20 Unique Womens Halloween Costumes for This Year

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Queen of Hearts costume from Dolls Kill
Dolls Kill

Are you looking for a unique women’s Halloween costume to make you stand out this year? Then, this post will give you all the inspo you need!

It is always fun to come up with ideas for Halloween costumes to wear with you and your friends. However, you may see the same costumes over and over on campus.

Want to stand out with your costume this year? We’ve got you covered.

So many people follow the popular costume trends, so you will want to ensure that you stay away from the usual costume ideas that everyone seems to wear.

To help you search for the perfect Halloween costume, I have come up with a list of 20 unique costumes you will love this year if you are looking for something less common!

Unique Women’s Halloween Costumes

1. Fast & Furious

Fast & furious costume from Dolls Kill

For those of us who are fans of the Fast & Furious series, you will adore this costume. This costume is inspired by the iconic character Suki in the movie.

This costume is comprised of a unique outfit inspired by her character with a crop top and low-rise skirt. Also, these super fun thigh highs really add something unique to the costume! You’ll have so much fun wearing this one.

2. Sailor Moon

Sailor moon costume from Dolls Kill

Another fun and unique Halloween costume that I definitely recommend you try is Sailor Moon.

If you are a fan of this character, this will be the perfect unique Halloween costume for you! You will want to ensure you have the exact outfit to ensure you look exactly like Sailor Moon with her cute dress and knee-high boots.

You could certainly DIY this one if you’re crafty, but TBH, ordering it is such a cinch and the costume is stunning.

3. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood costume from Windsor

Another fun and unexpected Halloween costume is Little Red Riding Hood!

This costume will make you look just like Little Red Riding Hood with the iconic red cape that she is known for wearing. Again, this is another cute DIY option if you’re crafty, since you may have a lot of the items already in your closet.

4. Cupid Costume

Cupid costume from Windsor

Another less-expected Halloween costume is Cupid! While we talked about a dual cupids costume in our guide to sexy couples’ Halloween costumes, this makes a great solo option as well.

For this costume, you will be wearing all things red with a cute set of red wings and a bow and arrow to complete your cupid costume.

5. Pink Cowgirl Costume

Pink cowgirl costume from Windsor

Dressing up as a cowgirl is definitely a popular Halloween choice. However, you can choose to go as a pink cowgirl to make your costume stand out a little!

With this costume, you will get a cute pink set with a matching bandana and cowgirl hat to complete your pink cowgirl look.

6. The Shining Twins

The shining twins costume from Dolls Kill

If you want to get a little spooky with your Halloween costume, you will love this unique Halloween costume.

This costume is based on the Shining twins. Don’t be fooled by this adorable-looking costume — these twins were characters in a horror film and they are creepy.

So, people who know of the Shining twins will know just how cute but yet spooky your costume is. Bonus points if you can get a friend to go with you.

7. Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra costume from Yandy

For those of us who want to dress up as royalty this Halloween but want to be unique with our costumes, you may want to consider dressing up as Cleopatra.

Cleopatra is an iconic historical figure that will make for a unique and stunning Halloween costume.

For example, you can wear a black dress and add a stunning headpiece, as shown above in the photo of a Cleopatra costume. You can DIY it or buy the costume as-is above.

8. Little Mermaid

Little mermaid costume from Dolls Kill

When you think of unique, you may not be thinking of Disney princesses. However, it depends on how you put this costume together. For example, wearing something different than the usual costume will create a unique look inspired by the Disney princesses.

For example, this short and sexy Little Mermaid costume will give you a unique costume for Halloween with this adorable dress inspired by the princess!

9. Harley Quinn Jester

Harley Quinn jester costume from Dolls Kill

For those of us who loved the Birds of Prey movie or Suicide Squad, you may be tempted to dress up as a Harley Quinn character this year.

However, everyone dressed up as this character a few years ago. However, you can bring this costume back by changing up your look a bit.

