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A while back Naomie Olindo & Helen Hall came on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast where we talked all about Blender Bombs, weight management, Ayahuasca, intermittent fasting & more ( it’s a good one ! ).

ANYWAY, while we were recording Helen asked me ( who is a magical human by the way- you may have met her when she came on the blog to talk about the freshman 15 & an 80/20 lifestyle ) what my human design was. I told her I had no clue what she was talking about & she totally FREAKED.

While we were on air she pulled up this website on human design, typed in all the information unique to me & that’s when I found out that I’m a REFLECTOR (  we’ll get into all of it ).

Helen & Naomie were so excited that I was a reflector so we broke down what it all meant. After sharing this on Instagram, I realized so many of us don’t know what human design is.

In this post you’re going to learn all about human design types, how to find out yours & what each one means.

What Is Human Design System?

Imagine being given a “user manual” for your life.

How would this user manual help you? The manual would guide you on how to navigate life perfectly aligned with who you are. Detailing your talents, skills, and potential it would give you a map for actualizing these. It would help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and show you where you are susceptible to your environment’s influence and conditioning. The manual reveals how your inner guidance system operates and provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life.

It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works for you.

Once you start experimenting with the knowledge, you may experience changes in your perspective. Over time, this helps you learn what brings fulfillment. Everyone has a Signature — peace, satisfaction, success or surprise—that comes when they are living in accordance with their true nature. A lessening of resistance in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment is the end result.

How To Read Your Human Design Chart?

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.

Human Design Types: Find Out Yours and What It Means

How To Find Your Human Design Type:

First things first, go to this specific website. It’s legit the one that everyone uses. It takes your birth data to calculate your human design chart & gives you an illustration of your energetic flow. So type in your birth date & place & TA-DA! Find out your human design.  This was founded by Alan (Robert) Krakower also known as Ra Uru Hu.

You may learn about moon cycle, solar plexus, lunar cycles, ego authority, splenic authority, sacral authority, emotional authority, generators projectors, which you may think what the hell are those?! Before you say this is all so voodoo woowoo shit, it’s not. It’s actually incredible & works because it’s specific to you. It tells you what fills you up & what drains you.

The Different Human Design Types:

♡ Generators

Generators and Manifesting Generators represent about 70 percent of the population. They are the life force of the planet, the builders. They have a defined sacral center and an open and enveloping aura that is constantly pulling life to them. Their Strategy is to respond, as opposed to initiate. It’s a sacral response (this can be sacral sounds, body movement, etc.) that lets them know if they are available to give their energy to something or not. When Generators initiate from a mental place (instead of waiting for this response), they can end up feeling deeply frustrated and degenerated rather than regenerated and satisfied in their life and work.

♡ Projectors

Projectors represent about 20 percent of the population. Their Strategy is to wait for recognition and invitation. Their focused and penetrating aura gives them the ability to see deeply into others. When invited and recognized (i.e. they feel appreciated and seen), Projectors are here to be our most gifted guides. Their openness leaves them vulnerable to conditioning (more on this below). If Projectors are focusing on the wrong people and have not been really recognized, this can lead to exhaustion and bitterness. Projectors need to learn to be very discerning about engaging their energy. They are natural at mastering systems, and when they use their energy correctly, will experience success in their life and relationships.

♡ Manifestors

Manifestors represent about 9 percent of the population. As natural initiators, their Strategy is to inform those around them of their decisions before they take action. Manifestors have a powerful impact; their closed and repelling aura can make others feel off balance and want to control the Manifestor. When a Manifestor shares with others, this naturally relaxes those around them and removes energetic resistance, allowing them to initiate in peace. Manifestors can be an initiating catalyst for the other types, too. When they are moving through life without informing others, Manifestors can end up feeling angry as a result of the resistance they experience.

♡ Reflectors

What I’ve Learned Since Finding Out My Human Design Type:

♡ I need to protect my energy or I feel depleted.

♡ I’m actually an introvert & feel recharged from time by myself.

♡ I read other people’s energy very easily.

♡ I need to be careful that I don’t take on their energy if it’s toxic.

♡ I ‘reflect’ what people are. So if people are happy & positive I reflect that. But if they’re manipulative or negative, I can reflect that as well. It’s like I mirror what other people do in a sense.

♡ Sleep is one of the most important things I can do.

♡ It’s important for me to lay down for one hour before I go to sleep.

♡ I’m very sensitive to overwhelm & when I feel that way it’s important for me to be still, go be in nature & release the energy I’ve picked up through the day.

♡ When it comes to my career, it’s not effective to do things that don’t totally light me up.

♡ My environment has to be right. This shouldn’t come as a surprise! I always need the right vibes which is why I always talk about my salt rock lamp, diffuser, candles, bedding, & routines.

♡ When it comes to making decisions I need ( & like ) to take my time.

I highly encourage you to go find out your human design type so you can see what lights you up & what doesn’t.

Michael did it too & it’s really helped him understand himself actually.

We even did a podcast with Jenna Zoe, a world leading expert in human design charts. Be sure to listen to the podcast and the key takeaways on the blog.

Anyway, whether you’re into it or not, the information from finding out that I’m a reflector has helped me figure out how to make myself better. I really recommend finding out.

If you already know yours, what are you? Would love to know more about your human design type below. What gets you going? Did it make total sense when you found out? Share!

There is nothing better than getting in tune with yourself & finding out what your body & mind respond best to.

Love, light & dark chocolate – xx lauryn

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