7 Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Scent isn’t just a room-transformer, it’s a game-changer. The right scent can make anyone happy to spend any amount of time in a given room. Whether you’re gifting with the home office in mind, or just want to make it easier for your employees to unwind at home, a wax melter or oil diffuser is a great idea. 

Wax melters are essentially flameless alternatives to candles. They still rely on scented wax, but without worrying about an open flame or smoke. Scented wax also tends to last longer when melted rather than burned. With a wax melter, you no longer have to burn through countless candles to keep your home, home office, or whatever room you desire, smelling like fresh pumpkin pie, warm apple cider donuts, or fresh lavender.

Oil diffusers, likewise, can bring a variety of scents into a home without the need for an open flame. Instead, diffusers rely on water vapor to disperse a chosen scent. As such, they’re also a great option for climates or seasons with low humidity. Furthermore, fragrance oils and, especially, essential oils, have seen an explosion in recent years. In other words, if there’s a scent you want, chances are, there’s an oil for it.

In both cases, use and maintenance are simple and straightforward. As a bonus tip, if you’re looking to customize these gifts you can include a starter selection of scented waxes or oils catered to each employee’s tastes. 

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