The Holiday Gift Guide For Gentlemen

Peruse 50+ Items Curated for Today’s Classic Gentleman

Looking for the perfect classically-inspired holiday gift for a family member, friend, or gentleman in your life? Or perhaps you would like to treat yourself this holiday season? For whomever you may be shopping, we know you’ll find something to love in our carefully curated gift guide, arranged by price point.

Up to $100

Fort Belvedere Shoe and Boot Laces ($9+)

An assortment of Fort Belvedere shoelaces.
Fort Belvedere offers luxurious boot and shoe laces in 15 vibrant colors!

What makes an old pair of shoes look brand new without worrying about sizing or fit and at a fraction of the cost? New shoe and boot laces! A dash of unexpected color or unique texture from new laces can change your shoes or boots’ formality, appearance, and effect. And best of all? No sizing to worry about.

Get a “new” pair of shoes for $9!

Gentleman Jon Alum Block ($10)

Gentleman Jon infographic; text reads as follows:

The Perfect Finish to the Perfect Shave

The natural antiseptic and astringent properties of Gentleman Jon Alum Block help to stop bleeding, tone skin and close pores. The perfect finish to the perfect shave, you'll be left with a fresh, toned feeling and will be proteted from razor burn and other irritations.
Gentleman Jon offers the perfect finishing touch to your shave experience. [Image Credit: Gentleman Jon]

EFIXTK Spring Bar Tool Set ($10)

A Collection of Rolex Watches with Different Types of Bracelets
Including 72 pieces, this kit is compatible with almost every watch bracelet type!

Make the life of any watch-wearer in your life so much better with the EFIXTK Spring Bar Tool Set. With these handy and easy-to-use tools, he can easily replace the bracelet or leather strap on his watch and undertake simple repairs like battery replacement.

Necktie Travel Roll Case ($12)

Photo of a Fosinz Necktie Travel Roll Case
Never worry about your ties becoming crumpled in transit again! [Image Credit: Fosinz]

Traveling with a necktie can be risky; they are easily squished or creased in luggage, and what’s the point of having a tie if not to look good? Check out this simple and inexpensive solution for frequent travelers: the necktie travel roll case. While we don’t recommend storing your ties rolled for longer than necessary, this is a great solution for getting from point A to B.

Fill your tie cases with Fort Belvedere ties!

horn collar stays

Kent Wang Horn Collar Stays ($15)

Keep your shirt collars looking crisp and elegant with these horn collar stays from Kent Wang, sustainably sourced from water buffaloes. Each of these stays, which measure 2.5″ by 3/8″, vary in color from a warm brown to a deep tan, and thanks to the natural flexibility of the horn, they will offer years of service, keeping your shirt collar points from appearing lank or crumpled.

Vorspack Dopp Kit ($16)

Be ready to help your man look his best on his next trip, no matter where life takes him! This durable and attractive dopp kit is 10 x 5 x 5.5 inches: large enough to handle all you need but still easy to stow in carry-on luggage. The waterproof interior lining protects you and your clothes from accidental spills.

See all six colorful varieties!

Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook ($20)

Want the perfect gift for the foodie, Hannibal fan, or both in your life? Consider Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook by Janice Poon. These easy-to-follow recipes have been carefully crafted by Poon, the series’ food stylist, as a loving homage to this sensational and stylish television series.

Photo of a Lulu scented candle

scented candles by

Lulu ($20+)

With dozens of different scents available, these long-lasting soy candles with cotton wicks will help you set any desired mood in any space in your home. One of our favorites is warm pipe tobacco!

Colorful Montblanc Ink Bottles ($26)

Raphael refills his fountain pen’s signature green ink
Raphael’s signature ink comes in deep forest green from Montblanc.

What do you give the fountain pen lover who has everything? How about a bottle of Montblanc ink in an exciting and unexpected color? From modena red to toffee brown and amethyst purple to Irish green, these unique shades help even the most accomplished writer stand out in the best possible way.

Over a dozen colors are available!

Crane & Co. Stationery ($28)

Photo of stationary
Crane & Co. offers a wide array of stationery supplies.