Instead of the usual outfits worn by Harley Quinn, you will be wearing a pink jester outfit like this one! It’s so cute and while everyone will know who you are, it won’t be a costume they’ve seen before.

10. Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit costume from Yandy

Some of us may have considered dressing up as a cartoon character this Halloween. If you want a unique and cute option, consider dressing up as Jessica Rabbit.

Jessica Rabbit is an iconic cartoon character that will definitely make for a unique Halloween costume.

Just wear her stunning long red dress with some matching heels and a wig. And don’t forget about her gorgeous purple gloves!

11. 80s Workout Costume

80s workout costume from Dolls Kill

If the ’80s era inspires you, you may also be drawn to dressing up as an ’80s workout instructor!

For this Halloween costume, you will be creating a unique look by pairing some colorful clothing pieces that give off the ’80s vibes. You can absolutely DIY this one as well with some colorful leggings, a bodysuit, sneakers, and a sweatband.

12. Cruella de Vil

Cruella costume from Windsor

This famous Disney character may be exactly what you are looking for in a costume this Halloween.

For this costume, you can dress up as a villain. However, you will be dressing up as a villain many people might not have thought about!

Cruella de Vil is a classic Disney villain that will make you stand out this Halloween. Not to mention she’s chic and cool, and you get to wear an awesome wig.

13. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell from Windsor

Tinkerbell also might have been overlooked by many, but it would be a really cute costume idea for this Halloween if you are going for more of the mystical vibes.

For this look, you will want to ensure you have Tinkerbell’s iconic green dress to pair perfectly with some matching wings!

14. Flapper Costume

Flapper costume from Windsor

Another fun and girly unique Halloween costume is this flapper costume! If you have seen The Great Gatsby, you might have fallen in love with the style of outfits that they wear in the movie.

If this sounds like you, this costume will be the perfect fit to make you stand out this year! Just make sure to wear a feathery headpiece to complete your costume.

15. Superwoman

Superwoman costume from Windsor

Everyone knows Superwoman. However, you will still be able to have a unique costume with this look because this costume was popular years ago and isn’t a super popular choice right now.

So, why not bring back the superwoman costume and stand out with this adorable bodysuit and headpiece to really make you look the part!

16. Regina George

Regina George costume

Everyone who has watched Mean Girls knows exactly who Regina George is. But you can make your costume unique by wearing a specific Regina look like this one.

This look is inspired by her iconic saying, “on Wednesdays we wear pink,” as you can see on her t-shirt.

To complete this look, just add a cute mini skirt with a matching pink jacket and purse. Again, this would be an easy one to DIY.

17. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts costume from Dolls Kill

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you may be trying to think of a unique costume you can wear. However, Alice is a pretty common costume on campus.

If you want something a little more unique, you should consider the Queen of Hearts! The Queen of Hearts will give you that unique look that you are going for with your costume this Halloween.

Just wear a cute black and red dress like this one with a stunning tiara and heels to complete your look.

18. Poison Ivy

Poison ivy costume from Yandy

For those of us who love the idea of superheroes but want to do something a bit different this Halloween, you should totally go for this poison ivy costume.

This costume will give you superhero vibes without having to dress up as a superhero that everyone dresses up as for Halloween.

19. Ninja Costume

Ninja costume from Yandy

If you want to look super cool this Halloween with your costume, you might want to consider this ninja outfit!

This outfit will give you a super cool and unique Halloween look this year. Just wear an all-black and red outfit like this super cute black and red dress paired with thigh-high boots.

20. Boxer Costume

Boxer costume from Yandy

If you’re feeling a sporty costume this year but don’t want to be a referee or cheerleader, you might want to consider this boxer costume!

This costume will be different from the usual sporty outfits and will give you a more unique and fun look.

To complete this costume, you will need to make sure you have the boxer robe and gloves, as well as the boxer belt buckle, to make you look like a famous boxer this Halloween!

Which unique women’s Halloween costume will you be wearing this year?

Which one of these costumes do you think is the most unique? Which one if your favorite?

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