!

And what’s great about this storage unit is that it can be placed just about anywhere in your apartment in order to help you stay organized.

11. TV Stand Storage Unit

TV stand storage unit from Dormify

Another handy college apartment organization tip is to get a TV stand that also works as a storage unit! This will give you more space in your apartment to store some of the items that may not have a home. (Think board games, extra candles, books, etc.)

Also, it will add some furniture to your apartment so that you can make sure that you maximize your space!

12. Pantry Storage Container Set

Pantry storage container set from Amazon

For those of us who love having a bunch of snacks on hand at all times, or if you are looking for a way to keep your pantry more organized (also, if you have a pantry consider yourself blessed!), you should definitely check out this pantry storage container set!

This set is one of my favorite ways to organize because it will not only give you enough space to store all your food items but also make it so much easier when cooking.

13. Shoe Rack Bench

Shoe rack bench from Dormify

Investing in a shoe rack bench is one of my favorite college apartment organization tips. With this bench, you will be able to store all of your shoes so that they will always be ready for you when it is time to leave your apartment.

This shoe rack will also give you more space in your closet to store more clothing items. Also, this shoe rack can give you a seating area in your apartment, which will help to maximize your space!

14. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry organizer from Dormify

Jewelry is also sometimes hard to keep organized, so to help keep it in order, you should purchase a jewelry organizer like this one!

Not only will this organizer help you store your jewelry, but it will also make sure that you never lose any jewelry.

This jewelry organizer is also a cute decorative item that you can add to your bedroom. It’s so pretty and will look great on a dresser or vanity.

15. Mini Fridge Organizer

Mini fridge organizer from Dormify

A mini fridge organizer may also be helpful if you have some extra food items that you do not have space for or if you have other kitchen appliances that you need room for.

For example, you can use this organizer for a mini fridge or microwave if your apartment doesn’t come with one or you want an extra one in your room. Or, you could even use it to store some extra snacks that you may have that can’t fit in your pantry.

16. Under Sink Organizer

Under sink organizer from Amazon

Keeping your cleaning supplies tidy in your apartment is also helpful, so you may want to check out this under-the-sink organizer.

This will be the easier way to keep all of your cleaning supplies organized and in one place underneath the sink whenever you need to clean!

17. Under the Bed Organizer

Underbed organizer from Dormify

Another super helpful college apartment organization tip is getting an under-the-bed organizer. With an under-the-bed organizer, you can store just about anything and maximize the space in your bedroom!

For example, you could store some of your extra bedding that you may have or even some of your clothing items that do not fit in your closet.

Which organization tips are you going to try for your apartment?

How do you organize your college apartment? What storage items do you use to keep your apartment organized?

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