Could there be a better complement for your exceptional gift-giving than when they send you a “Thank You” note with the fine stationery that you bought for them? Crane & Co. offers a wide array of writing papers, envelopes, and cards: you can even create a custom set!

Air Tags / Galaxy Tags / Tile Trackers ($30+)

Sven Raphael's Samsonite polycarbonate luggages
With a tracking tag tucked inside, you will always be able to track down your stray luggage.

Are you constantly losing little items like your keys, the remote, or a commonplace book? Or are you afraid that your airlines might lose your luggage? Consider a discreet but extremely helpful tracking tag that allows you to hunt down those lost items wherever they might be hiding. Consider Airtags for optimization with Apple products, Galaxy Tags for Android phone users, or Tile trackers for a generic option.

Classic Vinyl Records ($30+)

Miles Davis Kind of Blue on Vinyl
Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue on vinyl is one of our favorite records.

Audiophiles often say that nothing compares to the pressed-in audio fidelity of a genuine vinyl record. We’re inclined to agree, and if anyone on your “Nice List” owns a turntable, consider expanding their LP collection with a few classic records. We suggest In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning by Frank Sinatra, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, and Time Out by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

You can find re-releases on Amazon or originals in your local record shop.

Luxury Travel Shoe Horn Handmade

Fort Belvedere Handmade Genuine-HOrn Luxury Travel Shoe Horn ($35)

Whether on the go or at home, a quality shoe horn is a gift that keeps on giving as it improves the life of and reduces wear-and-tear on fine dress shoes. This beautiful model from Fort Belvedere is pocket-sized for portability and made from genuine horn: each one is unique and has its own warm, earth-toned color.

Need more “Stocking Stuffers?”

Highball Wood Cocktail Muddler ($38)

Cocktail Muddler
A wooden muddler could be the perfect addition to your home bar. [Image Credit: TwoTmbleweeds]

Muddling cocktails helps to release the fragrant oils of citrus fruits and herbs. Some muddlers can be too narrow or slippery, which makes a simple Mojito far more work than it should be. This muddler is nearly as wide as a typical highball glass, offering a better grip and preventing the fruits and herbs from escaping being crushed. For the home cocktail enthusiast, a muddler is a tool that is as attractive as it is functional.

Fort Belvedere Black Tie Accessories ($45+)

When it comes to formal attire, every little detail matters. Help him get the details exactly right with these stunning Black Tie accessories from Fort Belvedere. Everything you need to make a smoking Le Smoking ensemble is here, from decadent silk dress socks to crisp bow ties that are individually sized and come with various bow styles to make your formal evening look all your own.

J.C. Leyendecker: American Imagist Art Book ($50)

Photo of a book cover
J.C. Leyendecker: American Imagist by Laurence S. Cutler and Judy Goffman Cutler [Image Credit: Amazon]

Whether seeking out vintage style inspiration or a way to liven up a drab coffee table, J.C. Leyendecker: American Imagist by Laurence S. Cutler and Judy Goffman Cutler chronicles the life and career of this remarkable illustrator with a fascinating narrative and countless high-quality, vibrantly transferred full-color photographs of his most famous and iconic works.

Fort Belvedere Wool-Silk Pocket Squares ($60+)

During the colder days of the year, pocket squares in a wool-silk blend look particularly dapper because they are less shiny than their all-silk counterparts, and the colors are still vivid but a bit more subdued and, hence, perfectly fitting for the season.

Shop the Entire Fall-Winter Collection!

Museum Membership ($60+)

Give the gift of culture and the arts this holiday season by surprising that special someone with a local art, history, or cultural museum membership. Whether for a connoisseur or a newbie, a museum membership is a gift that can be enjoyed the entire year. Our local art museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, offers starting memberships at just $60.

Roberto Ugolini Fragrance Sampler Set ($70)

Photo of the Roberto Ugolini sampler set
Finding your preferred fragrance is a snap with a sampler pack!

Can’t choose between all of the fabulous fragrances offered by Roberto Ugolini? Now you don’t have to! This sample pack gives you access to the entire line to wear and test each fragrance to find your perfect fit.

Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel 11 ⅞ Fry Pan ($70)

Raphael himself swears by this pan as a versatile option that doesn’t break the bank like other brands can. He has found that the 11 7/8″ size is ideal for most home chefs.

Want another tip? Raphael says: “Elevate your cooking experience with a Lodge silicone handle.”

Photo of Folio Society edition of Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Folio Society Classic Edition

Books ($75+)

For the dedicated reader, these handsomely bound and illustrated editions of favorite novels could be the perfect way to experience a beloved book again. We especially enjoy the James Bond books by Ian Fleming.

Fort Belvedere Over-the-Calf Silk Socks ($80)

Available Now in a Range of New Colors!

He will be overjoyed to receive these socks for the holidays! Suitable for festive Black Tie occasions as well as everyday wear, these socks have a lustrous sheen, rich jewel-toned colors, and, thanks to their over-the-calf construction, you don’t need to worry about them falling down!

Wireless Earbuds ($98+)

Wireless earbuds make it so easy to enjoy music discreetly, talk on the phone, or block out that outside noise! For best results, select a product that matches the make of the gift-receiver’s mobile phone. We suggest Sony WF-C500 Wireless Earbuds for Android phones and AirPods for iOS users.

$100 to $300

Annual Subscription to the Criterion Channel ($100)

Elevate their streaming experience with an annual subscription to The Criterion Channel this holiday season. An incredible repository of foreign, art, and classic films, The Criterion Channel features thousands of films that will keep the cinephile in your life busy until next Christmas!

Real Balsamic Vinegar

Genuine Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy by Villa Ronzan ($110)

When we say “real” balsamic vinegar, we don’t mean the kind you buy at the grocery store or even on the shelves of your local Italian specialty store. Authentic balsamic vinegar is produced in a strictly regulated, time-intensive process carrying a D.O.P. stamp. One of our favorites is made by Villa Ronzan.

Custom Portrait Illustration ($120+)

Give the gift of an unforgettable work of art! Online or locally, find an artist who will transform your photographs, like a portrait or treasured memory, into a unique piece of art.

At the 2023 Belvedere Bash in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we commissioned a local artist, Claire Ward, to create fashion-style illustrations of some of our guests’ fantastic ensembles.

Manicure Set Travel Kit in Leather and Stainless Steel from Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Men’s Travel

Manicure Set ($140)

You can’t put a price on clean and neat nails, and this manicure makes self-care a pleasure!

Photo of Henckel Classic Set of Four Steak Knives

Henckel Classic Set of Four

Steak Knives ($145)

Bon appétit! Every steak he eats will taste better thanks to these classic and elegant steak knives.

Fox Classic Stick Umbrella ($150)

Various styles of umbrellas
When the weather outside is frightful, an umbrella is essential!

It always pays to invest in items that keep you comfortable, and that’s doubly true for anything that also helps to keep you dry! A quality stick umbrella is a dapper tool that ensures you look great while avoiding the wet.

We recommend Fox Umbrellas!

World Poker Tour Clay Poker Set ($150)

A poker chip set is a must have for any game
A quality poker set with clay chips will elevate any game night with friends.

When it is poker night at The Gentleman’s Gazette, we gather around the table and play with Raphael’s exceptional World Poker Tour clay chips. Looking for a pack of cards? We use Copag.

Four Suits White Linen Pocket Square by Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere 4 Suits Poker Pocket Square with Embroidered Hearts, Spaces, Clubs, and Spades

Be ready for poker night with this fun 100% Italian linen pocket square from Fort Belvedere, embroidered with the four suits. We can’t guarantee it will bring you luck, but we can guarantee that it will help you look your very best!

Will Luck be a lady tonight?

Fort Belvedere Lamb Nappa or Suede Gloves ($160+)

Whether gripping the wheel while touring in a sportscar, stepping out in style on a chilly day, or sporting elegant formal attire, Fort Belvedere offers lamb nappa and suede gloves for every occasion.

