Awesome Gift Ideas For a Blogger

Today we are going to talk about a little niche of gift buying which you may not have considered, and that is buying the perfect gift for someone who loves to blog. Even if you are not familiar with the online world, there are a number of cool gifts which you can find that the recipient is going to absolutely love. Those who big generally take this very seriously and that is why anything you can contribute is sure to be warmly received. If you are stuck for gifts, here are some ideas which a blogger will love.

Hosting Subscription

All blogs require a hosting service, which is essentially where the blog lives online. If a blog doesn’t have a host, then it ceases to exist. There are two types of hosting which the blogger in your life could be using, VPS hosting, or shared hosting, but it isn’t really relevant to you as a gift buyer. Given just how necessary hosting is to a blogger, buying a one year subscription to hosting could be a great idea which helps them to save on costs associated with the blog.

Image Package

Another challenge which many bloggers have, more so now than ever before, is the rights which they have when they use images. Once upon a time you could just grab images from the web and share them on your site, but image owners are really clamping down on this, and understandably want the credit and some payment for the images which they have taken. A great option for bloggers is to use an image library which has plenty of free images which they can share on their blog. This works for practically anything, from the workers compensation lawyers near me to the lifestyle blogger in Germany. As you can probably guess, this costs money which is why many bloggers don’t use them. In term of a gift, buying a membership to an image library is something which any blogger would love.

Editorial Planner

If you are looking for a low cost gift which a blogger will love then an editorial planner is a great choice. These diary-esque books will give them the chance to scribe all of their ideas and plan out the content which they are going to be sharing. Contrary to what you may think, bloggers plan pretty far ahead and these books are going to be a great way for them to keep all of those plans in one place.

Marketing Course

Despite them understanding that it will help the business, many bloggers don’t pay out for marketing courses, simply because of the costs involved. This therefore could be a great present for the blogger in your life, and can really help them to take their blog to the next level. The beauty of the course is that they can take it as and when they have the time, and there is no doubt that this is a gift which is going to put a smile on their face.

These are just some gift ideas which you could consider if you have a blogger to buy for.

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