33 Gifts For Men Who Don’t Want Anything (2023 Holiday Guide)

Here’s the secret to getting the perfect gift for the man who says he wants nothing.

The holiday season can be tough if you have someone in your life who insists they don’t want anything. Maybe they’re being polite — and if so, they’ll probably drop some hints — but it might actually be the case that they don’t have anything on their wish list.

This presents a dilemma: You want to give a thoughtful gift, but you don’t want to give them something they don’t need or won’t like. What do you do?

You probably don’t want to give them some generically masculine gift like a leather-covered beer dispenser. Similarly, getting a novelty gift usually isn’t the way to go, either (who’s actually going to use sunglasses that have Bluetooth audio?).

The trick is simple: Make your gift as practical as possible. It could help the man in your life solve a problem, or it could provide an upgrade to something he already owns.

Staying practical is a great way to avoid giving a gift just for the sake of it while also adding real value to someone’s life. And gifts that meet these criteria are everywhere if you know where to look.

The Best Gifts for Men Who Don’t Want Anything

With a little bit of thoughtful planning, you can give the men in your life things they actually need — even if they say they don’t need anything. Here are some (nearly) surefire gift ideas for guys who say they don’t want anything.

Subscription Renewals

Extending someone’s subscription is arguably one of the best gifts you can give today. The average American spends about $219 per month on subscription services, so relieving some of that cost is always welcome.

Typically, buying a digital gift card is the most straightforward way to go. It’s more convenient, and it saves paper — win-win.

A New Wallet

If your recipient is still carrying around a battered billfold, help him out with an upgrade. There are tons of fancy wallets on the market today, but going with a slim wallet is a safe bet.

A slim wallet takes up less pocket space and can actually reduce back pain (if your recipient is a wallet-in-the-back-pocket type of guy). And besides, most guys don’t need all the space that huge wallets offer.

An Upscale Candle

Candles have come a long way. Ten years ago, your options were virtually limited to subpar scents offered in big box mall stores. Still, today, you can easily get artisanal hand-poured candles with exquisite fragrance notes.

Splurging on a candle is arguably one of the best gifts you can buy for a man. And don’t worry too much about getting a “manly” candle — guys like floral scents, too!

Some Casual Reading Materials

If you’ve got a reader in your life — especially one who hasn’t had much time to sink into full-length novels — then gifting some casual reading options is a fantastic choice.

Coffee table books are ideal for this situation, but there are also plenty of excellent independent magazines that are perfect for moments of laid-back reading.

A Swiss Army knife

Even if the guy in your life isn’t an outdoorsman, he can still benefit from a Swiss Army knife. This storied multitool is perfect for practical everyday tasks like opening packages, uncapping bottles, tightening or loosening screws, and much more.

While there are countless other multitools available, what makes the Swiss Army knife so great is its versatility. Realistically, most guys don’t need specific tools like wire cutters or serrated knives for daily use, and that’s one area where smaller Swiss Army knives really shine.

Productivity-Boosting Desk Accessories

Suppose the guy you’re thinking of spends any amount of time at a desk (or any working surface that serves as one). In that case, he’ll appreciate any accessories that help him to be more efficient, ergonomic, or organized.

Desk accessories are especially crucial for guys who work from home or have a hybrid work environment. It can be hard to focus when your office is twenty feet from your bed, so having the right tools is important for maintaining focus and enhancing workflow.

A Versatile Bag

The right bag can transform day-to-day activities. It’s easier said than done for guys to carry all their stuff from home to the office and the gym without missing a beat, so having a sturdy, versatile bag they can rely on is key.

In the past, the standard for men was a stylish briefcase, but now, lots of guys prefer more functional options like backpacks, crossbody bags, and messenger bags. (It might be a good idea to suss out your recipient’s preferences before you drop some cash on a bag).

Some Refreshing Greenery

A little pop of green goes a long way. Having just one or two plants around can boost mood, enhance productivity, and even improve the quality of the air.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find low-maintenance plants that don’t require tons of water or light to thrive.

There are even some convincing fake plants, but they should be used sparingly. If you want to give a plant that they put anywhere, go for a live one.

A Comfy Pair of House Shoes

Too many guys have to make do with ratty old slippers that look bad and smell worse. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for comfortable house shoes.

The best indoor shoes are ultra cozy, odor resistant, and stylishly minimal. Generally speaking, fleece-lined slippers are great for warmth, while unlined or mesh shoes are best for all-around wear.

A Beginner-Friendly Film Camera

Film photography is officially back. If you know someone who’s always shooting candid photos on his phone, a film camera could be a fantastic gift.

Shooting on film seems intimidating, but there are more beginner-friendly options than ever before. The new instant cameras from Polaroid and Fujifilm are ideal for guys who are new to film.

If you want to really impress a budding photographer, go for a vintage camera that offers more advanced capabilities (along with a steeper learning curve, of course).

Audiophile-Friendly Headphones

Chances are, the cash-strapped music lovers in your life are secretly yearning for a new pair of cans. Wireless earbuds may be more convenient, but over-the-ear headphones offer a more comfortable experience for longer listening sessions.

While headphones get really expensive really quickly, some more economical pairs will perform way better than earbuds without draining your bank account.

Different headphones have different sound profiles, so you can go the extra mile by choosing a pair based on what kind of music your recipient listens to.

Here’s one more gift idea guaranteed to please: a high-quality pair of socks. Seriously — read our socks gift guide for more.

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