Timex Marlin Wristwatch ($180)+

Photo of Timex Marlin watches
The Marlin line by Timex offers a charming Mid-Century aesthetic at a highly reasonable price point.

When dipping a toe into the wide world of watches, there is lots to love about the Marlin line by Timex, which offers a versatile and timeless Mid-Century modern aesthetic in a wide array of colors and a helpful selection of complications, bands, colors, and metals.

Is it time to get him a Timex?

Shun Premier 8″ Chef’s Knife ($200)

We’ve tested numerous chef knives. There are many we like, such as the Wustoff knives from Germany and the Evercut Furtif from France, but the one we like the most is the Shun 8” Premier chef’s knife from Japan. It is lightweight, surgically sharp, easy to use, and comfortable for most hands. What makes it an especially stunning investment piece is how beautiful it looks on the counter with the gorgeous dark wood handle, its gold cap, and the layered Damascus cladding with a hammered tsuchime finish. 

Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf - Green Blue Military from Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Black Watch Tartan

Scarf ($215)

Given that most men’s overcoat collections include gray, black, camel, and navy, this elegant tartan cashmere scarf will suit them all. Constructed of the finest Mongolian & Chinese long staple cashmere, this extra-long scarf will keep him warm and stylish.

Baturina Classic Dressing Gown ($215+)

Illustration of Men in a dressing room admiring dressing gowns robes smoking jackets
Dressing gowns have been a favored gift for well-dressed men for centuries.

Whether he’s bundled up against the cold or getting ready for an evening out, he will love doing it in a classic men’s dressing gown. We are particularly impressed with the offerings from Baturina. No matter your choice, it will look much better than a pair of sweatpants!

See over 40 Baturina dressing gowns!

Photo of Audio Techinca turntable

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Stereo

Turntable ($220)

Old favorites sound better on a turntable record player, and if he has a collection of records, he will love listening to them on this hi-fi record player outfitted with all the latest bells and whistles.

Photo of Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bose Portable Bluetooth

Speaker ($220)

Don’t let inferior speakers ruin your listening experience. These exceptional speakers from Bose connect wirelessly without compromising sound quality.

Roberto Ugolini Fragrances ($255+)

Photo of Roberto Ugolini collection on white shelf
Roberto Ugolini offers some of the finest fragrances currently on the market.

Give him the gift of an introduction into the rarefied world of luxurious niche fragrances with a beautiful flacon from Roberto Ugolini. These exceptional scents represent the pinnacle of olfactory excellence in the world of menswear. With an expanding collection from which to choose, find your and his new favorite scent today.

Not sure which fragrance to buy?

Bowhill & Elliott Dress Slippers ($275+)

Photo of dress slippers
Bowhill & Elliott is known for whimsical motifs on their slippers, including these avian designs.

Whether relaxing at home or entertaining, do it with style and panache in a pair of elegant slippers. We are especially taken with the offerings from heritage English brand Bowhill & Elliott.

Fort Belvedere Leather Wallets ($285)

Raphael's prototype wallet alongside current models available from Fort Belvedere, which are made in Germany.
Fort Belvedere offers classic men’s wallets in a variety of unique colors.

If he uses it daily, he should love it, so find a wallet he will love at Fort Belvedere!

Fort Belvedere Corduroy Trouseres ($295)

Photo of corduroy stacked near a potted plant

Dress him like the king that he is in these luxurious and extraordinarily comfortable corduroy trousers from Fort Belvedere. Available in 14 colors with a genuine high-rise waist and full cut that will flatter all body types, these trousers will surely become his new favorite pair of pants!

Everyone loves surprises, so consider telling him you’re buying him a pair of pants, but don’t reveal which kind! Then, collect the measures you need to order the correct size, as outlined in the measurement guide on the Fort Belvedere corduroy trouser product pages.

Enjoy discounts when you buy several pairs!

$300 to $500

Photo of Meta VR headset

meta Virtual Reality Headset

Quest 2 ($300)

The future is now with his incredible VR headset, offering immersion and quality graphics that you could previously only dream of!

