Micro Braids Are the Latest Y2K Hairstyle Trend

Can I DIY Micro Braids?

Short answer: depends how much patience and arm strength you have. “If you want to take this feat on by yourself, make sure you have carved out a large enough chunk of time and the arm strength of a superhero,” Dunning says.

In order to re-create the style at home, you’ll need a water bottle, tail comb, clips, wavy yaki hair, boiling water, conditioning cream, hair scissors, and small rubber bands. Dunning encourages DIY micro braiders to select faux hair that is similar in density to your hair to create a natural, seamless look.

Are There Any Risks to the Style?

Although micro braids aren’t bad for your hair, people with thin or fragile hair should consider avoiding the style, as the braids are so small that the tension and extra weight could cause breakage and damage. Any hairstyle that is installed too tightly also poses the risk of traction alopecia, a form of hair loss due to hair pulling. To avoid this, make sure you communicate to your stylist if things feel too tight.

Similar to most protective styles, if you overwear micro braids, they can start to wreak havoc on your hair and edges, with the potential for receding hairlines and thinning. All that said, if you properly care for your hair and don’t keep braids in past two months, you should be OK.

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