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Toniebox starter set with Playtime Puppy

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The Toniebox is a portable, screen-free audio player that brings stories and songs to life for children through interactive, hand-painted figures.

Black Friday is here, and it’s the perfect time to snag fantastic deals on the Toniebox and its adorable Tonie characters.

Tonies have taken the world by storm — or at least my TikTok FYP (For You Page) — and are fast becoming a top holiday gift choice for 2023. They strike a perfect balance between tech and traditional play, offering a screen-free yet interactive storytelling experience that wins over both kids and parents alike. With their growing popularity on social media apps like TikTok and high ratings as a top seller across various retailers including Amazon, Tonies and their Tonieboxes are shaping up to be the go-to tech toys for kids this holiday season.

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So, of course, there are Black Friday Tonies deals to be found, with the standout so far undoubtedly being the Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Playtime Puppy on Amazon. It’s available in both light blue and green for just $69.99, a significant 30 per cent price drop from its regular $99.99 tag. The Toniebox is a soft, shockproof, and huggable cube that plays stories and songs when Tonie characters are placed on top of it. It’s easy and intuitive to operate, even for small hands.

Here’s a quick roundup of some amazing Black Friday Tonies deals to use with your Toniesbox:



Should you buy a Toniesbox and Tonies for Black Friday?

Definitely, Black Friday is the perfect time to grab a Toniebox and Tonies, especially with Amazon’s 30 per cent off deal. It’s a great opportunity to get this popular, screen-free storytelling gadget at a fantastic price.

The Toniebox does more than just play audio; it’s a fun, educational gadget that boosts listening skills and fires up kids’ imaginations, all without a screen. It can play your own custom audio files too, and it’s portable – perfect for bedtime stories, car trips, or keeping your child entertained anytime, anywhere.

What are Tonies and the Toniebox?

Tonies are painted, magnetic figurines that contain stories, songs, and educational content. Each Tonie character, when placed on the Toniebox, starts playing its stored audio. The range includes characters from popular children’s shows, fairy tales, and educational content, making learning both fun and interactive.

Can you upload custom audio or songs to a Toniebox?

Tonie figures come with NFC chips that work with the Toniebox to play their audio. For a personalized touch, you can use Creative-Tonies, which let you add your own audio, like stories or songs, up to 90 minutes. Just record or upload your content through the MyTonies app or website to make your Toniebox experience uniquely yours.

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