Fort Belvedere Peccary Gloves, $315

Peccary Gloves Unlined in Chamois Yellow with Button from Fort Belvedere
Make him feel like a king with the “king of glove leathers.”

Peccary leather, on its own, is a rare, remarkable material – harvested from wild Peruvian animals, it is renowned for being both incredibly durable and soft. It’s one of the few glove leathers that will become more beautiful with wear. Since leather gloves are often in contact with snow and water, we decided to take peccary one step further. Introducing HydroPeccary: our peccary leather is specially finished in Germany to offer a water-resistant finish, the first of its kind. Finally, our gloves are handstitched by master craftsmen with quirks for extra flexibility and a soft Italian cashmere lining for warmth.

Available in over five classic colors!

Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen in Bordeaux

Pelikan M600 Souveran Fountain Pen in Bordeaux ($415)

Pelikan is known for making some of the most elegant and well-respected fine writing instruments in the world. Most will recognize their hallmark striped fountain pens in green and blue, but only the most serious collectors seem to be familiar with the Bordeaux version. This deep and enchanting red pen features Pelikan’s notable black pinstripes. With a black resin cap and gold clip and nib, this is one pen that will continue to fetch compliments from those you admire. The M600 Souveran is a mid-sized fountain pen perfect for most hand sizes. Not overly large, but not small either, it will fit easily in your jacket’s pen pocket, on your desk as a showpiece, or in your attache to serve you at the most important meetings of your life.

Tom Ford “Ian” Classic Round Sunglasses ($435)

Tom Ford Sunglasses
Ian Sunglasses, available from Tom Ford

Classic round sunglasses not only flatter almost all faces but also have the unique ability to make young faces look more mature and more mature faces look more youthful. Though this style was favored by Golden Era movie stars like Cary Grant, it’s worth taking advantage of their current popularity to get a classic pair of tortoiseshell sunnies for the elegant man in your life.

Find sunglasses to suit any face shape!

Seiko Cocktail Time Wristwatches (+$450)

When it is time to take his watch game to the next level, consider the timeless Japanese brand Seiko and its very impressive line of Cocktail Time watches. At under $500, these timepieces offer an understated and timeless style and impeccable workmanship at a remarkable price point.

See the entire collection


Museum-Quality Replicas ($500+)

Photo of Museum replica desk statues
Turn his desk into an art museum with high-quality replica statuettes.

Make his desk or den the envy of any collector with a quality, large-sized reproduction of a beloved work of art. On a large scale, these replicas become one-of-a-kind decorative items themselves and will always make a monumental impression on anyone who sees them.

Check out these offerings from Design Toscano, the Getty Museum, and Museum Replicas.

Season Tickets to a Cultural Event ($550+)

Screenshot of the Minnesota Opera homepage
The opera can be a wonderful experience for everyone, including opera fans and soon-to-be opera fans!

During the season of giving, consider a gift that can be used year-around: tickets to a recurring cultural event, like a season of plays, musicals, or operas. While season tickets are available at many price points, for an unforgettable gift, why not splurge on prime orchestra or mezzanine seats? After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to get all dressed up?

Classic Silk Pajama Set ($885)

Derek Rose Silk Pajamas
He’ll rest easy in this luxurious pajama set!

Nothing will make the man in your life feel like a gentleman of leisure quite like a true silk pajama set. Traditional pajamas, composed of a button-down, notch-collar lapel shirt and matching drawstring bottoms, used to be a department store staple. Few men wear them anymore, so why not revisit them with this ultra-lux pair from Derek Rose made from 100% silk? You won’t be afraid to open the door for the UPS guy wearing these pajamas.

Trialmaster Panther Jacket

Belstaff Leather Jacket

Trialmaster ($1795)

Invest in his comfort and his style with a quality leather jacket like the Belstaff Trialmaster. The silhouette of the Panther jacket hasn’t changed in years, so you can be assured the look will remain relevant for years to come. The tumble-finished, hand-waxed cowhide leather also makes it a much sturdier leather jacket than most.

See what we thought about the Trialmaster!


We hope you’ve found something for every gentleman on your shopping list! If not, here is additional content that may help you on your holiday search!

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