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If you’re on the hunt for the best men’s suede shoes, I’ve got you covered!

Is there anything better than buttery soft suede? It’s truly an aesthetically moderate material, simultaneously rugged and elegant, as well as being visually soft yet strong. You’ll find it on both pragmatic desert boots and classy dress shoes.

It combines a lot of the best cosmetic qualities of regular leather and velvet. So, whether you want to level up your casual looks or bring your formal looks down to earth, suede shoes are a good way to go.

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Here are our recommendations from the list:

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Oliver Cabell – Low 1 Navy Waxed

Among the best-value low-profile sneakers, these stand out for their Italian handcrafted build and premium materials. This suede option elevates the style, offering a touch of casual sophistication akin to dress shoes.

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Beckett Simonon – Dean Oxfords Suede

The quality of these shoes matches higher-priced models, and features like Blake-stitching and leather-lined insoles offer comfort, balanced by a steel shank and rubber heel cap for stability.

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Men’s Leather Suede Shoes: 15 Excellent Choices

Here they are, all categorized for your convenience!

Best Suede Sneakers

Whether you like clean suede sneakers or fun, trendy ones, there’s a suede option for you: 

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Suede

The Oliver Cabell Low 1s are one of the best-value low-profile sneakers on the market. This is thanks to their Italian handcrafted construction and luxurious materials. The suede versions level up the look since suede is reminiscent of more casual dress shoes.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Suede

The Low 1s come in a few colorways. The navy version can be worn with shorts and a polo on a summer day, while the black can be worn on a casual Friday.

Of course, they’re made out of lush Italian suede. Even more, they’ve been waxed for extra water resistance, stain resistance, and dirt resistance.

OC also makes some great distressed variations if that’s your thing. I did a whole hands-on review on a leather distressed model, but there are suede ones, too!

Beckett Simonon Prieto Suede Sneaker

Beckett Simonon serves up something classic yet distinct with the Prietos. Design-wise, the slim collar, leather accented for extra fortification and class, adds a plimsoll-like quality. Meanwhile, the napped surface gives it a brown suede Puma vibe — but way more leveled up.

Beckett Simonon Prieto Suede

You can’t wear Pumas with dress trousers. Depending on the dress code, you can wear the Prietos.

On the function front, the handmade Vachetta lining controls odor and temperature. Also, these shoes feature a visually sleek toe box but a wide midsection and tall instep for long-lasting comfort.

Cariuma Oca High Suede

With its boot-like silhouette and suede build, the Cariuma Oca High brings a more pragmatic, adult vibe to the classic high-tops. 


Of course, this doesn’t take away from your ability to style it in fun, trendy ways. Joggers or oversized jeans? Go for it. The best part is that you can also pair it with a simple, timeless chinos-and-button-down situation.

And since this is Cariuma, these shoes are immediately comfortable. 

The water-repellant vegan suede is more weather-resistant than real suede. And the rubber sole is actually stitched to the top, which is rare for sneakers.

Converse One Star Suede Sneakers

The Converse One Star Suede Sneakers remind me of a more classic, less trend-focused version of the Golden Goose sneakers. And it’s not just because of the star on it — though, here’s your reminder that Converse was putting stars on their sneakers long before GG.

Converse Mens One Star Suede Ox Sneakers
Converse One Star Suede Sneakers

They’re classic low-profilers, which Converse is known for. The ultra-napped surface hides scuffs effectively. And at an undeniably budget price point, you get versatile heritage sneakers without compromising their unique character.

Best Men’s Suede Boots

Suede boots are the perfect balance of everyday wear and rugged yet elegant style. Here are some of the best.

Amberjack Boot

As a huge Amberjack fan, their boot is just the first entry from this brand. As they this boot combines practicality with style. Uniquely, though, it does the best job of combining them in an effectively attractive visual.

Amberjack The Boot

It has a sleek shape but a multi-surfaced, multi-stitched surface. You get the adventurous look of a desert boot but the graceful wear of a dress boot. If you’re looking to bring some brawn to your suit trousers or some class to your work pants, these boots will do the trick. 

And thanks to all of the comfort innovations (I go deep into these in my brand review), this shoe is one of the most comfortable boots on the market.

Thursday Boots Scout

Chukka boots have a gentleman explorer look about them. The Thursday Boots Scout really ups this aesthetic with a graceful but not overly sharp shape and beautiful suede construction. 

Thursday Boots Scout

It also comes in regular leather, but I think the suede gives it more swash-buckling energy without compromising its class.

It’s handcrafted with premium materials and is equipped with antimicrobial insoles and foot-conforming midsoles. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a break-in period here. But once you get past it, these boots are shock-absorbing and foot-conforming.

Read the full review here

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot

You can’t go wrong with a minimalist Chelsea boot, and Oliver Cabell makes one of the most adaptable versions. 

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot
Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot

First of all, it features a crepe sole, which makes it more casual. But it does it in a way that gives it extra personality. The texturing matches the napped surface of the rest of the boot, whereas a rubber sole would definitely stick out.

Second, it comes in five colorways, all expressive but neutral enough to go with any outfit. The Black is chic and urban, while the Cappuccino is a quintessential desert look. 

