Best 10 Gifts for Home Cooks 2021

If you are invited to a dinner party, it is polite to bring a present. But, a bottle of wine may seem like an uncreative and dull present.

So, which are the best presents for the home cook?

In this article, we bring you 10 items you can buy for different occasions and home cooks will cherish them.

Holder For Cookbook

If you have ever tried to cook and follow instructions from the book, you know how difficult it can be. If you want to make it easier for your friend, buy them a cookbook holder which is very useful and can be used every day.


What is a better present than a good cookbook? Nowadays, there are so many types of cookbooks that are specialised in some food type. This is a good source of ideas for some future dinners, too. This requires a bit of knowledge about the person and which are their preferences.

Cotton Napkins

Cotton napkins aren’t just plain white; there are so many different types, colours and motives on the market that can help you choose. You can find the perfect napkin to match the personality and it is a very long-lasting and useful gift.

Casserole Or Pot

When you choose a casserole or a pot, the idea isn’t to buy a plain model. There are very innovative and creative models for every home cook. This is a piece of dish that is very common for dinner parties, so find the one that will steal all the show. If you know that they often post on social networks, find the one that will look on photos either.

Personalized Cup

The personalized cup might sound like a very often gift, but there is never too much cups in the house. It is the type of present that allows you to be very creative and will always remind the person of you. Also, it can be very funny and entertain people when you show it.


You may connect giving magnets when you come from the trip, but why not to give a creative magnet for a dinner party? It is always a friendly reminder and brings memories every time the person opens a fridge. Also, it can contain some personal message or memorable situation.

Decorative Bowl

If you want to buy a decorative bowl, don’t forget it has to be Instagramable! Play with decorations, colours and materials and don’t be afraid to buy something unique. It can become a statement piece of a kitchen design and decorate the whole space. be sure to fill it with fresh fruit or candies before giving to make it more luxurious.


An apron is also a very creative gift that can be personalised and entertain the home cook. It isn’t just garnishing piece of a kitchen, but very useful. You can combine it with cloths or glove for a stove. If you want to have some fancy gift, search for more professional models and well-known designers.


There are so many spices that it is always a good idea to buy one. This may encourage home cook to try a new recipe or way of cooking. If you don’t know which one to buy, you can choose some combination. It fits well with decorating containers and bowls. They usually have a lower price, so choose more of them and make a rhapsody of taste.

Useful Gadget

Even though electric gadgets are a more expensive investment, they can be a very useful gift. Don’t buy if you don’t know what a person needs or if they already have one. Still, this is very appropriate for home welcoming the new home cook.

By Linda

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