How to create the ultimate gaming setup with AndaSeat

Cooler days are around the corner, which means that indoor activities are about to skyrocket. It’s easy to spend a guilt-free afternoon gaming your heart out when it’s raining sideways or icy cold. If you plan on getting into some serious gaming this fall and winter, you’ll want to create a comfortable space to enjoy your sessions.

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current setup, or perhaps you’re a newbie who wants to start building their ultimate gaming cave. Check out these tips for the four must-haves for every gamer’s space.

1. Invest in the right tech

A computer desk with double screens


The most important part of your gaming setup is obviously the technology. Every gamer needs a reliable PC, a top-notch monitor, and high-quality sound. If you’ve been running your laptop ragged, it’s time to invest in a PC that can support you with the right power and features. And if you’re really hardcore, you might want to consider building your own gaming PC. However, if building is out of your comfort zone, check out Pocket-Lint’s list of the best gaming PCs to find the one with the right specs for your style.

When it comes to outfitting your space with adequate technology, the monitor can be just as crucial as the PC. If you’ve got deep pockets, check out the unreal 49” Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 for unparalleled performance. Otherwise, scan the top gaming monitors to find something suitable – and still awesome – within your budget.

Lastly, you’ll want the right speakers to amplify your experience. If cranking the volume isn’t a concern, desktop speakers or surround sound are the way to go. When selecting speakers, be sure to keep your desk space in mind. And if your gaming has the potential to annoy roommates or keep your kids awake at night, you’ll want a solid headset.

2. Get comfortable

andaseat gaming chairs in white black and red


Now you need somewhere to put all your new gear. Dedicated gaming desks are generally larger, providing ample space for multiple monitors, they can help with cord management. IKEA makes affordable gaming desks with cord storage, ample desktop space, and ergonomic considerations for gamers.

Your gaming chair will be the centrepiece of your space and the most important thing when it comes to comfort and enjoyment. Sitting for a long time can be brutal on your body if you don’t have the right support. AndaSeat specializes in expertly designed, premium ergonomic gaming chairs, all built with a super-strong 100% seamless steel frame.

Every AndaSeat gaming chair is rigorously tested to guarantee the ultimate combination of support and comfort, even after long periods of use.

AndaSeat has five excellent options to choose from, all of which come with free shipping, up to five years’ warranty, and interest-free payment options. From 12 October to 30 November, all AndaSeat gaming chairs will be on sale. Check out the options to see which one suits your needs:

  • The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair has a magnetic head pillow; built-in four-way adjustable lumbar support; 4D armrests; and multifunction tilt; and comes in a wide range of colours in PVC leather or in linen fabric. Save $100 and get it for only $399.99.
  • The AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series Premium Office Gaming Chair has an ergonomic design with a neck pillow and lumbar support and comes in a wide range of colours in PVC leather or in linen fabric. Save $150 and get it for only $249.99.
  • The AndaSeat Kaiser Frontier Series XL Gaming Chair comes in black or maroon – both in top-quality PVC leather – and is built with an ergonomic design and 4D armrests. Save $1000 and get it for only $349.
  • The AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Office Gaming Chair comes with a magnetic head pillow, lumbar support, and an ergonomic design. Save $200 and get it for only $199.99.
  • Elevate your gaming experience with AndaSeat’s ergonomically designed chair, capturing the fiery essence of Esports in WBG’s signature red and white. Crafted for style and comfort, it’s a must-have for every professional gamer. Visit the AndaSeat x WBG website to check it out.

3. Light your space

Neon light that reads


Investing in a monitor light bar is a great way to take care of your eye health when spending extended periods of time in front of a screen. Don’t let digital eye strain ruin your fun and instead, light your screen and surrounding desktop properly.

Lighting isn’t all practical: there are plenty of cool ambient light options to add personality to your space. Neon wall signs come in all sorts of styles, from remote controllers and game characters to emojis and customized phrases. For a more laidback vibe, try the original moon lamp, a Himalayan salt lamp, a desktop night light, or the classic lava lamp.

4. Customize your aesthetic

Red office wall with string lights and Chicago Bulls jersey


Now it’s time to decorate with some cool accessories. If you have memorabilia, figurines, or collector’s items, adding a glass showcase or shelving is a cool way to display these items. The minimalists will gravitate toward things like wooden shelves with a plant and a few special items, while the maximalists tend to cover the walls with everything from framed art prints and posters to shelving adorned with Lego, vintage games, and comics. It’s your space, so do what makes you happy!

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