I also love the Truffle variation because the green undertone has a subtle military characteristic.

Suede Dress Shoes

Suede dress shoes have a more relaxed look than regular leather ones. However, they’re just as classy and visually flexible.

Grant Stone Traveler

The Grant Stone Traveler is a penny loafer that combines best design practices. Between that and its Goodyear-welt construction, it is one of the best loafers on the market. 

Grant Stone Traveler

With its deep saddle, flat shoe lip, and lack of a beef roll, it has European loafer qualities. The rounded edges (and the fact it’s a penny loafer) add a non-stuffy American quality. You can practically wear this shoe with any outfit.

Also, it’s made from Repello suede, a calfskin that’s been treated and processed for extra resistance and lusciousness. 

Beckett Simonon Dean

The Beckett Simonon Deans punch way above their price point. Thanks to the brand’s small-batch made-to-order model, these shoes boast a high level of hands-on craftsmanship. Quality-wise, the Deans are equal to a lot of models, several times its price at retail stores.

Beckett Simonon Dean

Moreover, the Blake-stitching and leather-lined insoles provide comfort, while the steel shank and rubber heel cap balance that with stability.

The suede versions come in two great colorways: A dapper brown and a warm-toned chestnut. 

Amberjack Original 

Amberjack’s first model ever, the Originals, is the quintessential hybrid dress shoe. I also did a hands-on review of them. Check that out here to get my opinion in granular detail!

Amberjack The Original

Often, hybrid shoes look like dress shoes with obviously contrasting orthopedic outsoles. With the Amberjack Originals, the derby upper and two-floor outsole gel together in a very natural way. Even more, the patination on the full-grain leather upper is truly exquisite.

If you’re looking for a dress shoe that you can walk around in for hours, this is your guy.

G.H. Bass Pasadena Suede Bucs

The G.H. Bass Pasadenas are classy but relaxed. Suede is the rugged counterpart to smooth leather, as are rubber soles to leather ones. So, of course, they pair naturally together.

G.H. BASS Pasadena Suede Buck

One of the things I love about the Pasadenas is how the suede construction and rounded toe combine to make them look like an oxford crossed with a chukka boot. The tan version has a beautiful golden undertone, while the gray version oozes with resort-chicness. All of the colorways are effortlessly classy.

The rubber sole cinches the balance of casual and dressy while also providing comfort and resilience.

Casual Suede Shoes

Casual shoes with a suede construction have pizazz. You can wear them with jeans and a T-shirt or even a casual Friday suit situation, depending on the design.

Minnetonka Classic Mocs

The Minnetonka Classic Mocs are as genuine as it gets. Whether you wear them with khakis for a preppy look or suede fringe for a folksy approach, they are quintessential Americana

Minnetonka Mens Classic Moc
Minnetonka Classic Moc

The moccasin is the fall version of the summer boat shoe. The suede is soft, while the gum-like rubber cleats are slip-resistant and flexible.

This shoe has a lot of crossover appeal. As mentioned, you can go crunchy or preppy, but you can also do a California-cool look and pair it with a camp collar. Did I mention that Minnetonka gets that silky suede from environmentally friendly tanneries?

Oliver Cabell Driver 

The Oliver Cabell Driver is the perfect shoe to wear with or without socks. It’s cozy-looking but with a jetsetter aesthetic that pairs as well with a linen suit as it does jeans. Have a casual party at your house? Wear these with a smoking jacket.

Oliver Cabell Driver

They’re also super convenient. I like to keep a pair of drivers by my front door for speedy escapes and under my desk at work. 

I wouldn’t recommend wearing these to important meetings, but they’re classy enough for your run-of-the-mill work days (depending on your office dress code, of course!).

Todd Snyder Nomad Suede Slide

Inspired by summers in Italy, the Todd Snyder Nomad Slide isn’t your typical post-soccer-practice shoe. It has a graceful look about it, thanks to the Italian hair suede and the smooth profile. 

Todd Snyder Nomad Suede Slide

Plus, nothing levels up your life like giving your casual pieces the same attention you do your formal ones.

They’re also wildly comfortable. The finish is soft and lightweight, while the EVA outsole and molded foam footbed conform to your foot as you walk.

Amberjack Loafer

Unsurprisingly, I’m finishing this off with an Amberjack Loafer. The Italian suede on this shoe is buttery and lush. 

Amberjack The Loafer

Meanwhile, the minimal design allows you to wear it in a wide range of dress codes. It’s like a combination of slip-on skate shoes, boat shoes, traditional loafers, and moccasins in one — minus extraneous details, of course.

As with all Amberjack shoes, these loafers are comfortable. Beyond that, the suede is impressively water-repellent. 

Conclusion: Give Suede a Chance

Hopefully, there are a few models here you can add to your rotation. Everyone needs at least one suede dress shoe (a loafer, in my opinion) and a nice suede boot.

Though lately, I’ve really been sold on the idea of suede sneakers in a smart casual citation.

What’s your favorite shoe design to get in suede? Conversely, are there any shoe models you think should never be constructed in suede? I’de love to hear your thoughts!

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