How to Celebrate Valentines During Pandemic

The history of celebrating Valentine’s Day goes way before we were born. There is a fascinating story behind celebrating Valentine’s Day. According to historians, there was a Roman emperor named Claudius who ordered the execution of St. Valentine. Now, if you are wondering what this has to do with Valentine’s Day? Hold your horses, as we will get there soon! The only thing to keep in mind, for now, is Coronavirus still exists. We need to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Accordingly, we would review some ideal approaches to observe Valentines’ Day with your accomplice during this Pandemic in this blog.

But first, let us continue with our story about why Claudius ordered to execute St. Valentines? There was a time when the soldiers were not allowed to get married. Claudius was the one who set this rule to ensure the soldiers are engaged in their jobs. This rule was not acceptable by the people, and still, they continued to follow the orders. St. Valentine was the one who objected and stood fearlessly for the soldiers. He began to gather these soldiers and helped them to get married without anyone’s notice. But sadly, it got noticed by Claudius, who commanded to capture St. Valentine under the prison and have him executed. The time when St. Valentine spent in jail, he fell in love with a Jailor’s blind daughter. Hence, before his execution, he wrote a letter to his daughter to express his love and signed it as – “Your’s Valentine.” People started to celebrate their love for their loved ones since then after knowing the story. And hence, it is named after St. Valentine and is celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Pushing ahead with history, we as a whole realize this Pandemic has influenced the lives of millions of individuals. Many have lost their lives, their positions, their companions, or relatives. Subsequently, we need to guarantee that we, as a whole, remain protected during these unbelievable times and ensure the well being of our friends and family. Let us all go through some of the various approaches to Celebrate Valentine’s Day during this Pandemic.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

That is correct! Celebrating Valentines Day at home with your loved ones is a far more secure way than going to a restaurant or travel across to a different location. As we all are aware that the Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus is still present, there is still a chance of you becoming a carrier and transfer it to someone else. There are many ways in which you can have a great time with your loved ones at home. Sit together and watch your favorite films, cook probably the best meals, decorate your house together, have a glass of wine, etc. Make this Valentine’s Day memorable with your loved ones, and share your experiences with us in the comment section.

A good coffee and a good bottle of wine will help you celebrate Valentines Day.

Be creative and make your DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Gifts!

Bring out the kid hiding within you. Remembering the time we spent during our school days, most of us have had a period on Crafts. We scratched our heads to create a boat, a plane, and whatnots with only a few pieces of paper. We used to fight against each other on who’s a better craftsman. Make this Valentine’s Day something special for your loved ones and surprise them with your hand-made valentine gift that will become the best memoir of their lives. Nowadays, many online websites offer to teach you how simply you can make beautiful DIY gifts for free. Hence, do not hesitate to bring back your childhood memories together and create the best DIY gifts for your loved ones.

Connect with your love through Technologies

There might be a situation where you live far across from your lover. We have also seen many events when your other half has to relocate to distinct locations for work issues. But yet again, there is a need to stay connected together to ensure the feelings of love are intact. With the growing technology, let us not stay behind and make great use of it. There are various video calling applications available in the market, and they are the best when it comes to being in touch with your loved ones. Try to avoid becoming a Coronavirus carrier by traveling to visit your loved ones, but instead, express your love through video calls. With the bliss of technology, we can even send gifts online. Remember, all we need to think of in this pandemic situation is to ensure the safety of our loved ones. We hope you to be safe and keep everyone safe! And thus, continue to share your love with your loved ones over video-calls where you can dance together, sing together, adore each other, and what not. Again, do let us know in the comment section about how safely did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day and made the best memories with your loved ones.

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